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VOICE OF PROPHECY - Prophetic Words Forum : VOICE OF PROPHECY - Prophetic Words
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Ron McGatlin
Admin Group
Admin Group

Joined: 08/23/2004
Location: United States
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Posts: 4141
Posted: 12/01/2016 at 3:46am | IP Logged Quote Ron McGatlin

Releasing Radiant Exuberant Joy in the Power of Praise

By Ron McGatlin

START NOW releasing the living JOY OF THE LORD through praise with thankful hearts to our Lord God Almighty who rules over all the earth with gracious unconditional LOVE beyond measure. Let the exuberant life of Christ Jesus flow in the radiance of your face and your voice. Awaken the joy of the Lord to flow from the Spirit within you. Let it flow out to a world of fearful or angry people in great need to see the love and power of God joyfully flowing with all confidence in the praise of our lives.

Live in JOY, PRAISE, and GREAT CONFIDENCE in the brilliant light and powerful LOVE of God that fills our lives and flows encouragement to the world around us.

Let the world marvel at the abundant joy and love flowing from our THANKFUL HEARTS to all the world in this time of evil hatred and violence toward us. Let us allow no justification or reason in us for their evil intent toward God’s people. Trust in our God to deliver us from the snare of the fowler and the gallows of the destroyer. (Psalm 91:3). Our God is able to deliver us. But even if we are slain, let the glory of the great power of love flow like a mighty river of life into this world. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him,” Job 13:15.

Victory is ours in the Lord. (1 Cor 15:54-58) (Rom 8:37). Fear will overcome the hearts and lives of those who hate us without a cause. (Prov 28:1). Pray for those who persecute us or spitefully use us and say all manner of evil against us. (Mat 5:44). Spread the light and love of God that imparts life to a dying world.

When we suffer for doing GOOD and take it patiently, the Spirit of Glory abides upon us. Yet if we return evil for evil, we will suffer alone. (1 Pet 4:12-16). Overcome evil with GOOD. (Rom 12:21). It is the love and joy of the Lord flowing in and through us that is GOOD!

Take every thought captive unto Christ, and the goodness of the Lord will flow from you. (2 Cor 10:4-5). Speak the oracles of God from a pure heart and the angels will carry out the words of your mouth. (1 Pet 4:11).

The Deception of Entitlement and Indulgence

Behind every curtain of deception is a soul in need of the cleansing power of the love of God. A voice that comes from the darkness of an unenlightened heart, filled with strong drives of entitlement and indulgence is from the powers of darkness. A voice that comes from a life chained in the blood lust of death and destruction is from the evil one. A heart filled with darkness is a heart that is desperately in need of the love and light of God that, by the blood of Jesus, can defeat the enemy that binds them and set their souls free.

Do not call evil good and good evil. (Isa 5:20). Anything that does not come from God is not good, and nothing that comes from God is evil. (James 1:16) Only as the light and life of God fills out hearts can we know the difference of what is truly good and what is evil. Our discernment must come from the light of the Spirit of God or it will come from the spirit of darkness. A person affected with the spirit of darkness sees darkness as light and light as darkness. (Luke 11:34-36). Only when that spirit of darkness within them is driven out by the invading light that shines unto them by the Spirit of Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit, can their discernment be restored to truth. (John 8:12).

As the brilliant light of the love and power of God flows through the joy and peace of His people by the Spirit of God, the darkness is driven out. (Acts 26:18). The darkness cannot be driven out through debate, argument, or any other natural intellectual human effort.


Where the light of God is not, the darkness takes over and rules. Where the light of God abides, the darkness cannot remain. The light of God brings life to a nation. The darkness of evil brings death to a nation.

The Cause

Many nations of the world, especially the western world, have removed God and His light from the educational systems and subsequently from the culture of the land.

The vile evil of darkness has flowed into the vacuum of the true light of God. As darkness increases death comes upon the nation.

The Cure

The only cure for the nations is to restore God and His light into the educational systems, family structures, and subsequently in the culture of the nation.

Turn the hearts of the children back to the reality of Spirit God Almighty abiding in and with them. This will bring their understanding into the absolute wisdom and knowing of God and His ways of everlasting abundant life now in this life. Then and only then will the nations become the glorious kingdom of our God.

The End of the Curse

False teachers bring a curse upon themselves and upon those who study under them. False prophets and teachers produce cursed children. (2 Peter 2:10-14). We were all children who became teachers in that we affect others around us with who we are, what we believe, and how we see God, ourselves, and the world.

We are naturally and spiritually products of all that has been planted into us by our heritage and experiences of life. Especially in our first six years or so, beginning in the womb, we are trained by experience in the foundations of our lives. The formation upon that foundation continues to build and be strengthened, confirmed, and altered by what we hear and see, especially what we hear repeatedly from a source we respect. Although the first few years of life are the most formative season of our lives, the process of building who we are continues at a high rate through our twenties, into our thirties, and at some level for all of our lives.

The curse of false prophets and teachers causes progressive degeneration in the people, in family structures, and the nation. (Deut 5:9). In three or four generations the process of perversion of the people and the nation is complete, and the nation falls from its once godly place of strength to a place of weakness and becomes a stench in the nostrils of God and the world. (For an in depth study of this degenerative progression read, “The Babylonian Family Pattern” Chapters 18 and 19 in the book, “Overcoming Life on A Small Planet” Free Download.)

Instant Regeneration

That which is not possible with man is possible with God. Can a nation be reborn in a day? Yes, a nation can be reborn in a day through the power of the RESURRECTION of Christ Jesus.

However, we all know that resurrection life can only take place after a death experience. Individually, collectively as families, and tribes or nations, an end must come to that which has been. Only then can new resurrected life of God replace the old degenerated life. A turning from that which has been is a death to who we were. Turning to God with our whole hearts is life to who He is in us now.

There is, or was, a season to answer the call of God and become willing volunteers to lose our lives and turn to God with our whole hearts. Many people have done that and experienced the loss of their old lives and the fresh joy of resurrection life of Christ Jesus abiding in them. Yet, as a nation this is not the case. However, a day of turning is imminent.

The nations are walking in allegiance with darkness facing into death.

Turning around and joining in allegiance with Father God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit, the nations will walk in light facing into LIFE.

A Prepared People

There must be a place prepared for the new life of heaven on earth. A remnant people are now being prepared to carry the life and love of the kingdom of God in their hearts and lives as seeds of the fullness of the kingdom of God planted in the cleared land of the nations. The death of the old in the nations prepares the land to receive the resurrection life of the kingdom of God.

For there to be a turning day for the nations, the love of God must cause the end of the old. When the brook dries up, it is time to move on. (1 Kings 17:5-9). For the nations the time to be a willing volunteer is passing and the time of press is coming. (Psalm 110:3).

“When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, 14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land,” 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.

As those who have turned to God pray for the nation, the press increases to turn more people of the nation to God through a death experience that precedes RESURRECTION LIFE. All that remain will love and serve the Lord as maturing sons of God in Christ Jesus bringing forth the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The purpose of the harvest is the kingdom of heaven on earth, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Thank you, Father! Thank you, Jesus, for becoming the first willing volunteer and abiding in us to strengthen us to be willing volunteers in the kingdom of God on Earth. Amen!

The Glory of the Lord shall fill the earth.

Ron McGatlin

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