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TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS Forum : TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS
Subject Topic: News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide Post Reply Post New Topic
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News Room
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News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide

Praise Reports - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Hungary: ‘Thousands’ embracing Christ at Graham festival

Over 2,700 people have come forward to ‘make decisions for Christ’ at the recent three-day 'Festival of Hope' in Hungary's capital Budapest led by American evangelist Franklin Graham, his organization confirmed in comments monitored by BosNewsLife. Graham returned to the city where 23 years ago his now elderly, and frail, preaching father Billy Graham held the first open-air arena evangelism event in the then Communist-ruled Eastern Europe. Recalling the visit to Hungary in the 1980s with his father, Franklin Graham noted that Hungary and the world have changed. ‘We have great problems - economic problems, political problems - and no one seems to have the answer. And that’s because our problem is a spiritual problem,’ he told reporters. Some 312 churches from various denominations were involved in last month's evangelistic outreach at Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization (BGEA) said.


God for the way He has blessed this Festival of Hope. (Ps.33:12)


Church hears vision for global mission

Last Saturday the Church of England General Synod received a report setting out a new vision for mission in a diverse world. ‘World Shaped Mission’, by Janice Price and the World Mission and Anglican Communion Panel, argues that the Church needs to move towards a greater mutuality in world mission relationships. It explains that this can be achieved through a process of giving and receiving ‘that enriches all and enables the Church here at home to participate in God’s mission more purposefully’. Presenting the report to Synod, the Bishop of Bristol the Rt Rev Mike Hill said it offered a robust theology of ‘common participation, prophetic dialogue and service, and a transformative hospitality’. Such an approach would, he contended, ‘confront the massive forces of fragmentation and alienation’. Bishop Hill said the future of mission lay in ‘common participation’ and ‘not retreating into our own ghetto’.


God for the Church here in the UK and pray that it would participate more fully and purposefully in world mission. (Mt.28:19-20)


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British Isles and Ireland Prayer News and Guidelines - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Synod backs right of Christians' to manifest faith in public life

The Church of England’s Parliament, the General Synod, met in York last night (8 July) and decided to overwhelmingly to back the right of Christians to ‘manifest their faith in the public square’. In a debate brought about by a General Synod member and cleric from the Peterborough Diocese, the Revd Stephen Trott gave a bold message on religious freedom which was sent to the Government and the UK and European Courts from all three Houses; the Bishops, clergy and the laity. Nurse Caroline Petrie, discriminated against for offering to pray with a patient, was on the platform of the Synod in York to assist Revd Trott as the Synod listened to accounts of religious discrimination against Christians. Teacher Olive Jones, sacked on the spot after giving her testimony to a 15-year-old student who was too unwell to attend school, was also present to assist. Following the debate, the Synod voted by 263 to 25 to pass the motion.


that the support for this motion will raise awareness of the problem of religious freedom and how Satan is so devious. (Mat.4:10)


Defence cuts for the British Armed Forces

The announcement of yet more defence cuts comes at a time when the Armed Forces are stretched beyond reasonable capacity, with those deployed working round the clock with little down time. The commitments given to our Armed Forces are great, from overseas to the home front, including currently the Olympic Games. Our Armed Forces are second to none but with each reduction, their capacity gets eroded. An army can be debilitated by a stroke of a pen, but to restore it again can takes years.


for wisdom for our Government and those in authority that the defence of the realm will remain secure. (Ps. 91:4)


Prayers scrapped at Edinburgh City Council meetings

The BBC is reporting that Edinburgh City Council in Scotland is to stop holding prayers during its meetings, reports Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST Ministries. ‘The local authority will instead introduce a 10-minute ‘Pause for Reflection’ sessions before meetings of the full council,’ said their story. ‘Group leaders and the Lord Provost agreed unanimously to the move. The sessions will be open to all staff, councillors and visitors who would normally be attending the full council meeting.’ The BBC said that the sessions will take place in the main council chamber 10 minutes before the monthly Thursday meeting. The BBC Scotland news website revealed that the sessions will be delivered by representatives from a wide variety of civic and community interests, including faith and belief groups, civic institutions, community and voluntary sector organisations. ’After this, the city officers will bring in the ceremonial mace and sword to mark the official start of the meeting.’


against any further moves by local government to stop holding prayer sessions before meetings. (Ps.119:169-170)


Clegg wants to allow gay weddings in churches

Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg wants the Government’s gay marriage plans to go much further by allowing gay weddings in churches. He has been accused of shifting the goal posts and playing politics with marriage to curry favour with homosexual groups. Mr Clegg’s comments show that religious groups cannot rely upon Government assurances on the issue. Under current Government plans for gay marriage, same-sex weddings could only take place in civic, not religious, settings. Colin Hart, Campaign Director of the Coalition for Marriage, said: ‘This is yet another demonstration, if one was needed, as to why the proposals to rewrite the definition of marriage should be ditched. Mr Clegg is shifting the goalposts in a totally transparent attempt to garner support for his party ahead of the world Pride Festival in London. He is playing politics with marriage.’


for an honest and open debate that is not tarnished by progressively changing goalposts. (Eph.4:15)


London Olympics: Children welcome athletes with words of peace

When the world’s greatest athletes start arriving at the Olympic Village next week (W/B July 16) to prepare for the start of the London 2012 Games, they will be greeted by a special drama performance staged by young people and a rendition of their national anthem, along with the raising of the country’s flag. But perhaps the most moving part of the welcome ceremonies will be their backdrop – a 'Truce Wall’ decorated with statements from British schoolchildren expressing their hopes and aspirations for a more peaceful world. Among those statements will be one by 16-year-old Amy Wight, from St John’s RC Comprehensive School, in Gravesend, Kent, who wrote: ‘Athletes are more than competitors, they inspire us to a more peaceful world.’ The team welcome ceremonies are repeated for the arrival of each national team. For some athletes it may be the only time they hear their national anthem and see their home flag raised during this summer’s Games.


for the final preparations for the Olympics; that the Games will run smoothly without disruption and that the recent severe weather will abate in time for this important event. (1Sa.25:6)


Weather and its consequences

The recent wet weather is caused by a high-altitude river of air called the Atlantic jet stream flowing from west to east separating the cool, wet and windy weather of the northern ocean from the stable, settled and warmer air to the south. In a good summer the jet stream lies north of Britain shielding us from the inclement weather closer to the NorthPole. But this year it has shifted south so that cool damp air has settled over the British Isles. Rain has destroyed numerous potato and apple crops and our farmers are struggling to meet supermarket quotas of various fruits and vegetables. The Summer Olympics are full of events meant to be played outside. Track and field events can quickly become hazardous in the rain and sailing can be downright dangerous in poor weather; Poor weather conditions will affect thousands of people attending New Wine and similar events this year.


for God's mercy on the weather patterns we are experiencing; may they not harm our agriculture, tourism, sporting activities and economic situation. (Ps.24:1,2)


Jesus Christ Superstar - Who Was Jesus?

Who is Jesus Christ and what does he mean for those who put their trust in him?' The Archbishop of York writes in The Sun as Andrew Lloyd Webber launches his new programme searching for someone to play Jesus on the West End productions. Over the centuries, ever since Jesus Christ was on earth walking amongst men and women like us, amazing them with his wisdom and his miracles, people have tried to capture what he was like in words, music, paintings and poetry. But how do you capture reality of someone who was both human and divine? Now in the TV show Superstar, a new line-up of men from different cultures from different backgrounds and of different appearances will make us wonder again about what Jesus the Man might have been like. Jesus Christ Superstar – a marvellous show and wonderful music. But there is even more to the real Jesus.


for God to use the TV series and the theatre show to introduce the real Jesus to many who otherwise would probably not know Him. (Lk.19:10)


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European Prayer News and Guidelines - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Europe: Eurasian Union negotiations

Negotiations between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are advancing over the creation of a Eurasian Union, which would abolish customs duties and unify economic policies amongst participating countries. In February a Eurasian Economic Commission was established, with the fully ratified economic union expected to enter into force by 2015. The lengthy process of legal codification and harmonisation is under way. The Russian Permanent Mission to the EU held an informal presentation on Thursday 5th July aimed at clarifying the details of the union and reassuring EU businesses, concerned that the new union could become a ‘Soviet empire through the backdoor’. Representatives from the Economic Commission did not respond to questions over whether the Eurasian Union could be used by the EU to put political pressure on its members, especially Belarus, considered to be the 'last dictatorship in Europe'. The common economic space will see EU-style reforms, such as subsidies and state support for agriculture and handling of monopolies.


for a Eurasian Economic Union to be built on fair, honest and just trading, with consideration for the poorer communities. (Lev.19:15)


Russia: 24,000 affected by floods

Russian officials failed to give adequate warnings before flash floods killed at least 171 people in the southern Krasnodar region. Record torrential rain was blamed for the floods. The town of Krymsk was devastated and the district boss was sacked. Seventeen people are still missing, 210 people are in hospital including 48 children. Local officials say flood warnings were given but many people were asleep at the time and did not hear them. TV pictures showed thousands of houses almost completely submerged, with people scrambling on to their rooftops to escape the rising waters. Hundreds of people are in temporary accommodation. More than 24,000 people have been affected by the floods and more than 5,000 houses were inundated. Russian newspapers (normally considered pro-government) were scathing in their criticism of authority and said, ‘the tragedy of Krymsk is a perfect demonstration of what slovenliness and hoping against hope can lead to’.


for the bereaved, the homeless and those trying to clean up after the disaster to receive the comfort support and assistance needed at this time. (Ps.25:6)


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Worldwide Prayer News and Guidelines - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Sudan: Refugee camp death rates soaring

Conditions in South Sudan's refugee camps continue to worsen this week with large refugee inflows and flooding from torrential rains. Health issues are a priority concern. In Unity state new arrivals have doubled to close to 60,000 - many arriving in a weak state. There is overcrowding in this limited strip of land that is already cut-off by rains. To address a sharp increase of bloody diarrhoea cases more wells are being drilled to secure clean drinking water, also jerry cans and buckets are being distributed to families with children under five. Efforts to increase awareness among the mostly young refugee population about hygiene, health and nutrition risks are also being implemented. Elsewhere in the Upper Nile State over 110,000 refugees constitute another critical challenge. Also most of the 40,000+ refugee population from Jammam are being located to other sites due to the Jammam camp being located on the edge of a malaria swamp.


for God’s mercy to provide the many aid agencies with all they need to alleviate suffering and prevent death. (2Sa.22:7


India: Monsoon floods in Assam State

Towns and roads are underwater throughout most of the state of Assam, where the Brahmaputra river runs. Churches and Christian charities have joined the massive relief effort to an area which recently experienced a devastating flood that claimed over 125 lives and left nearly three million people homeless when torrential monsoon rains inundated thousands of villages in 23 of the 27 districts of Assam. At least 18 churches and several schools have been washed away or damaged. Reaching targeted areas is a major problem, as roads have been damaged and even washed away. 58 Gospel for Asia-supported churches have been affected. Water level is still rising. A local newspaper reported that 900,000 people are affected with at least 80,000 losing their homes. Livestock kept for food have been washed away. Food and drinking water are in short supply and many have lost their personal belongings. One pastor said the Christians are ‘tired, wet and weak’. See:


for co-ordinated work through the many agencies to swiftly bring relief to the victims. (2Sa.22:17,18)


Egypt: Court overrules president over parliament

Egypt's Islamist-led parliament reconvened Tuesday - challenging the generals who dissolved it last month. The Supreme Court ruled the newly elected, Islamist president illegally summoned the assembly, heightening a confrontation between the head of state and an establishment that had served Hosni Mubarak. Muslim Brotherhood officials questioned the court's right to rule against the president's decree and vowed to fight on. Egypt's troubled transition to democracy is increasingly being fought in the courts, but that masks a much deeper conflict with an establishment rooted in six decades of military rule. In a war of attrition that may play out over years, Islamists are seeking to push generals out of politics and reform a wider establishment still filled with Mubarak-era officials. More battles lie ahead, such as a debate over the writing of a new constitution.


for any legal struggles around the constitution and the law to be peaceful and result in an open and fair society for all Egypt’s citizens. (Ps.19:7)


Vietnam: Officials destroy two new Church buildings

Vietnamese officials in Muong Cha district, Dien Bien Province, destroyed two new church buildings of ethnic minority Hmong Christians this month and threatened to tear down a third. The Ho He Church, erected in April by the unregistered Vietnam Good News Mission was demolished on June 17th .The Phan Ho Church of the registered Evangelical Church of Vietnam (North) was destroyed on June 13th 2012. The church threatened with demolition, The Cong Church, also belongs to the Vietnam Good News Mission. These congregations of 500 to 600 people which began as house churches had long outgrown even the largest home so the Hmong had sacrificed and worked to erect wooden worship buildings. As local police, paramilitary forces and other authorities descended on the church buildings by the dozens, the Christians could only watch with deep sadness and frustration as the houses of worship were reduced to rubble and government promises about freedom of religion were again broken, area sources said.


that the Vietnamese Church would not be deterred from teaching God's word, and discipling new believers. (Mat.28:19,20)


China: Illegal ordination of bishops

The Chinese government and the Catholic Church have long been at odds over the ordination of new bishops. The state administered Catholic Church in China often ignores Vatican authority and ordains new bishops without permission. Priests who speak out against the government instigated ordinations are arrested or forced to attend training classes until their views more closely reflect the government’s official stance. Last Friday bishops defied a warning from the Vatican and attended the ordination by Chinese officials of a new bishop for the Harbin diocese without approval from the Holy See. Bishop Joseph Yue Fusheng, a vice president of government backed Patriotic Association, was ordained. Five Vatican approved bishops attended. Shortly after the service police released three priests who had been arrested just before the illicit ordination because they opposed the ordination, as had many of the faithful in Harbin.


for protection over Gods chosen leaders, and may they recognise all the authority given to them by the Lord and be empowered as they serve Him and the nation. (Mat.28:18,19a)


Iran: Reporting impact of sanctions

Iran has warned the media against the publication of reports concerning the impact of Western sanctions, urging it to cooperate so that ‘the country is not hurt,’ Mohammad Hosseini, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said. ‘Our country is not in a position to allow the media to publish any news or analysis which is not compatible with the regime's and national interests.’ The media are closely watched in Iran and authorities regularly warn against the publication of ‘negative’ information in the economic and social fields. Meanwhile Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported, ‘Iranians are abandoning traditional eating habits and giving up chicken, red meat, fruit and sugar, being thrown out of work at alarming rates because factories are unable to import goods and equipment and the country faces running short of medicines. Sanctions have become a humanitarian issue. Undercover researchers discovered 10 basic foods had risen in price by 70% since March while the average family's food basket shrunk by half. See: h ttp:// 8117/Irans-food-costs-soar-and-unemployment-spirals-as-nucle ar-sanctions-begin-to-bite.html


that the sanctions would have the desired effect on the government and may the people of Iran experience a better quality of life physically, emotionally and spiritually. (Tit.3:1-2)


World: Ramadan starts Friday 20th July

It is believed, ‘When the month of Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell Fire are closed and the devils are chained.’ (from Islam’s sacred text of Bukhari) Muhammad first learned about an alternative ‘feast’ and ‘fast’ from Christians in 7th century Arabia. Ramadan releases emotional excitement and religious zeal among Muslims. Fasting is mandatory during daylight and is broken at sunset when a special evening feast is celebrated. Adults appreciate the opportunity to double their rewards from God and seek forgiveness for past sins. Muslims change their physical and emotional selves during 30days of fastingo not only abstain from food, but also refrain from all vice and evils committed consciously or unconsciously. May Ramadan remind us of our own need to pray, fast, and celebrate God’s sovereignty and the gift of his Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.


for Almighty God to show His grace and mercy for the 1,000,000,000+ Muslims around the world. May many encounter Jesus Christ at this time. (Jn.1:17)


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