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World Prayer Against Terror News

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Topic: World Prayer Against Terror News

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Subject: World Prayer Against Terror News
Date Posted: 07/02/2016 at 6:38am

International Prayer Connections
A Monthly Journal to Guide Intercession for Our World
July 2016
In This Issue
Watch and Pray: Keeping Secure in a World of Terrorism.
Introducing 'The Power of Prayer'
Brexit: a significant spiritual moment for the UK and Europe
A Wakeup Call about the Dangers of Islamization
Believing God together for His light to break through in Afghanistn and Pakistan
Report from the Global Proclamation Congress
ILinking Movements of Prayer and Mission
Christians...Urged to Pray for the USA'S Critical Election
Governmental Collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA
Rejoice over Rise-Up Now and Its Impact!
Korean Assembly for Unification
Pray with the Aussies for their Election
A Call for Vigilance in Prayer
Setback for Pro-Life Movement.
Significant Gathering of Native Americans
IPC calendar
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Watch and Pray: Keeping Secure in a World of Terrorism

It was August, 1995, in war-torn Bosnia. A Bosnian pastor asked me, "Are you and your ministry team willing to share our reality?" I asked what he meant by "our reality". His reply was, "Are you willing to drive through the snipers with us?" Immediately and then later that night I had visions of the Harrison Ford movie, Clear and Present Danger, when he and his colleagues' cars were firebombed and hardly anyone escaped. However, since my own colleagues and I knew we were in the Lord's hand, on His mission to facilitate a peacemaking prayer initiative, and since thousands were in prayer for the nation, we decided to drive north with our Bosnian friends past the Sarajevan snipers. We sang hymns and prayed as we went, feeling the confidence, assurance and peace that come with keeping focused on the Prince of Peace and made it safely through.

The UPRISING (United Prayer Rising) about to happen in South Korea!

Introducing 'The Power of Prayer' - a song for United Prayer Rising, 2016
The Power of Prayer was written by Richard and Stephanie Coates from Weston-super-Mare, UK in the Summer of 2016. Rich felt prompted to write it after accepting an invitation to attend United Prayer Rising in Seoul, South Korea in July, 2016. Richard said, 'There are a plethora of massive issues affecting Korea. This event will be a significant gathering where we will be praying in several ways - repenting, listening to God, proclaiming blessing, worshipping, interceding and seeking solutions to real life issues affecting millions of people. We will also be seeing God at work in thousands of young peoples' lives.' 'My hope is that the song will inspire and encourage the younger generations in particular to enrich their experience of the real purpose and power of prayer. I have a heart for young people and their spiritual development. My prayer is that this song can help young people to find their unique calling and that each one of us returns from UPRISING with a renewed vision and a sense of God's direction.'

Brexit: a significant spiritual moment for the UK and Europe

We are at a historical moment as a nation in the UK. We may be entering a long period of political and economic uncertainty. We also believe we are at a very significant moment spiritually. Jesus is Sovereign - 'In Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities and authorities - all things were created through Him and for Him.' Colossians 1:16.

A Wakeup Call about the Dangers of Islamization

Please have a look at this impassioned cry from a worried British man and pray accordingly for your nation.

Believing God together for His light to break through in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan are two different countries today. In the past it was one area of the world with many of the same people groups and people speaking the same language. Even today, it is a very fluid often non-defined border. We have referred to this area as under the spiritual principality of the "Prince of death." When it comes to terrorism these two physical countries need to be seen as one. What happens in one affects the other and vice versa. To bring terrorism down it will have to be dealt with in both countries. To accomplishanything, both countries are going to have to deal on the physical level with the issue of terrorism at the same time; and stop terrorists from going across this fluid border and then blaming the other country. But to accomplish this the "Prince of death" must be dealt with in the spiritual realm. It is a spiritual battle. And this is why we come to you again and again asking for your prayers.

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Report from the Global Proclamation Congress

The New Wave is flowing! This time it reached a high water mark as many of you were praying for the recent Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers in Bangkok, Thailand, June 15-22. We felt those prayers in powerful ways as 2,573 delegates gathered onsite representing 101 of the 112 registered nations. 872 more wanted to attend but in some cases were denied visas after multiple attempts.

Together 2016 on the Washington DC Mall- Join Hundreds of Thousands to Pray for a Reset of America

Just a couple weeks now for this convergence of prayer weeks until.....
Here are some prayer concerns:
  • Many people are still making their decisions about coming to D.C. Let's pray that any hesitation will be resolved, any obstacles removed. Pray that people will respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and feel compelled to join us on the Mall.
  • Pray that we will finish the 40-day fast strong, with renewed enthusiasm and energy to keep pressing into God even beyond the fast-asking for that supernatural reset of our nation.
  • Pray for accuracy in predicting the number of people who will be on the Mall-and how that affects the site plan, staging, sound, etc. The Together staff needs to work well with the National Park Service in making that determination.
  • Weather, weather, weather. We're on, rain or shine. But let's pray for reasonable temperatures, good cloud cover, and no hint of rain!
  • Pray for the safety and security of the event. Pray that our security people will be aware and alert to every threat or situation, and that there will be no medical emergencies.
  • Continue to pray for a unified focus on Jesus from the platform. We are asking God for humility to reign in each worship leader and speaker, with an attitude of preferring one another and radically loving Jesus.
  • Pray that at least a million hearts will be reset to Jesus on this historic day-and that we will see the fires of revival ignited and spread through our nation.
  • Many people expressing fear about attending, especially after the shootings in Orlando. We have very good security in place, that includes both hired security and extensive park police covering. So an additional prayer is that Satan would not use fear to cause people to change their plans and pull out - or not plan to come at all. And of course, that any scheme or plan would be uncovered and thwarted.
Watch our Video
Carol Madison
Prayer Coordinator for Together 2016

Linking Movements of Prayer and Mission: International Prayer Leaders' Gathering at Herrnhut, May 8-12, 2017

The International Prayer Council is a team of 25 leaders of major regional and international prayer initiatives and movements who together lead International Prayer Connect, a network of prayer networks. We have decided to call those who lead prayer networks and ministries at the national, regional and international level together for a unique time in the presence of the Lord for united prayer, learning from one another, and planning strategies for the future of the international prayer movement.

Christians Urged to Pray for the USA'S Critical Election
Get Out the Prayer 2016 is mobilizing believers to influence the political process not only with their votes, but through appeals to a higher authority. The spiritual campaign has facilitated the creation of prayer groups and "Prayer at the Poll" events around the nation, encouraging Christians to pray regularly for America's elected leaders and those running for office.
Franklin Graham repeatedly tells his crowd that "the most important thing we can do today is pray for America." "Your vote matters; don't stay home," he said. "I'm not telling you who to vote for; God will tell you who to vote for."

"for I know that through your prayers and God's provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance." (Philippians 1:19 NIV)

Governmental Collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA

On Tuesday, June 14, following the monthly prayer leaders meeting at FRC, several of us went to the National Press Club, where Phil Haney, our friend, fellow intercessor, Bible teacher, scientist, longtime investigator for the Department of Homeland Security (ret.), and whistleblower, told the story behind his new book See Something, Say Nothing (Available on Amazon, etc.). It was a remarkable press conference.

Rejoice over Rise-Up Now and Its Impact!

Glory to God! 600 hundred people from 27 countries, gathered at Milan Italy to pray and ask the Lord for Europe's season of visitation. Both Arab speaking and local Europeans were together echoing Isaiah's cry (64:1), that He will tend the heavens & come down, that those mountains challenging Europe will be shaken, and that the Lord Himself will restore Europe's true calling as the bride of Christ.

Korean Assembly for Unification

Korean Assembly for Unification (KAFU): the largest mass gathering for the sole purpose of unification was held on June 24, 2016. It is an ongoing effort to bring together 300 representative organizations to usher in the beginning of the largest nationwide unification movement until the day of Korea's unification.

Pray with the Aussies for their Election this Saturday, July 2

We are nearing one of the most important elections in the history of Australia.
We need to cry out to God! #AusPrays2016 is a united call for seven days of Prayer & Fasting for Australia and the coming Federal Elections on Sat 2 July 2016. This focused time of prayer begins on Saturday 25 June and finishes late on Friday 1 July 2016.

A Call for Vigilance in Prayer: Serious Islamic terrorist issues on the US border with Mexico

Setback for Pro-Life Movement

June 27 was indeed a tragic day in the history of our nation as 5 of 8 Justices of the SCOTUS ruled against LIFE of babies and health of their mothers. Please read Allan Parker's letter and press release below, also posted on Allan serves as President of The Justice Foundation, and Our ongoing national conference call prayer for US Supreme Court will continue at least until this Friday, July 1, 8-9 am Eastern AND 8-9 pm Eastern, using 515-739-1010, code 414009#.

Significant Gathering of Native Americans

The event which brought together representatives from various Southwestern tribes was organized by Cornerstone Ministries, a network of Navajo pastors and ministriesled by Pete Belon. It has become evident that the Father is doing a unique work among the Navajo by the fact that the President and Vice-President, along with 16 members out of the 24 Tribal Council, are Christian. Also, the unique step taken by the previous Navajo President, agreed upon by the Tribal Council, to make an official covenant of friendship with the nation of Israel. This, coupled with he unique location of the Navajo at the 'Four Corners' of our nation in the Southwest, emphasizes to us the importance of the Body of Christ nationwide; to take notice, pray for, and resource the redemptive Kingdom activity happening among the Navajo and the tribes of this region.

IPC Calendar

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4 - 7 October - Southeast Asia Prayer Consultation, Malaysia
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27 - 28 October - National Prayer Assembly for the USA, Washington, DC (by invitation only for ministry leaders- contact Lisa Crump, National Day of Prayer, for more information

27 - 30 October - "Awaken the Dawn: Geneva 2016", Geneva, Switzerland

2017 19-22 January - Great Commission Prayer Summit, Thailand

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