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Kenya: How in one city 8,672 people received Christ

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Topic: Kenya: How in one city 8,672 people received Christ

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Subject: Kenya: How in one city 8,672 people received Christ
Date Posted: 07/05/2016 at 1:07pm

Kenya: How in one city 8,672 people received Christ

Christians in Eldoret, Kenya, have seen a large harvest in their city following an evangelism outreach led by partner ministry
African Enterprise. The mission with the theme ‘It is time’ mobilized the Eldoret churches to stand up and take responsibility for their city.

Over 1500 people attended the commissioning service led by the pastors of Eldoret. From there, hundreds of mission volunteers descended on the center of Eldoret to clean the gutters and the rubbish heaps in a symbolic and physical act of cleansing. People passing by were amazed; why would all these strangers suddenly start cleaning things that no one wants to clean?

'Why are you cleaning the dirtiest places in the city?' he asked

“A man stopped to ask us what we were doing,” said one volunteer. “He could see that we were cleaning the dirtiest places, places that no one else would dare to touch. I told him it was because I once was dirty like all this rubbish, but when God came into my life he made me clean and we want to share that with others. He decided to accept Christ right there on the sidewalk!”

This mission is the largest in recent AE history, with nearly 200 churches and 1400 mission volunteers involved. The city was strategically divided into five zones - North, South, East, West and Central - so that the Christians could effectively reach each portion of the city. As the mission kicked off across the five zones, reports of salvations started flooding in. On the first day in the central zone alone, 700 people accepted Christ.
Teams were sent to nearly every school in the city
Teams were sent to nearly every school in every zone to run programs for students. AE’s stratified evangelistic approach means that people are reached wherever they are, whether in prison, at the hospitals, at the market or in the slums. Every zone was reached and thousands of doors were knocked on with the message of the Gospel.

'The prostitutes accepted Christ that same evening.'

Even in the evenings the mission work did not stop. One of the local teams went into the pubs and brothels to preach the Gospel and were shown that God still works in surprising and unexpected ways. One evening, the police conducted a raid on prostitutes. Two of the women fled, looking for somewhere to hide and found themselves on the doorstep of some of the mission volunteers. The volunteers welcomed the prostitutes, gave them a meal and shared the Gospel with them. The women accepted Christ that evening and stayed in their home until morning.

“One morning during door to door evangelism, a man saw us coming and began running to us,” said Joseph, another volunteer. “He knelt down with tears in his eyes and said, ‘I want to receive salvation.’ We didn’t even preach to him! Another woman was about to go to the hospital to try sell her kidney because she had nothing to eat. As she prayed with us to accept Christ she became so excited she burst from her house declaring to everyone that was around, ‘I have been saved today!’ She will no longer try to sell her kidney as she knows that God will provide for her every need.”

The mission culminated at the stadium in Eldoret for one final huge rally. Although it was raining, a chorus of voices rose from all around the stadium singing praise to God. During the 10 day mission 8,672 people accepted Christ!

Source: African Enterprise
These three women found salvation in the citywide Eldoret mission in Kenya. They share how much their lives have changed since then.
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