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You Won’t Hear This in the News . . . Something extraordinary is happening among today’s youth.

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Topic: You Won’t Hear This in the News . . . Something extraordinary is happening among today’s youth.

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Subject: You Won’t Hear This in the News . . . Something extraordinary is happening among today’s youth.
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Something extraordinary is happening among today’s youth. This generation of thinkers is not willing to accept the beliefs of culture at face value. Instead, young people are motivated by causes that make the world a better place, and they’re turning their nations upside down. This exciting news was confirmed by EHC workers in Burundi.

After presenting the Gospel home to home, our team invited villagers to come to the church that evening to hear more from God’s Word. When evening came, they were overjoyed to find the church completely full — full of young people who wanted to know more about the Christian faith!

Nothing like this had ever happened before. Youth from families that practice pagan beliefs were sitting together inside a Christian church. The Spirit of God invaded that gathering in such a powerful way that many of those young people renounced their ancestral religions and placed their faith in Christ.

The next day, a top community leader sent a message to the ecstatic EHC workers. “I have never seen such change and transformation among our youth like I witnessed this day,” he wrote. “I will share this experience with everyone I meet to promote the wonderful ministry of Every Home for Christ.”

Though the impact of this outreach was enormous, what our Burundi team wrote next was heartbreaking: “The number of gospel booklets we had for this outreach was not sufficient. There was not enough for everyone who desperately wanted one.”

Friend, the gospel literature our global workers use to evangelize their nations costs about 33 cents per household. ONE DOLLAR reaches an average of 12 searching souls. This is an urgent need. Can you help us keep them adequately supplied? Please, be as generous as you can. Give today at ? 63&srctid=1&erid=162017427&trid=dce92ef1-f33c-49 1c-a910-ece07d369c56&linkid=30352616&isbbox=1" data-link-id="30352616" data-link-type="0" data-href="" data-is-bbox="1 - ? 63&srctid=1&erid=162017427&trid=dce92ef1-f33c-49 1c-a910-ece07d369c56&linkid=30352630&isbbox=1" data-link-id="30352630" data-link-type="0" data-href="" data-is-bbox="1 - -now . It may be your dollar that transforms a future world leader!

Your friends at Every Home for Christ

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