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Posted By: Ron McGatlin
Subject: Digest - January 19, 2012
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1. A Fresh Outpouring Has Begun
2. Fresh Move of God at the Gate DC
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1. A Fresh Outpouring Has Begun

By Ron McGatlin
It is really happening. We are seeing it with our own eyes. A fresh outpouring of the awesome power and love of God is now coming down from heaven on earth. It is my opinion that we are actually seeing the early beginnings of the greatest outpouring yet to come to earth. I believe it is more holy, more pure, and completely under the headship of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit in His humble people.
Over the past several centuries, God has sent wave after wave of outpouring of His love and power by the Holy Spirit coming upon and flowing through His yielded servants. There have been waves of cleansing, revival, restoration, renewal, and glory. They have grown in magnitude as each wave washed upon the land in swells that sought to bring transformation to the people.
Every wave permanently affected and changed the people that were consumed by the outpouring. However, each wave eventually receded leaving a lot of exposed debris that had been uncovered by the powerful washing of the outpouring. Some observers have erroneously thought that the wave had brought the debris. Wrong! The wave of God did not bring the trash; it exposed it. The lust of the flesh and pride of life that had been covered with a white wash of religion was uncovered by the powerful wave of God. Each wave has carried forwarded the work of preparing the body and bride of Christ.
The previous waves of God’s glory eventually faded or pulled back when men refused to fully release their religious covering and deal with the exposed corruption. The fire of God is fully capable of burning out the works of lust and pride from our hearts and lives. However, men have the control button in their hands. It is required that we activate the work of God in our own life, and subsequently in the world, by pushing the “High” faith button. Faith releases the fire of God. Religion has taught us that all goes smoother if we just push the “Low” or perhaps the “Medium” fire-releasing faith button.
Pushing the “High” faith button will allow the fire of God to intensify and the trash to be burned out of us and turned into ashes. There will be no debris left on the land, only ashes of a past life of lust and pride that had been covered by religion.
The burning away is the powerful work of the grace of God cleansing and empowering His body and bride. A fully purified people will fully sustain the move of God on the land. This is the wave of God that does not ebb but remains upon the land to bring forth the reality of the kingdom of God – His rule and reign through His purified people on the earth.
The Message of the Fresh Outpouring
Every wave brings a clear fresh message from God bringing change to His people and the world. The word of God never returns void but accomplishes its purpose. In the past moves the message was clear in the beginning of the wave but was eroded by the incomplete response in the people. There was a lack of being fully cleansed of the debris of religion-covered lust and pride, especially in the leaders. Money and position are often involved in the entrapment of the leaders of a move of God. God is lifting up a humble but bold people who are without fear and have no need for riches or fame.
The First Level of Fire
Early waves of the 19th and 20th centuries began with the message of repentance and being born again. Hell fire was clearly in view and the brim-stone preaching was firmly from God to turn the people (cause repentance) toward the cleansing blood of Jesus and the solid hope of heaven.
These powerful revivals were not void of the glory of God. Yet, they represented man pushing the first level on the faith button. The powerful oration from the earth-shaking voices of the revivalists of the 1800s and early 1900s can still be heard today in recorded sermons, and the glory of them still washes over those who hear them.
However, the flow of the wave did ebb after leaving its permanent change to the developing body and bride of Christ. The ebb came when religion raised its head and debates of doctrines, religious practices, and such eroded the power of the wave. It ebbed away and lukewarm liberalism slipped into its place.
The Next Level of Fire
The beginning of the 20th century brought the beginnings of the next great wave of outpouring of God. The awesome restoration of the Holy Spirit gifts and anointing rolled ashore, and among much opposition from religion it began its powerful wash across the world. The restoration of Pentecostal Holy Spirit fire sent shock waves of power that devastated religious strongholds and released supernatural works of God. Healing, deliverance, prophecy, and much more were restored to the body by this powerful wave.
The backlash of religion was fierce but was never fully able to stop the massive and permanent changes taking place in the body and bride of Christ. This was definitely the result of man’s pushing the next level (Medium) on the faith and power control button. Religion had to make quick adjustments to again establish a religious covering for the yet enduring lust and pride remaining in man, especially in the leaders of the movement.
In my opinion, the amount of debris uncovered by this powerful wave was unprecedented in History. Piles of debris have caused many to again surmise that the wave brought the debris. Again, NOT SO! The powerful wave exposed the lust and pride that was already in the people under the covering or white-wash of religion.
The last part of the 20th century outpouring greatly increased as much of the world was impacted by the beginnings of the restoration of the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM that had not been widely proclaimed since Jesus and the first century apostles proclaimed it. Powerful ministry of worship and praise coupled with healing, deliverance, and prophesy led to the further purifying work of the love of Father God manifesting among the people of the outpouring of the 1980s and 90s.
The first part of the 21st century has brought the restored revelation of the Gospel of the Kingdom - the reality of the kingdom of God coming to earth from heaven – the fullness of the message of “Christ in you the hope of glory” on earth – the reality of Christ Jesus abiding in His temple (our bodies) by the Holy Spirit to do the work that He began in His natural body over 2000 years ago - the powerful realization that Christ did not leave us orphans but that He came to us in the Holy Spirit just as He promised – this and much more are bringing the reality of the kingdom of God on earth. This is fueling the beginnings of possibly the most powerful wave of outpouring ever to come upon the earth.
Religion has not the power or the strength to adjust to this outpouring. Multitudes are abandoning religion and many are abiding in wilderness type life while being changed and longing to connect into The New Century Outpourings. Church systems cannot contain or control the new outpouring. The head of it is not in a church system or any religious organization. The focus of this outpouring is not huge meetings of platform ministry headed by a few leaders. This is an outpouring upon the people of God, not just the platforms and systems of ministry. This is heaven at ground level in houses, businesses, in the parks, at the restaurant, and wherever two or three or more are gathered in His name. Yes, there will be large city-wide type gatherings, but the solid base is Christ in the smaller core groups in homes, businesses, storefronts, or wherever people connect in Him.
This is an outpouring of GOD’S HOLY FIRE! This outpouring of FIRE is released by man pushing the “HIGH” faith button, the fire releasing button that is still in our hands. All the things of the previous waves are included but the message goes beyond to the reality of the end of many things and the entrance of the full kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven coming forth wherever there are people who will leave the past and lunge forward into the realm of the Spirit to embrace the King and His glorious kingdom.
At this moment on God’s eternal clock, the pure and holy are being placed by the Spirit into core groups to steward and bring forth the New Century Outpouring. There shall nothing enter in and remain that defiles. No religious-coated lust or pride will be allowed to remain. These who enter and remain are humble, pure people - broken and weak in natural strength, but alive in total faith and love toward God and willing to lay down the past to gain the experience of intimately knowing Him as Lord, Savior, and King - one with the Father and fully abiding in us by His Holy Spirit.
Many Cells of the New Century Outpourings
I believe there will be many set-on-fire people who are even now or very soon abandoning their past ways of meeting or gathering to be released into a Holy Spirit Fire-Fall pouring out among them. Led by the Spirit to do and say things they may have only dreamed about or seen in visions in the past. Visions and dreams from God are coming to pass now for those who will push the “High” faith fire-releasing button. Always the focus will be the King and His kingdom coming forth now in our lives and subsequently in the world. The gospel of the kingdom is now being preached and demonstrated in the fresh outpouring of God in spots across the land.
There is such a thing beginning to happen here in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Humble and simple people are quietly set on fire of the Spirit and are boldly moving into realms of fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God.
Like many parts of our world, this area has been greatly under the rule of religion and dominance of religious spirits. Much of the previous waves have been rejected or hidden from the people here. However, spiritual war is being waged against the powers of darkness, and eyes are being opened as a core is coming together for this area in The New Century Outpouring.
It is God’s will and purpose that the message of the increasing Holy Spirit fire and bright light of the kingdom purify the people to leave their past lives and walk in the Holy Fire and love reality of the new century outpouring of God in many places across the land. This is not such a new thing but an increase in intensity as people activate the High level of believing and religious spirit coverings over the areas are being weakened and moving out.
Have you and I come to this world for such a time as this? Is there any good reason to hold back and cling to the past? Behind us is ashes and ahead of us the garden of God. Lift up your heads and look up. The heavens are open and the glorious spiritual kingdom of God, the New Jerusalem of God is coming down from heaven. We are being prepared as a Bride to rule and reign with Christ in and among us now. Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of God is upon you. Let all that has breath praise Him!
Keep on pursuing Love. Love never fails
and His kingdom never ends.
Ron McGatlin - -  

2. Fresh Move of God at the Gate DC
By David Ruleman
There is a fresh new move of God opening up at the end of 2011 and as we begin 2012.    Two Saturdays ago...great testimonies of healing and resurrection from the dead from one of our dear friends that just returned from Iraq.  Then he and his sons and daughters released words of knowledge and at least five immediate manifestations of healing were reported.  One young Iranian man who had been in a Christian service once before came to The Gate for the first time.  He was healed of nerve damage and then gave his life to Jesus. He encountered Jesus in physical and eternal healing. His name in his language translates to Cyrus.  There has been recent prophetic teaching and words about a Cyrus anointing.
This past Saturday at The Gate the worship was amazing.  Holy Spirit rushed us past the season of the baby Jesus in a manager into the glorious season of John's encounters in the heavens.  Holy, Holy, Holy... is the Lord God Almighty.  The words echoed off the walls and angelic voices mingled with human sounds of adoration and passionate worship.  Some rose to release prophetic words.  One rose to read chapters 4 and 5 of the Revelation.  A gate.... a door standing open in heaven ...and a voice like the sound of a trumpet saying, "Come up here...."   Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord god Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.  Underneath the reading the instruments prophesied in harmonious declarations accenting the revealed truth.  "Worthy is the Lord, our God to receive glory and honor and power..  Worthy is the Lamb..."  As the revelation was being read and the atmosphere of heaven enveloped us eyes were opened with fresh and living revelation.   Someone spoke of a vision that opened up during worship of humans walking on another planet equipped with breathing gear and protective clothing. They were able to remove the gear and breathe normally because they were created for the new environment.  God is preparing his people to live and breathe and have our being in the atmosphere of heaven totally free and naturally. 
The vision was Holy Spirit inspired and the perfect prelude for Tracy's word that included a recent visitation where she saw our daughter, Monica who went to be with the Lord in late July.  In the vision or dream Monica was totally free and natural without any self or sin consciousness. This has been the focus of much of the teaching and training in the past months.  Like first Adam we are to come back into relationship with Jesus where our lives are hidden in Him.  It is no longer we who live but Christ. As His sons and daughters and in His presence we are conscious only of Him not ourselves. As Tracy began to declare that we must become like children, an eight year old began to cry out, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."  Holy Spirit began to demonstrate what Tracy was teaching in the back corner of the room. Tracy had everyone go to the corner of the room for a fresh encounter with Jesus our healer, our Lord and King.  A young executive was up-ended by Holy Spirit. The young girl went into visitation and later testified that she had been swept up into the clouds with Jesus. She began to pray for others in some cases with just a one word prayer, "Jesus"
The presence of the Lord filled the room as Holy Spirit began moving on children and adults.  The Lord moved in power as we continued to speak of the kingdom of God, setting captives free, healing emotions and bodies.  We became like children at play, lost in His presence, free from self and sin consciousness in the atmosphere of heaven on earth.   "I'm telling you, once and for all, that unless you return to square one and start over like children, you're not even going to get a look at the kingdom, let alone get in." Matthew 18:3 The Message.
"And turning to the disciples He said privately, "Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see for I say to you, that many prophets and kings wished to see the thing which you see, and did not see them and to hear the things which you hear, and did not hear them."  Luke 10:24.  NAS
David at The Gate DC" eudora="autourl -

3. Top News Headlines -
Myanmar (Burma) - A possible end to the world's longest civil war - 1/18/2012
The government of Myanmar (Burma) and the Karen National Union, the country's oldest ethnic rebel group, signed a cease-fire agreement Jan. 12, bringing a possible end to 60-plus years of war between Burmese Buddhist ethnic groups and the predominantly Christian Karen. Christian workers are expressing cautious hope and calling for prayer in light of the historic agreement. Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

His encounter with Jesus began in the mosque - 1/18/2012
Taimoor searched for a ‘Book of Isa’ for two years. When he asked his teacher or inquired at the library he was met with suspicion. He met a young man at school rumored to be a Christian. “I begged him to get me a Book of Isa,” he says. “He got so scared he never returned to school again. He thought they would stone him or kill him.” Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Ugandan Girl Tortured for Christ Regaining Use of Legs - 1/18/2012
A 15-year-old Christian girl in western Uganda who lost the use of her legs after her father locked her in a room for six months for leaving Islam has begun to take tentative steps. "Neighbors discovered she was locked in a room with almost no food or water." She now lives in a rented house in an undisclosed location. "Well-wishers are paying for rent, food and clothing," Read On: - mp;PN=1

Home-schooling Families May Lose Child Custody in Sweden - 1/19/2012
The government may soon be able to take children away from home-schooling families in Sweden if a leader of the nation’s Liberal Party has his way. Liberal Party politician Lotta Edholm called for the change to the country’s social services law. The call for the change comes amidst already stringent penalties in Sweden for home schooling. Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

News From British Isles, Ireland. Europe and Worldwide - 1/19/2012
Afghanistan: A fledgling church - Pakistan: 40 day prayer campaign - Midwives take hospital to court in abortion row - Backbench rebellion over plans to change marriage law - Islamist stops university debate with threats of violence - Broke Greeks giving up their children - Afghanistan: US talks with Taliban - Somali convert from Islam whipped in public - And More> Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Iran Pastor Rejects 'Recant for Freedom' - 1/18/2012
Iranian officials are continuing to pressure detained Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to deny his Christian faith "and accept the prophet Muhammad as his savior." The American Center for Law and Justice, which is working closely with Nadarkhani's case, confirmed Tuesday that the pastor was recently asked again to recant his faith. Nadarkhani responded, "I cannot." Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Judge Suspects Conspiracy, Throws Out Pro-Life Persecution Suit - 1/18/2012
Holder sought thousands of dollars in fines against Pine, as well as a permanent injunction banning her from counseling women on the public sidewalk outside the Presidential Women's Center (PWC) abortion clinic in West Palm Beach, Fla., where she has faithfully ministered for more than 20 years. Liberty Counsel successfully defended Pine. Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

More than Money Could Buy - 1/9/2012
Two months ago, Mahadevi Kaler answered the door to find a man and a woman standing on her doorstep with a limp 10-year-old girl in their arms. The man and his wife were Brijmohan and Oja Kundhal. Two years ago, their daughter, Premila, contracted a virus. Because of the viral fever, she eventually lost the ability to speak, and her body became weak. Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Prayer Case - 1/18/2012
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to clear up conflicting positions among appellate courts regarding the historical practice of offering prayers at public meetings according to the faith of the prayer-giver. By declining to hear a case involving Forsyth County, N.C. the court allowed a decision to stand that permits prayer but requires the county to police the words. Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Send an email -- and encourage imprisoned Asia Bibi - 1/16/2012
South African Christians are rallying behind a Pakistani Christian mother of five who is in prison, falsely accused of blasphemy, awaiting an appeal against a death sentence. So far, 100 encouraging emails were sent from South Africans to Asia Bibi, as part of a campaign to send 1,000 emails. Asia Bibi is reportedly in "good spirits" even after spending her third Christmas. Read On: - mp;PN=1

Tebow: 'Win or Lose, Must Honor the Lord' - 1/16/2012
Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos' quarterback, said win or lose, the important thing is that he honors the Lord. The New England Patriots crushed Denver 45-10 in Saturday's American Football Conference division's playoff game, which received the highest television ratings for any AFC playoff game in 18 years. Tebow congratulated the Patriots on their victory. Read On: - mp;PN=1 - Nigeria: Muslims Kill Four Christians and Threatens Village Attacks - 1/16/2012
Boko Haram gunmen on Thursday, January 12, 2012, shot dead four Igbo Christian men in Potiskum, and threatened to launch an attack on two nearby villages later that evening. "On the same day, Boko Haram also threatened to attack Kukargadu and Dagare villages, both of which have large populations of indigenous Christians. On Tuesday, 9 were killed in Potiskum. Read On: - mp;PN=1 - Muslims Strike at Christians in East African Isles - 1/16/2012
Far from the world media's gaze in islands off the coast of Africa, church buildings have been razed and Christians are being ostracized and imprisoned for their faith. "A simple matter of reporting a burglary turned him into an outcast. Investigating, police stumbled onto Christian materials which changed the course of inquiry to Kim's  practicing a forbidden faith," Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - Maspero Massacre: Egypt's Christians Cry for Justice - 1/13/2012
The Maspero Massacre was an event that has discouraged Egyptian Christians perhaps like no other in recent years. Coptics had gathered in Cairo Sunday evening, Oct. 9, to protest the destruction of a church near Aswan. "Every time there is an incident, a church burned or attacked, nothing happens, no one is charged, no one is arrested. he thought it was not fair." Read On: - mp;PN=1&TPN=1

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