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Topic: Digest November 15, 2012

Posted By: Ron McGatlin
Subject: Digest November 15, 2012
Date Posted: 11/15/2012 at 6:03pm

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1. The End is Not Yet – The Future is Bright

By Ron McGatlin

My dear brethren in the Lord and in His kingdom service, we are alive and have come to this moment of acceleration in the world matters of kingdom reality.

The fieriest move of God since Pentecost is upon us.My belief is that, in its beginning, this move of God will not be a highly visible work of God. I wanted to call it revival or outpouring or something like that, but those words do not adequately describe this unprecedented move of God. The word that came to mind is “glorification,” spiritual glorification (glory-fire-occasion). It will be worldwide and almost simultaneously arising upon autonomous flocks of God’s people in places ranging from large cities to villages to remote places of the earth. However, it will not be openly visible across the land by most of the people, at least not now in its beginning.

The Spirit Glorification(Glory-Fire-cation)

The glory fire of God has ignited and will ignite supernaturally in groups brought together by the Spirit. The love of God will draw individuals and families together in gatherings in the presence of God and His holy angels (ministering spirits) for the purpose of finishing our cleansing in preparation for the outpouring of God’s glory.

All veils that would hinder the brightness of the release of the light of His glory from His people are being and will be removed from those gathered by the Spirit in His presence.

Our spiritual lamps will shine brightly revealing the love, power, wisdom, and glory of God that is within the true body of Christ by the indwelling Spirit of Almighty God.

A man of God recently came by for a visit and shared with me that the Lord was showing him: that God was removing a veil from the sons of God that was preventing the glory of God from shining forth from them.

Another man of God called me and said the Lord was showing him that God was cleansing the black soot from inside our lamp globes, trimming our wicks, and filling us with oil.

Instantly I replied something like, “The wicks need to be ignited. How do we light our wicks?”I pondered on this for several days until this past Sunday. While communing with God in His presence, I saw a spiritual vision of an angel that came carrying something like a small stick or torch-like thing with flame on the end of it. He reached out and lit the wick of an oil lamp. I then heard God, in my spirit, saying that he was sending “Ignition Angels” who would bring spiritual ignition to groups and individuals. These angels will be with many of us to carry the ignition fire to groups and gatherings of cleansed and prepared people.

Many of us have been in the process of being cleansed and healed from our past lives for a long time. Much of the big work has been done. Others may have some major cleansing yet to be done. God is faithful to continue all the work needed.

The Gideon-type army that is gathering in groups that are mostly small and under the radar of the enemy is collectively a large multitude that are going through final cleansing and being filled with spiritual fuel and trimmed of excess to enable us to burn brightly and shine forth the glory of God to bring transformation to ourselves, those around us, and eventually the whole body of Christ.

God and His kingdom is our answer.

Spiritual ignition is the awakening of the body of Christ from the natural realm to the spiritual realm.Upon awakening and being set on fire of the Spirit of God, our eyes will be fully open to see and understand the dire condition of our world. Our spiritual ears will be opened to clearly hear the solutions of God to overcome every situation and fulfill every need on earth with the resources of heaven.

God working with His awakened people will release power and wisdom to change the major influences that shape the spirits, minds, and lives of the people. The mountains of influence must be changed from the ungodly false narrative that has been pouring into the people, including Christians, to the truth of the kingdom of God that produces real God-quality life in the world.

This is NOT a return to the church systems or powerless religions of the past that locked itself up in boxes and adopted the ways of the world rather than affect the culture.

This awakening that is being ignited is a real move of real people who see the foolishness of the false narratives that have formed the culture of the nations of the world. A people who will be filled with and led of God all day every day as they work to build a fresh new culture of quality life free from the degradation of the fallen world. An army of kingdom workers will, with love and clean morals flowing from a pure heart, cause the peace and goodwill of the Lord of all life to become fashionable in all areas of life in the world.

God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son to redeem the world. God’s Son now abiding in His people by the Holy Spirit is the work of God to restore the kingdoms of this world to the kingdoms of our God.

Open Up to the Spirit

If you are one of the manyChristian believers who have shied away from Holy Spirit supernatural reality because of mistrust or fear based upon past experiences or inordinate practices or teachings or any other reason, it is very important to re-open your spirit and mind to allow the real Spirit workings that are available to work in you and to shine brightly through you in this new day.

Pray desperately as though your life and the lives of your family depend on it, because they may. Pray for a breakthrough from the beliefs, or more accurately unbeliefs, regarding the fullness of the works of Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit becoming fully released in your life. Ask God for pure faith to trust and believe the mighty works of God in you and through you.

Without the works of Christ by the Spirit of God within us, it may NOT be possible to endure the season ahead. Certainly, it will not be possible to accomplish the works needed to change the course of the nations of the world. Only by the grace-empowerment of God within His people bringing forth the powerful works of Spirit God will the world be changed into God’s desired design and plan.

Beyond the Shaking

Even during the extreme events that bring down the loftiness and pride of man, the light of God will become even brighter. As the cataclysmic apocalyptic events dissolve the strength of evil and the power of rebellious mankind, the glory of God shall increase in the pure-hearted holy people of God – those who live only for Him and find their life in Him. The joy of the Lord shall strengthen them, and the glory of God shall sustain them in the time of great darkness upon the earth.

Dear friends please believe me, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This is the real thing happening in real time. This move of God is an ALL OR NOTHING move that will not be abated. Very simply we cannot continue believing and doing the same things the same way and get different results. Our lives as they have been cannot be the same in this new era on Planet Earth.

There is no middle ground, and there is no compromise that will allow us to be and to do that which has fallen upon us to be our lot in this epic continuum of the works of God from heaven on earth. We must be and do all that is given us by God to fulfill in this season of spiritual transformation of our lives and subsequently the world. We may or may not have chosen to be here in this time, but we have now been chosen and must become willing volunteers in this the day of His rising upon the earth.

Practical Change Consideration

Life changes will be in order as directed or impressed by the Spirit of God. What we hear, read, view, or in any way enters both our own minds and our children’s minds and hearts should be reevaluated according to the leadership of the Spirit. Praying and waiting before God for His input before continuing to receive from the sources we may have accepted in the past will be necessary to know and walk in truth.

The mass media of today is presenting a false narrative that is leading the nations away from the truth. The educational systems we may have greatly valued in the past are no longer bringing real truth into the minds and hearts of our impressionable young people.

Consider how your children are being educated and trained. The current culture cannot and will not provide truth and values that will bring quality life to our lives and our children’s lives.

Consider our values that may need to be changed from self-seeking and pleasure-seeking to the spiritual joy of intimately relating to God and serving Him and His people by meeting needs of the people and the world around us.

Consider how we may become more productive in managing what God has put in our hands to more effectively provide for our natural needs and the needs of others while always looking to God as our ultimate source.

Pray and ask God to lead us in practical life changes that take us closer to Him and His plan for our lives.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.~ Jesus

Pursue Love and Desire Spiritual Things,

Ron McGatlin - - - -
- 2. Ruling in Rest

By Kriston Couchey


On Tuesday June 26th 2012, High temperatures and wind gusts up to 65 mph caused a forest fire to overcome a fire line set up by brave men and women to protect the city of Colorado Springs. The city began to burn and 36,000 people were evacuated along with the Air Force Academy located nearby.

I saw the images of the city burning on television and prayed a prayer for protection for people.That night I had a dream. In the dream a wolf was advancing toward me. My dog was trying to fight off the wolf, but was overcome by the wolf. When the wolf got past my dog and approached me I saw the face of an evil spirit behind it. Holy Spirit spoke to me,“You must separate the spirit behind the devourer from it." I looked at the wolf and said to the spirit empowering it, "I cut you off".The glowing fiery red face of the spirit in the wolf disappeared and the wolf’s face went dark. The wolf turned and ran away.

The next day the tide turned in the fight against the fire as the temperatures began to subside and rain began to fall in areas of Colorado. The next day temperatures dropped and the winds died down and the city was spared. An official stated it was the first day that the weather had cooperated since the fire that burned homes on Colorado Springs had begun.


Is it possible to simply decree something and it is done? Some would call the dream and the change of weather a coincidence. Whether it was a coincidence or not, this dream came during the time Father began speaking to me about walking in oneness with Him. He called me to commune with Him “within me” as His resting place, and also abide in Him in the place He has seated me in Christ in the heavens. This truth of resting in Him as He rests in me has given me a perspective that sees differently how the authority/rule of heaven is executed upon the earth. It is the oneness with Him and His heart that enables us to decree a thing and it is done, for it is not I but Christ that lives in me and in me He speaks and it is done.

Since that time the Spirit has continued to rearrange my perspective of how the will of God is accomplished upon the earth. I have been confronted with situations since then in which Father has not told me what to say, but has asked me is to make a judgment and speak with authority trusting His heart in me as to what to decree into each situation.

Jesus simply spoke to the wind and waves, “Be Still!” and it was done. Jesus didn’t beg Father to answer a prayer; He spoke the will of Father into the situations on earth with a peace and rest that didn’t question whether it would be done. He knew He was one with Father and was doing what Father was doing.Ruling over the circumstances of life proceeds out of the place of rest where we know we are one with Him and are seated in Him. If He moves us to speak to it, then He has given His heart and authority to execute the will of heaven in the situation and it is done!


I am convinced the dream I shared is for the sake of encouraging myself and others to seek further to find the place of rule in the kingdom that Father has prepared for each of us. He is transitioning us from a slave and begging mentality to a son and sufficiency mentality. He is teaching us to trust His heart and judgments within us as we face circumstances and overcome them with His goodness dwelling in us and our resting in the place of authority in Him where He has seated us. He is teaching us to speak forth the decrees of heaven into situations from a heart that knows Him rather than us begging Father to do what He has already commissioned and enabled us to do. Christ in me is sufficient for all things.

I have come to believe that Father is not looking for men and women to beg him to move His hand; He is looking for men and women to be His hand upon the earth. He is not looking for those who cry out from earth to bring heaven down; he is looking for those seated in the heavens with Him to manifest His preeminence and rule on earth. THIS is the kingdom of God come to earth. If you know you are seated in Him and He is at rest in you, then you can speak what He is saying and what you decree is done.

In His Love,

Kriston Couchey -

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- Israel at War: 'Pillar of Defense' Op Escalates
- 11/15/2012
The Israeli Air Force ratcheted up its air strikes at terrorist sites in the Gaza Strip Thursday as rockets rained down on southern Israel. Operation Pillar of Defense is aimed at halting rocket and mortar attacks on southern Israeli cities, which escalated over the last days and weeks. Israeli police have heightened security since the early hours of the morning - Video. Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1 mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - Hamas Military Commander Killed in Israeli Airstrike - 11/14/2012
Ahmed Jabari, head of the military wing of Hamas, was killed Wednesday afternoon in a surgical air strike in Gaza by the Israel Air Force. Three others, including his son, were reportedly killed in the strike. An Israel Defense Forces spokesman said the IAF targeted 20 missile storage sites throughout Gaza. Jabari was behind the rocket attacks that began last weekend. Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - mp;PN=1&TPN=1 -

- Islamic Sharia Law Comes to Great Britain - Video
- 11/15/2012
Stoning for adultery. Amputations for theft. Death for apostates. And second-class status for Christians and Jews. This is life under Sharia law, the Islamic system practiced in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain. Yes, Great Britain. There are some 85 Sharia courts now operating there, with Islamic judges ruling on cases among British Muslims. Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - mp;PN=1&TPN=1 -

- Churches bringing Christ's love to Syrian refugees
- 11/14/2012
More than 2.5 million people in Syria can't go home because of violent, ongoing fighting. Over the past week, more than 4,000 Syrians fled to Jordan. Another 9,000 Syrians crossed into Turkey, and growing numbers of Kurdish nationals are fleeing to Iraq, now the home of 50,000 Syrian refugees. 407,000 refugees in UNHCR refugee camps are in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq. Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - mp;PN=1&TPN=1 -

- After Defying Death, Evangelist Steve Hill Sets Out to Win Another Million Souls
- 11/14/2012
Steve Hill has been flaming the fires of revival for three decades—and battling melanoma for a third of that time. Best known for the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola that drew more than 4 million people from around the world and hundreds of thousands of people saved. “Two years ago I was given up for dead. A miracle all his own, he’s no longer standing at death’s door. Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - http://why%20we%20must%20confront%20the%20global%2 0abuse%20of%20women/ -

- Why We Must Confront the Global Abuse of Women
- 11/14/2012
Cruelty to women is rampant in the Middle East, where women are forced to veil themselves, forbidden to drive and banned from walking alone. In Pakistan, angry husbands are known to throw acid in their wives’ faces—causing permanent disfigurement. In Syria, Jordan and Iran, women who dare to disagree with their husbands become victims of “honor killings.” Read On: mp;PN=1 - - mp;PN=1&TPN=1 -

- A Fresh Vision for America - Billy Graham Calls Nation to repentance and lasting hope in Jesus Christ
- 11/13/2012
"I plan to spend the next 12 months doing all that I am able to do in helping to carry out a fresh vision God has given us." We must also remember that no election will ever solve America’s most basic problems. That is because the trouble, at its root, is in the human heart, and the only path to true restoration—for a person or for a nation—is through repentance. Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - mp;PN=1&TPN=1 -

- Uganda: President dedicates nation to God
- 11/12/2012
“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” For the young people who are still in school, he used Ecclesiastes 3:1 which says there is time for everything, to advise them to concentrate on their books and abstain from sex. For those who have completed studies, he advised them to look for more skills, jobs, and start families established on God’s principles. Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - mp;PN=1&TPN=1 -

- Grand Finale - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Day 5 - Reinhard Bonnke, CfaN
- 11/12/2012
Another Gospel Campaign has just come to an end here in Ethiopia. Have a look at the pictures of the awesome crowd! You are looking at a miracle! We have experienced a mighty victory. Thousands have met Jesus and the city has been impacted for eternity! Several women testified that goiters instantly vanished. Crippled legs were healed and one woman’s short leg grew out! Read On: mp;PN=1&TPN=1 - - mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

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