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Posted By: Ron McGatlin
Subject: Digest November 18, 2016
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By Ron McGatlin

Much of the western world has adjusted to bondage that gradually overtook them in the name of freedom. A false freedom of indulgence in carnality free from spiritual truth, love and righteousness has stolen the sanity of the confused once sound minds of the people. Many of the people of the nations are imprisoned in darkness of bondage apart from God. In general they have little or no respect for God or God’s people.

The world was in a similar state when Christ Jesus the Son of God became the Son of man and came to earth born of a virgin as a baby, a human being but without lineage to the Adamic fallen world. God came to earth in the body of a man to set the captives free and reclaim the world. The world was filled with darkness, from the lowliest beggar to the kings there was darkness. Even the Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious leaders of that season, were in darkness (John 8:44).

The light of God in Christ Jesus came to the world to overcome the darkness and set the people free to again walk in the light of the kingdom of God. Everywhere Jesus and His disciples went they encountered the darkness of demons and diseases. They brought healing and deliverance to all who came to Jesus the Son of God, the Light of the world.


The prayers of the saints have been heard and the onslaught of wickedness against God and His people has been seen from heaven and blatantly exposed on earth. The purging of the religions that had replaced Christ Jesus as head are coming down and the false foundation that has been built is crumbling under the hammers of the persecutors. The nations are being shaken into rubble and eventually nothing that is lifted up against God shall stand. (Hebrews 12:26) (Isaiah 2)


My fellow followers of Christ, this is the time of our arising into the place of our calling. Every one of us are equipped with the Spirit and the words of God to set the captives free.

Pray and obey and the light of God will turn up to a new level of brilliance in and upon you. Christ in you is the light of the world. Every person that comes to your light will hear your words of healing and deliverance. In this most urgent time the supernatural power of God is flowing to set the captives free with a word in the brilliant light of His love. What may not have worked in the past can work now (Isaiah 2:21) (Isaiah 60:1-2).

What you were afraid to do or say will be strengthened now with holy boldness of pure holy love. Lay aside every weight of concern or doubt and step out upon the water by His spirit and either it will part before you are you will walk comfortably upon the waves of troubled times. There is nothing the devil can do to stop you as you simply use the faith that God is putting within you. Simply believe and all things are possible unto you in this season of harvest and change in this world.


Staying in bondage and adjusting to sickness and disease and lack of power and provision has its comfort to the darkened soul. Rotting away in the pleasure of carnality is effortless and always feels good for the moment. Therefore things will get worse for the captives of carnal pleasure while things are getting better in the pure light of God with each of us who turn to God with our whole heart.

Like the eagle removing the fluff from the nest causes the young birds to no longer be comfortable in their once softly padded world so it is for many believers and seekers. Within their minds to this point they have only known very limited movement within the nest. They only know the comfort of the nest and walking about on solid footing. Perhaps deep in their minds are thoughts of soaring freely in the air. However, their minds limit them to clinging to the solid sticks of the nest.

Their minds do not tell them that they can fly and soar into the heavenlies. The parent eagles make them very uncomfortable in the nest and may eventually push them off the edge into the thin air causing them to try their wings. If they fail and are falling the parent eagle will fly under them and catch them. Soon they are soaring freely in the heavenlies and never return to the confines of the limited movement of the nest.

God is calling and now even pressing believers to step out into the supernatural air of the heavens of Spirit life, to soar into the life that He has prepared for us. When the world crumbles around us and the comfortable life nest we have been in is no longer there, God is taking us to a greater life soaring in the Sprit and bringing His deliverance and healing to all who will turn to Him with their whole hearts.

God is also removing His protection and provision from the disobedient nations. And eventually will give the nations to those who love Him. In all of this the people of God are now empowered to heal and deliver and many of the captives are ready to turn away from their indulgent carnal life and mental attitudes of entitlement that has overtaken them. Many will turn toward the great light of God shining from us and around us (Isaiah 60:1-18) (Matthew 4:16).

Forget about trying to save the nations and instead save the people and they will save the nations.


THE REASON FOR CHRIST’S COMING IN THE FIRST CENTURY AND NOW ABIDING IN HIS PEOPLE WAS AND IS TO HEAL AND DELIVER THE PEOPLE TO RE-ESTABLISH THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Every person returning to God from their bondage is a mighty soldier in the remnant army that is establishing the glorious kingdom of God, redeeming the planet and all that is upon it, within it and around it to the beautiful kingdom of heaven. It is not just about making our lives better and getting us to heaven when we die. It is about the kingdom of heaven coming to earth – the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; 21 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now, Romans 8:19-22.

Yes, there is heaven after we die and yes the people are better when healed and set free. They feel better and their lives are better but that is not the final end of the reason for the now urgent move of God on earth. The final reason is for the groaning earth to be set free from the bondage put upon it by the fallen world of people that were deceived by the devil and the anti-Christ spirits.

The end is near for the devil and the anti-Christ spirits controlling the people of the world. All the darkness that has foiled this world will be cleansed from the earth and from God’s people. Thus returning natural life to its original Garden of Eden quality.

The original and final purpose for mankind is to glorify God by “tending His garden” of planet earth. That is Christ in us ruling and reigning in the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven with and for Him. The whole earth and all that is upon it is to show forth the glory of God to all creation.

The mountain of the Lord will arise above all the mountains of life on earth and all the people shall come to the mountain and be transformed, renewed and restored to the pure holy mature Sons of God (Isaiah 2:2). All the earth shall rejoice in light of His glory in the New Jerusalem heart of His people and nothing that defiles shall enter into the city of God on earth (Revelation 21:25). The great mystery of “Christ in you the hope of glory” fulfilled in His presence. His jewels shall reflect His glory to all creation (Colossians 1:27).

Love never fails, and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin - -

2. Can America Be Changed in a Day? he-united-states-of-america-be-changed-in-a-day-in-my-name/ -

by - Today as I sat with the Lord, His presence fell heavily upon me and I heard Him calling out to the people of God. He was asking a question, but this question was calling the people of God UP HIGHER. To a HIGHER VANTAGE POINT!!! A higher point of sight and a higher level of hearing, a higher level of hope.I heard the Lord asking the people of God "CAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY CHANGED IN A DAY IN MY NAME?"

The Lord kept asking this question over and over again. I wondered why the Lord was asking the question repeated times and I felt the Lord say:

"It's time to move to a HIGHER LEVEL OF HOPE!!! It's time to move to a HIGHER LEVEL OF HOPE!! It's time to ADJUST YOUR SIGHT and HEAR the SIGNS OF LIFE!!!!!!!! It's time to COME UP HIGHER and SEE from My PERSPECTIVE!!!! I am releasing IMPARTATIONS of HOPE, FAITH and DECLARATIONS in My people for the United States of America to release LIFE to her heart again!!!! It is time! It is time for the nation of America to COME ALIVE!!!!!!!"

In this vision I watched as the people of God pressed deeper in intercession for the United States of America, there were encounters with His heart that were BREAKING mindsets and expectations of the heart concerning the destiny of America.

I heard the Lord speak again:

"I am allowing a SHAKING to usher in a RESHAPING!!!!!!! I am allowing a shaking in the nation and a shaking in My people in the United States to bring a RESHAPING!! You MUST come to a higher vantage point and SEE beyond the darkness!!! In this season I will come to you My people in the night and I will SHOW YOU My heart and My plans for the United States. I will show you the DESTINY of the nation from My heart. I am BREATHING LIFE AGAIN into you My people so you may speak LIFE into the heart of the nation again. I am breaking the chains of doom, I am breaking the hopelessness, I am breaking the doubt over you in this season so you may speak LIFE again into this nation."


"Chains of fear are over the nation but as you rise up My people, the flames of the fire of My love will burn across the United States and EVEN IN deep darkness you will see the fire of My love moving, reshaping, breaking chains, bringing deliverance, healing and hope."

"Right now the United States is marked with FEAR and marked with CHAOS, but I am decreeing My beautiful United States you shall be marked with the FIRE OF MY LOVE and CLARITY OF SIGHT and DESTINY!!! I am decreeing over you United States of America, COME TO LIFE!!! COME TO LIFE!! COME TO LIFE AND SEE THE REALITY of your DESTINY!!!!!!! Decree with Me My people, decree with Me!!!!"


I then saw Jesus standing in the heart of the United States of America and He was leading music like a conductor. The sense surrounded me that the Lord was instructing His people to be singing over the nation of the United States. He was calling His people to a higher level of worship and praise over the nation ESPECIALLY when they saw darkness increasing. As the people of God worshipped and sung the songs of heaven over the nation, I saw warrior angels being released into the nation bringing deliverance, healing, hope and freedom.

As this was happening I saw downloads of new songs being given specifically to worship leaders across the nation that were carrying a breakthrough anointing. As these songs were written and these prophetic songs were sung across the nation and over the nation, I heard Psalm 24:9 all around me "Wake up you living gateways, and rejoice! Fling wide open, you forever doors of destiny! Here He comes; the Glory-King is ready to come in!!" (The Passion Translation)

As these songs were being sung across the nation and over the nation the GATEWAYS were being AWAKENED and REJOICING!! Doors of destiny were flinging wide open... MAKING WAY, INVITING IN, THE GLORY KING!!!! He is READY to come IN to the United States in a way that has NEVER been seen before. He is BIGGER than the darkness going on... and His GLORY is about to be seen, as the people of God lift up their hands and WORSHIP the King of Kings that is about to be SEEN in GLORY!!!!!


I saw the Lord rising up PROPHETS OF HOPE all across the United States of America. I watched the Lord positioning them into areas of great favour, with positions of great influence and new doors were opening all around them. There was a great positioning happening for the prophets and they were moving forward with a NEW SCOPE!!!!!! There is an INCREASE of VIEW coming to the prophets of HOPE in the United States. I am adding INCREASE of revelation and strategy to the prophets. As they released the divine strategies and solutions of heaven, I watched people of influence being to encounter Jesus. I watched changes happen instantly that were miraculous and many said would never happen. I was surrounded with the excitement in the Spirit that Jesus is about to do what many thought could never happen. People of influence that many have had little faith would ever come to Jesus, suddenly having encounters with Jesus and being saved. Radical, amazing, transforming miraculous turnarounds and extensions of the Kingdom.

I also saw the prophets of hope declaring the new strategies, solutions of heaven and words from His heart concerning the United States of America over the body of Christ and I watched the people of God receiving these impartations of hope for their nation and becoming ACTIVATED and AWAKENED in their every day life and going out into their sphere of influence and releasing hope, life, encouragement and the love of Jesus and revival breaking out. I watched as revival broke out from the grocery stores, to coffee shops, to businesses, to government, to schools, to arts and entertainment. There was LIFE exploding everywhere! Banks of encouragement and revelation were breaking out in the hearts of believers spilling out all across the United States declaring His goodness and love.

The Lord is awakening His people in the United States right now to how powerful you are IN HIM because HE lives in you and the power you have to speak life and change atmospheres and be positioned for miracles. Get ready to be positioned for miracles THROUGH YOU!!!!!

Come up to a higher vantage point concerning the United States!!!!!! Hear the heart of God!!!! Declare life and despite what's going on around you, despite the darkness, know that this is YOUR TIME to ARISE AND SHINE (Isaiah 60:1) and see the nation RESHAPED and CHANGED. - -

3. News Headlines

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Tent Schools Trying to Bridge the Gap - 6 years no school for Syrian Refugee Children - 11/17/2016
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You Won’t Hear This in the News . . . Something extraordinary is happening among today’s youth. - 11/17/2016
Burundi: After presenting the Gospel home to home, our team invited villagers to come to the church to hear more from God’s Word. They were overjoyed to find the church completely full of young people wanting to know more! The Spirit of God invaded that gathering in such a powerful way that many of those young people renounced their ancestral religions and came to Christ.
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What's YOUR Mindset? Seeing with Kingdom Eyes; an Important Strategy for Believers in This Season - Aimee Herd/Clayton Ford - 11/17/2016
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Ben Carson in His Own Words: Why He Said "No" to the Trump Administration - 11/17/2016
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Lance Wallnau on the Trump Win: "He's a Wrecking Ball for Political Correctness" - 11/17/2016
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The Bible Honored This Week on Capitol Hill - 11/17/2016
"Scripture Is a Gift," Lawmakers Mark 'National Bible Week' on U.S. House Floor "Probably only a third of us are reading the Bible regularly. So it's important to stop and remember: This is a gift. People in the Soviet Union that I worked with didn't have Bibles. They had to meet in the forests or in secret gatherings. They would share the Word that way."
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Meanwhile, in Iran; REVIVAL! Hundreds of Thousands Come to Jesus - 11/17/2016
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