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Printed Date: 01/17/2017 at 11:11am


Posted By: Yolanda Ballard
Date Posted: 01/17/2017 at 10:30am

Shared by Yolanda Ballard

Taken from Col 2:9

We read the Word but do we truly believe what He is saying in His
word? Psalm 91 is a chapter that I have gone over several times
meditating upon it. It is like you take a passage from the Bible and
you dive into it until you see in it what God wants to reveal.

Long ago I had an open eye vision after coming home from church
where a message was given about the Seven Spirits of God and that
when you break down pure white light you get the seven colors of
the prism. When I got home I was eating dinner with my parents and
I was having a hard time seeing. I asked my mother to close the
drape because I thought there was a glare coming into the room.
That didnít help. Then I happened to look to my left and at the end
of the hallway there was a diamond as large as the width of the hall
and all the way to the ceiling with light shining through causing
crescent shaped prisms all over the room and that is all I was seeing.
That was the manifest presence of the glory of God!

I had asked the Lord what this all meant and He said that He was
revealing Himself showing me His glory through the Godhead. The
light represented the Holy Spirit shining through the Father revealing
His glory in His son Jesus. Yes, Jesus is the radiance of the Father
and the fullness of the godhead dwells in Him bodily.

When I was reading the first few verses of Psalm 91 I see another
revelation of the Godhead. I have been reading the Passion
Translation of the Bible and at first I didnít like it, but after praying
and comparing with versions that I trust I see that it is just a deeper
revelation of His word.

Where we are used to reading He who dwells in the secret place of
the Most High it is written in the Passion Version he who sits
enthroned. That is being in our position in Christ Jesus seated at the
right hand of the Father the place of all power and authority. Our
position is actually in Christ Jesus seated on the Throne of God in
heaven the place of all royalty and kingship in Him!!! In this position
we are covered by the shadow of the Most High!

To be under oneís shadow you must be in a position where light is
shining through. As we are seated in Christ the light of the Holy
Spirit shines through the Father hovering over the Son causing a
shadow of protection. There you have the Godhead with the Light,
Father, and the glory being Jesus and we are in Him. Yes, we are a
part of the Godhead because we are hidden in Christ!!! We remain
hidden beneath the shadow of the Most High.

Do we really believe our position in Christ? The same Spirit that
raised Christ from the dead dwells in us!!! We are so much at one
with Jesus that when we are hidden in Him the illuminating power of
the Holy Spirit is constantly shining through the Father causing His
glory upon us and through us. Yes, Jesus is the radiance of the
Fatherís glory and we are in that glory as we abide in Him. Because
the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Jesus it also dwells in us!!!!

At The Father's Feet

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