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Wade Taylor Ministries Continue

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Topic: Wade Taylor Ministries Continue

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Subject: Wade Taylor Ministries Continue
Date Posted: 07/24/2012 at 5:57am

Wade Taylor Ministries Continue
Nancy Taylor Warner o4haSLEEzUsfngsidDSmlloQABSGPn0wzGcPjRFmB7nXyHUZla-j6b3ihHVa Pz_yyIyna0psXaEhIdZiMygOVFX5g== - Nancy Taylor WarnerAs I write this, I am sitting in my dad's favorite chair in the Parousia Ministries' office set up for him here in our home.

A few weeks ago, I started to do some work in his office; one of the first things I found was that the cable was not long enough to reach from the desk to the printer. To print, I had to take the computer over to the printer, plug it in, and then wait for it to print.

At first I could not believe my dad never mentioned that to me. How easy it would have been for me to buy a longer cable, or rearrange the room, if only I had known! But he was not one to complain, he liked being adaptable. I remember his smile as he would say, "I'm low maintenance!" I suppose his joy in that overrode the inconvenience; it just was not a problem to him, the something worth mentioning.

As I sit here in his chair, all around me I hear clocks ticking. How my dad loved clocks. In front of me, I look at the picture on the wall: "...morning by morning He wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned." Another, "Yes, Lord." Behind me is a stairway ascending up into the Heavens. To the side, praying hands.

I am missing my dad, as I know many of you are, too. My heart is overwhelmed by testimonies shared on his behalf. As you may already know, my mother also had her homecoming on April 26, 2012. Her birthday was June 1st, her first birthday in Heaven. I am so happy she is with the Lord, in the fullness of His presence, where there is no sickness or pain.

Thank you so much for expressions of love, concern, and support these last months. The memorial fund helped so much to meet needs. That which remains in the memorial fund will be used toward the continuance of Parousia Ministries and its website, o4haSLEEzUsfngsidDSmlloQABSGPn0wzGcPjRFmB7nXyHUZla-j6b3ihHVa Pz_yyIyna0psXaEhIdZiMygOVFX5g== - .

In 1981 the Lord called me to support my dad's vision. When the news of his unexpected homecoming came to me, my immediate response was that I could best support him now by helping to maintain that which was most important to him: the vision, the calling, that which found expression through his website, the teachings, the relationships all of which were so precious to him.

When my dad would write a letter of appreciation, he would start off that letter acknowledging the call of God. For those who received a letter from me, you may have noticed I followed the same pattern, acknowledging the call of God, thanking you for your support of that calling. One reason I did that was out of a desire not to "change" anything but to simply "continue." The other was because that was most important to my dad, the continuance of the word the Lord had given.

As I continue to make myself available for this purpose, it is out of a conviction the Lord would have me do so as well as for a love for my dad. My dad, as a forerunner, presented truths that move beyond the present day into the day before us. I count it a privilege to continue to make these truths available to the Body of Christ, as I also continue to make myself available as a vehicle through whom the Lord can speak and move as He so desires in the days before us.

I will continue to post Wade Taylor's writings monthly. We are working on also making available a video of the month with Wade Taylor teaching. I will be adding more of my own writings on Nancy's Corner. And watch for a new link coming soon with some of my brother's, Bill Taylor, teaching! (He may be better known by some of you as "son William".)

If you have any comments or suggestions, or would like to pray together for any reason, please feel free to call or write. We will personally answer all emails as soon as we are able to do so.

As we continue to move forward, may we always remember the firm foundation upon which we stand, the Lord Jesus Christ. May we always honor those who have gone before us, the cloud of witnesses, those who have helped prepare the way, for that which the Lord would continue to do in the time yet before us. And may our own hearts always stay open and receptive to the continued working of the Holy Spirit within our own lives.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in this ministry. I appreciate your prayers very much. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you always.

In HIS Eternal Love,

Nancy Taylor Warner
Parousia Ministries (Wade Taylor Ministries)

Email: 0List%20Subscriber - Nancy Taylor Warner, the daughter of Wade Taylor, has the unusual distinction of having spent most of her childhood in a Bible school environment due to the calling on her father's life. In 1981 she joined him in support of his ministry, functioning in a variety of positions. In response to her father's wishes and the encouragement of the board of directors, she now oversees Wade Taylor Ministries. Nancy also pastors Agape Fellowship in Christ in a church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She travels at times to speak and pray for others. She particularly enjoys teaching on intimacy with God, the preparation of a people for His coming, and the submission of our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Nancy has a special gift of relating to and loving people that is based on her own love for Jesus and for His Kingdom. The spiritual life messages that she speaks flow into the hearts and spirits of those to whom she ministers.

Wade TaylorWade Taylor graduated to Heaven earlier this year on February 29, 2012. He served others as a teacher and spiritual father for over 50 years. He was respected and loved by many for his quality of spirit and walk with his Lord. He was an anointed author, bringing forth deep truths of the Spirit with a clarity and simplicity that drew the reader up into a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wade Taylor Ministries

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