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Obama Vows Justice for ’Senseless’ Ambassador Killing

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Topic: Obama Vows Justice for ’Senseless’ Ambassador Killing

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Subject: Obama Vows Justice for ’Senseless’ Ambassador Killing
Date Posted: 09/12/2012 at 2:45pm

Obama Vows Justice for 'Senseless' Ambassador Killing tors-Breach-US-Embassy-in-Cairo/ - Video Link>

wlmailhtml:05C96971-100B-42E4-9878-5C3E6D95571Bmid://0000003 2/!x-usc: - President Barack Obama condemned the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya in "the strongest possible terms," Wednesday, and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

He added that no amount of religious anger justifies such a violent attack.

"Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths," Obama said in response to the attack.

"While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence. None," he continued. "The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal act."

After his statement, the president visited the State Department to express his solidarity with American diplomats stationed around the world.

Click play to watch George Thomas' report followed by reaction from CBN News Terrorism Analyst Erick Stakelbeck.

Chris Stevens was just named the U.S. ambassador to Libya in June.

"I look forward to exploring those possibilities with you as we work together to build a free, democratic, prosperous Libya," he said in a recent promotional video, introducing himself to the Libyan people.

On Sept.11, his life and those of three other Americans were cut short when Islamic rebels stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

"This is an attack that should shock the conscious of all people of all faiths around the world," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador to be killed by a terrorist since 1979 and only the sixth in U.S. history.

"Today many Americans are asking, indeed I asked myself, 'How could this happen? How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?'" Clinton continued.

The attack in Libya happened hours after angry Islamists scaled the walls of the U-S embassy in Cairo, Egypt, ripping a hand-made American flag and replacing it with an Islamic flag, similar to the one used by al Qaeda.

The Libyan protesters were angry about an amateur film attacking the prophet Muhammad. The film was reportedly produced by an Israeli filmmaker in the U.S. who said he wanted to expose Islam's flaws to the world. The man is now in hiding.

Muslim anger over such insults against Islam has exploded several times in the past.

This February, six people were killed in Afghanistan when protests erupted over the accidental burning off copies of the Koran at a U.S. airbase near Kabul.

In 2010, a controversial Florida pastor threatened to hold a "Burn a Koran Day," drawing widespread anger in the Muslim world.

In 2004 a Dutch filmmaker, Theo van Gogh was shot dead after a film he produced criticized the treatment of Muslim women.

And in 2005, a Danish newspaper's decision to publish cartoons of the Mohammed unleashed a wave of violent protests by Muslims.

Wednesday in Gaza, dozens of Palestinians chanted, "Shame on everyone who insults the prophet."

The crowd also used knives to cut posters of an Egyptian-born Christian who was planning to air the controversial film that sparked this latest episode of violence.

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