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The Door of Hope offers forsaken babies a chance for life

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Topic: The Door of Hope offers forsaken babies a chance for life

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Subject: The Door of Hope offers forsaken babies a chance for life
Date Posted: 12/02/2012 at 4:17am

The Door of Hope offers forsaken babies a chance for life

By Nico Bougas
Special to ASSIST News Service, %20SOUTH%20AFRICA - JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ANS) -- At least three babies are found abandoned in Johannesburg every day. They are found lying on the side of the road, dumped in garbage cans or tossed in a river. A simple hole in the wall offers these forsaken babies a chance for life.

Cheryl Allen and Georgina, the first baby that arrived through the hole in the wall.

It all began in August, 1999 when a 14-month old baby named Georgina was brought to a little mission church in downtown Johannesburg. She had been neglected and was malnourished. Her mother was unable to care for her and decided to bring her to the church. The staff proceeded to surround her with care and prayer and nourishing food. Eventually she was adopted by a wonderful couple from the USA.

This is not the end of the story. At 13 years of age she was identified as an academically gifted student. She plays both the violin as well as the piano. Singing and music are her true passion. Recently she was given a solo part in the world famous Virginia Children's Chorus and the opportunity to sing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Two of the staff members with the "Baby Bin"

Not all babies are so fortunate. It is estimated that nearly 200 babies are abandoned every month in the Johannesburg and the surrounding area of Soweto. Of these only 60 are found alive. It is not known how many others have been dumped in the river and their bodies never recovered. Frequently babies have been recovered from plastic bags or garbage cans. Many arrive malnourished, premature, neglected, sick and abused.

In 1999, Cheryl Allen, observed that there were many women who would willingly give up their unwanted or unplanned babies rather than abandoning them to die if they could do so anonymously. She determined to do something about it. At that time she was serving as the pastor of Berea Baptist Mission Church, a church that was primarily serving refugees and the homeless in downtown Johannesburg. She arranged for some men in the church to cut a hole in their mission center to create a “baby bin” where people could place their abandoned babies. This was fitted with sensors and an alarm which alerted on duty staff members whenever a baby was deposited in the facility. Since then more than 1000 babies have come through the Door of Hope and been rehabilitated and adopted into loving homes.

Berea Baptist Church is a small Mission Church established in the very heart of Johannesburg where the "Door of Hope" Began.

Babies arrive at the Door of Hope in all kinds of conditions. New born twins were placed in a wash basket with their umbilical cords still needing to be cut. One girl had been repeatedly sexually abused and sold to people who believed the absurd myth that sex with a virgin would cure them of the Aids virus. After restorative surgery and extensive
rehabilitation, she was adopted into a Christian home. Another baby arrived with a misshapen skull and fears of brain damage proved groundless and she was adopted into a family in Norway.

When a new baby arrives at the Door of Hope, the volunteers and staff immediately conduct a medical evaluation to ascertain if hospitalization is needed. As soon as the baby is physically stable they are sent to one of the three temporary housing units where they receive around the clock care and attention from willing volunteers. Special attention is given to frail and weak babies who are “kangaroo’ed,” and held in physical contact at all times till they are stronger. During the day the staff and volunteers try to keep the infants on a regular schedule of sleep, feeding and interaction. They also try to spend lots of face-to-face time which greatly assists in their development.

“We have seen wonderful miracles especially with special needs babies recovering and some who were able to be adopted after initially being unsuitable for adoption.” says Allen.

Sign on the wall of Door of Hope

Door of Hope works with an adoption agency to place children in a loving, Christian home. Babies are kept for three months before they are declared abandoned in case a relative comes forward to claim them. After this they are available for adoption nationwide and thereafter internationally. Many of them have been adopted by families in Norway, Sweden and Holland.

In spite of the remarkable work they are doing, Door of Hope has met with some criticism. The authorities feel more comfortable with the mother handing over the babies rather than the problematic method of the baby bin. Nevertheless every care is taken to comply with existing laws regarding children and legal guardianship. There was the perception that the mission was encouraging abandonment. However to date only 10% of the babies have been received through the baby bin. It was the uniqueness of this “hole in the wall” concept that shot them into the public eye and made them one of the foremost homes in Johannesburg for abandoned babies.

Allen’s organization not only cares for these helpless, needy babies but ensures that the entire ministry is covered in prayer. Every baby is prayed over and their lives dedicated to the Lord.

“We pray that God will wipe away every bad memory and unpleasant experience and will heal them psychologically and emotionally so that their futures will not be negatively affected in any way,” says Allen.

Allen adds: “We are doing this not just to save the babies but as a service to Jesus and part of sharing the gospel. The love of God motivates us and keeps us going.”

Door of Hope welcomes volunteers and gifts from all over the world. For more information check out their website: -

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Posted By: Gayle Getz
Date Posted: 12/02/2012 at 8:26am


Shalom-nothing missing, nothing broken-Gayle

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