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Posted By: Ron McGatlin
Date Posted: 03/26/2013 at 12:55pm

True Grace in the Kingdom of God

By Ron McGatlin

The life of God in Christ is blossoming forth into the hearts and lives of a fresh army of believers who have been made alive by the Spirit of Christ in the Holy Spirit.

Grace gifts and manifestations of the love and power of God are beginning to come forth again. The joy of the Lord is beginning to lift the hearts of God’s people.

Father, send forth a fresh wind of Your Spirit to revive the weary and awaken the sleeping. Let Your holy fire cleanse and refresh Your people once again. Let Your presence be known in the gatherings of those hungering and thirsting for that which only You can provide.

Father God, we pray in Jesus’ name, by the power of the Holy Spirit, for Christ Jesus to be seated firmly upon the throne of our hearts (our souls and spirits) where we once sat and ruled our own lives in our foolish independence apart from God. Amen.

Abundant Grace

The grace of God flows from the throne of God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. It is the life of Christ in the Spirit of God abiding and fully functioning on earth through willing volunteers - those who have laid down their lives that Christ may fully live in them.

A major purpose of God in man on earth is to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of God as it is in heaven. The full redemption of man from his fallen state and restored to be sons of God is for the purpose of fully establishing God’s rule and reign, His kingdom on earth. Unredeemed fallen man could never bring forth the kingdom of heaven; rather he can only bring forth the kingdom of darkness.

The full redemption of man is a major part of the work of the grace empowerment of God. However, it is NOT the only or the final part of the work of God on earth. God has a purpose for saved mankind. The clear biblical focus of the work of Christ Jesus on earth is the kingdom of God fully restored on earth. All things must be put under His feet. All things are to be gathered in Christ. This is not the work of man, but it is the grace work of Christ Jesus in and through man (redeemed sons of God).

Pure Unadulterated Grace

Two of the greatest errors, or more accurately, lies of the enemy that both greatly work against the kingdom of God on earth are (1) the religious belief and focus that the redemptive work of Christ Jesus is ALL about man and (2) the secular belief and focus that man can govern his life and the world without God.

Improper focus leaves the door open for out-of-balance presumptuous anti-kingdom beliefs. Some popular current “extreme grace” doctrines formed from the focus on man’s redemption and not upon the biblical foundation of Christ Jesus and the framework of the kingdom of God will inevitably lead to costly disorder in our lives and the world. These sometimes called “hyper grace” teachings are partial truths but can become frightful error without the framework of the gospel of the kingdom.

A major problem with these imbalanced teachings is that they focus on the true work of Christ removing the penalty of our sins and ignore the major kingdom reality of Christ Jesus REMOVING OUR SINNING. Jesus did not come to take away the view of sins on earth. HE CAME TO TAKE AWAY SIN ON EARTH. Jesus came releasing the grace of God to DISSOLVE SIN not to just remove the penalty of sin (1 John 3:4-10).

The power of God’s grace in Christ Jesus abiding in us where we once lived will always be doing what Jesus does, and that is living a holy life separated unto God our Father. Christ Jesus living in our bodies DOES NOT SIN (1John:3:9). He always does only what He hears and sees the Father doing (John 5:19).

When the Father looks our direction He sees either us, or He sees Christ Jesus, one or the other depending on who lives in us. Either we are crucified with Christ and now the life we live is Christ, or we are not crucified with Christ and the life we now live is our own (Galatians 2:20). If it is us that are living and not Him, WE CANNOT BE A PART OF ESTABLISHING THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH. Men living in sin cannot even enter the ruling city of the kingdom of God on earth. Nothing enters New Jerusalem, the ruling city of God on earth that defiles it (Rev 21:27).

If when God looks our direction He sees no sin, but only the righteousness of Christ Jesus, it is because there is no sin there. The righteousness of Christ is there, because He is the one living there. Christ Jesus in us by the Holy Spirit takes away our sinning. To believe that we can walk in sin and be seen as the righteousness of God while sinning is an absurd devilish lie that sounds really good.

Yes, it is all the grace of God and NOT the work of man. The way that we can know that we are fully living in the grace of God is that we do not sin (1John 3:21:24). By the grace empowerment we then truly are the sons of God who can bring forth the real redemption of the world. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God.

The Cross and the Resurrection

We must distinguish between the works that Christ Jesus accomplished at the cross and the works of Christ Jesus being accomplished in His resurrection life. The work of the cross is finished. The work of His resurrected life in His people is being done now (Romans 5:10). We were reconciled at the cross and are being saved (healed, delivered, set free) by His life in us, if in fact we have received His life in us.

At the cross Christ Jesus paid the price of redemption for all mankind.

At His resurrection and ascension, He became a life-giving Spirit (1 Cor 15:45).

He then returned as He promised in the Holy Spirit to indwell all who will receive Him to live His life in us and deliver us from sinning and darkness into the kingdom of His marvelous light (John 14: 17-21). Christ Jesus in us is the righteousness of God - God’s righteousness now in this life. Thus we in reality become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. It is all by His grace, His life, and His righteousness in us.

All this to provide a Body and a Bride in which Christ Jesus is the Head and the Husband bringing forth the kingdom of God and His righteousness in this world.

God’s Original Covenant with Man

Christ Jesus did all that he did without violating God’s covenant with man to have dominion on earth. He did not and will not violate the choice and free will that by God’s word is given to man through the love and grace of God. MAN’S PART IS ONE OF CHOICE, and God has fully given man the opportunity and ability to choose.

Whosoever will may come to God through Christ Jesus and freely receive the fullness of the grace gift of God, which is the life of Christ Jesus abiding within by the Holy Spirit to fully restore us to where we were before sin ever entered the world in Adam.

Those who will not come to God through Christ Jesus will not experience the grace gift of Christ Jesus abiding within by the Holy Spirit. Instead the love and grace of God will cause them to have an empty, unfulfilled life experience to drive them toward a place of TURNING to Him with their whole hearts to lay down their lives to become true sons of God, in whom Christ Jesus lives where they once lived.

Whom Jesus sets free is free indeed. Free from the past life and alive in the new life to live by the Spirit and walk in the Spirit.

End Time Strong Delusions

In this season now upon us there are many false teachers and false prophets speaking such cunning partial-truth lies and perversions that, as Jesus said, even the elect would be deceived if it were possible (Mat 24:24). Any doctrine that is not on the foundation of Christ Jesus and the life he modeled for us, or is not aligned with the framework of the gospel of the kingdom that He preached and demonstrated is probably leading off the narrow way of Christ Jesus. False or twisted teaching will not lead to life but leads to death.

Impurities in the life are a strong factor in a person’s openness to receive false teachings that make provision for their fleshly impurities to be acceptable. Even much of the traditional teachings of the past and current church systems are infected with mixtures of false or perverted doctrines.

For valuable kingdom of God teaching from the pure revelation of the written word of God by the Holy Spirit that can change your life, I heartily recommend the “Kingdom Growth Guides” available for uides.pdf - in PDF format on the - website.

Much Love and Blessings,

Ron McGatlin - -


Posted By: Ron McGatlin
Date Posted: 03/29/2013 at 12:36pm

Well, I guess that I didn't say it right. I know it is kingdom truth but it sure didn't get any amens on this forum. This causes me concern. I truly hope I just did not say it well enough, otherwise it could be we have a lot more problems than I thought.

Jesus said clearly, Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. The people needed to change their thinking. So it is today. Many believers are thinking going to heaven more that establishing the kingdom of God on earth. It is pure grace empowerment that Christ Jesus will live His resurrected life in us now to do the things that Jesus does and not the things that are considered politically correct or sensual.

Christ in us is not our hope of glory in heaven. It is the hope of glory NOW in this life. Disobedience to the word and Spirit of God is NOT THE GLORY Christ in us is the hope for. It is not about our works. It is about His work in us establishing His kingdom in us and through us into the world.

Wake up!

Much love and blessings,


Posted By: Kimberly Fowler
Date Posted: 03/29/2013 at 4:33pm

Ron, I know for myself that when I read many of your words, they are very deep. Deep seed sometimes takes a while to sink in and take root. I know sometimes I'll read a word from you or Kriston, and think, "oh, that's a good word", but it will be a deep word taking a lot of saturating. Then sometimes a bit later, God will give me a "revelation" that is new to me and I'll finally get the understanding of something because it becomes rhema to me, then I'll reread something from you or Kriston and think, "oh, my rhema word was like what they spoke about". It's kind of like you are feasting on meat or the bread of the word, and I follow behind eating up the bread crumbs that follow you. We are all feasting at our different levels; and it does take me a while to chew on what you have to say. And sometimes God has to break it down for me a bit, but I am so appreciative of what I am learning here. It's deep and I can finally talk to people who hunger for deep things like I do myself. And just know I'm running behind you trying to catch up but lapping up all the bread crumbs in your trail!!!    

Posted By: Mandy Gay
Date Posted: 03/30/2013 at 3:54am

Hi Ron,

I’d like to share something with you which has shed
greater light on things for me.

I had a dream some time ago which preceded me having an
awakening to a greater revelation of the finished work of
the cross.

In it I saw a twin pushchair/stroller. There were two
young children in it. There was one facing the parent.
This child was fair hair and fair skinned. My attention
was drawn to the other child though who was seated back-
to-back with the other child and facing away from the
parent. This child, a girl, had dark hair and dark skin.

My attention was drawn to this child because they were
being neglected in favour of the other child who was
getting all the attention.

I was aware that even though they were opposite in
appearance, they were of the same parentage.

I was told that their names were Yin and Yang. Yin was
the one who I was drawn to focus on. So, I looked up Yin
and Yang and amongst other diametrically opposed aspects
I discovered that Yin relates to female, dark and the
east, whereas Yang relates to male, light and the west.

Sometime later, coinciding with the awakening I had, I
was watching a video in which the seeming paradox between
eastern and western thinking in the church is discussed.
Here is a link… the relevant part starts at 11:30…

If these things are related then my dream suggests that
my focus on the child representing eastern thinking was
about bringing balance. The one aspect was already
getting plenty of attention, whereas the other was
lacking.   I was given to focus on the neglected aspect
in order to bring balance.

Speaking for my own experience, my awakening to the
“finished work” has given me an anchor which was
previously lacking despite everything I had so far heard
and learnt. My attitude toward others was radically
changed through the awakening I received and
relationships that had been broken for decades are being
healed as a result.

Granted, this may well be just a personal “re-balancing”
that was needed, but it may well be that this rebalancing
is needful on a more widespread scale too.

I was reflecting last night upon Jesus cautioning the
disciples not to pull up the tares in the field otherwise
they may also pull up the wheat. I was reflecting on how
much good seed is being sown at the moment and that even
if there are tares being sown also, it will become
apparent when they become mature.


Edited to add that young wheat must look remarkably
similar to tares in order for it to be mistakenly
identified as such.


Posted By: Stacey Yerian
Date Posted: 03/30/2013 at 10:33am

Ron McGatlin wrote:

Jesus said clearly, Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. The people needed to change their thinking. So it is today. Many believers are thinking going to heaven more that establishing the kingdom of God on earth. It is pure grace empowerment that Christ Jesus will live His resurrected life in us now to do the things that Jesus does and not the things that are considered politically correct or sensual.

Christ in us is not our hope of glory in heaven. It is the hope of glory NOW in this life. Disobedience to the word and Spirit of God is NOT THE GLORY Christ in us is the hope for. It is not about our works. It is about His work in us establishing His kingdom in us and through us into the world.

Wake up!


Thank you for your prayers before your post.  I like the new picture of you and Barbara :)

Your prayers for this fire are being answered.  Be encouraged.   It is a most vehement flame devouring all that hinders love and hinders us from walking a pure and unadultered life in Christ Jesus on this earth.  It is time to no longer tolerate the laodicean spirit of the age - the spirit of compromise that is upon and in much of the church in America.

I could go on but have to get off for now. 

From glory to glory,
Anastasia Lee

Posted By: Karen Ramsey
Date Posted: 03/31/2013 at 1:40pm

My understanding of grace is the same as your, Ron, an empowerment to do what we are unable on our own. With the Spirit of Christ living in us, we are empowered to live, follow, obey all that Father gives us to do.

I am dismayed at my own disobedience those times I fail to follow those directions, and I continually seek to fufill His will rather than my own desires or fears.

I've seen it as an every-narrowing, upward-moving spiral -- my ability to desire to please Him rather than myself as played out in my actions, not just my words, has been a journey I continue to walk, always seeking more of that grace which is my vital need.

I, with the others on this forum, appreciate your words of wisdom and even conviction as we are continually seeking to be holy as our Lord is holy. Thank you.

Karen Ramsey

Posted By: Julia Garrett
Date Posted: 04/01/2013 at 4:01am

I am relatively new to this site and I really am enjoying
your words and messages and articles. I am also
relatively new to this word although all my Christian
life I have had a strong sensing that there was much more
than what is being taught in the nominal church.
I have been longing for more and the more I read and
study what you have written the more I realize my lack of
understanding but this article and many of the others are
helping me to move forward in the Lord and to realize
that the Spirit of God is truly within me and leading me
and guiding me into all truth. Thank you for your
obedience for this article has answered some questions
that I had.

Posted By: Amanda Leonard
Date Posted: 04/02/2013 at 9:02pm

Hello Julia....we are so glad to have you on openheaven.  I just want to encourage you in your walk with the Lord.  I know that I felt a lot like you only two years ago.  I too felt very similar to how you feel now and have felt in the past, with knowing that there was always MORE of God.  Sounds like you are going through a very similar experience that I did myself. I remember a tugging in my spirit, knowing that there was something that I was missing.  I am now out of the church system but before I was never taught about the things of the Kingdom in the way that I was hearing/reading from this site.  I remember not really understanding what the articles would mean and I found myself confused at times and still am at times.  It was as if I would read it and I would get just little tid bits from it.  The more I began to seek the Lord and ask Him to reveal His Kingdom to me, the more He did!!! That's what was so amazing to me was that I could ask the Lord to show me, explain it to me and HE would.  God isn't impressed with our knowledge, He's looking for willing vessels, who want to know Him personally....I know that doesn't mean that we don't have to study and apply ourselves but it's awesome how when we come to Him hungry that HE feeds us.  He loves your hunger for Him, continue to press into Him and He will draw near to you and show you more His Kingdom within you. Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.  His Spirit in you will guide you, teach you, empower you through His grace to live just as Jesus did.  I'm here if you have any questions or just need someone to chat with.  God bless you sweet sister!  Enjoy this journey and know that right now God is accelerating things in the Spirit, so as you continue to abide in Him and seek Him....He will reveal Himself to you more and more. 

God I just thank you for Julia.  I pray for Your love to completely saturate her being.  I ask Lord that you continue to show her more of Your Kingdom.  I pray that you show her the MORE that she is longing for.  MORE of You LORD!!! HO! I pray for an increase in revelation and understanding.  I pray against any doctrine embedded in her from man and I pray right now that you pluck it up from the root Lord and fill her up with Your Kingdom light, Your peace, love and joy in Jesus' name.  Bless her Jesus on this journey with You!

Much Love to Julia,

Amanda Leonard -

Changed by His Presence

Posted By: Julia Garrett
Date Posted: 04/03/2013 at 4:11am

Thank you so much Amanda and blessings to you, also! Amen
I receive all that you have spoken.

With Much Love, Julia

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