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God’s New Thing "is a little scarry" - Be

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Topic: God’s New Thing "is a little scarry" - Be

Posted By: News Room
Subject: God’s New Thing "is a little scarry" - Be
Date Posted: 07/25/2004 at 5:22pm

Dear Ron McGatlin,

Thank you so much for your article on Freedom from Religion. We are just now moving on from a church situation that has a number of the issues you mentioned in the article. We were also amazed over the article on the Gatherings of the Called Out Ones, because it spoke so much on how we feel God is leading us. We believe there is a "new thing" the Lord is doing, having had that in our hearts and hearing that independently through at least two prophetic voices. It feels strange to leave a work without having a place to go, but we see the Lord leading us out.

We have no clue what the new thing looks like, other than perhaps meeting with as many friends as we can gather, fellowshipping, eating together maybe, worshipping our hearts out, praying and prophesying over one another, and instructing and encouraging one another; all the while looking for more people to draw into the circle of the love of the Lord. Having been in a Renewal church for some number of years, we are spoiled for "church as usual." Can't go back there.

In many respects, this is a little scary as we feel somewhat exposed, but very exciting. God is on the move, and He is including us in the adventure. Do you have any words of wisdom? Please put on on your mailing or newsletter list. We so appreciate the insight the Lord has given you to pass on to His precious Bride.

God Bless, -


Posted By: News Room
Date Posted: 07/25/2004 at 5:23pm

[Originally posted by Ron McGatlin]

You are not alone in the things your are feeling and experiencing. This is the next thing God is doing and many are in the same boat. It is an adjustment but most folks who communicate with me are greatly satisfied and impressed as they begin to live in the reality of real ministry on a daily less formal basis. It is so wonderful to feel free to pray on the spot for healing with anyone you meet wherever you meet them. It is like church goes on all day and (wow!) those real prayer meetings with just family or some friends are awesome. Of course, there is always a way set by God to gather with larger numbers from time to time to worship and praise God in the power of a lot of small groups coming together into one large group. And times to gather with another group for a special teaching or something. Freedom to follow the Spirit is so exciting.

Heaven Is Opening Now!

Lots of Love,
Ron McGatlin
International Revival Network -

Posted By: News Room
Date Posted: 07/25/2004 at 5:23pm

It really is good to hear the Lord has a number of us in a similar place. Sometimes I feel as if my heart is hamburger, exposed and raw. Then, reading in your article, I can see the hand of the Lord in tenderizing me so I don't do the same to others.

We will try to keep in touch and let you know how everything goes. Just Saturday we met with two beautiful people we have gone to church with for some time who are struggling with the very issues we had to deal with. They asked us to pray for them in the coming days, so it occurred to me to do something Graham Cooke talks about- I suggested we simply worship the Lord and enjoy His presence for a while, then pray a little and see what He is doing. So we did just that in our living room.

The Lord's presence was wonderful, as it has been so many times during the midweek home groups we have done over the years. Our friends laid down on the carpet and soaked in His wonderful presence, Helen and I prayed, and I believe they were deeply touched. Then they prayed for the two of us, and we were encouraged. "Two or three", or in this case, four.

Thanks again,
God Bless You,

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