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Engage And Become

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Topic: Engage And Become

Posted By: Tage Mathisen
Subject: Engage And Become
Date Posted: 12/03/2014 at 12:32pm

When we embrace all that The Lord has for us and
embark on a journey with Him, His truth will become
our steps, and His will, our story as we with Him
create, His-Story!

The Kingdom of God is not stagnant, it moves as a
living organism. It is like the leaven that spreads
and make fullness.

As agents for His Kingdom, we are carriers of a
reality that is more real than the temporal world that
is all around us. We are birthing that which is

When we hear Him speaking to us, and we declare His
will on earth as it is in heaven, we engage in eternal
Kingdom matters, we are ruling and reigning with Him,
establishing His Kingdom.

To know the Lord`s ways is like opening a treasure
chest filled with precious stones and jewels. Every
truth revealed, every deeper depth of understanding we
gain in Him, is revealing more of Him and His Kingdom.

Dead works and traditions of men will never lead you
into fulness in Him. It only works to keep you back
from true life in Jesus.

The Holy Spirit moves like a river, when you get in
the river, you are taken out of the realm of darkness
and you flow in unity with The Creator of all things.

All things from Him is good. It comes from above and
as you learn to receive, you will be changed. When you
taste the goodness of the Lord, you will not longer
eat of defiled fruit.

He is a well of living water in you, and that well
will never run dry as long as you keep close to Him.

Jesus is the King of the Kingdom, and He will teach
you how to become a ruler with Him. He takes you from
servanthood, to become a friend and then a son.

His love for you is perpetual and unending. He will
never leave you or forsake you.

Be thankful always

Much love and grace

Tage and Dana Mathisen, Founders of 1Soul 1Nation

1Soul 1Nation is an Apostolic Ministry Team who advance the Kingdom of God through ministering empowerment, destiny and purpose to the Body of Christ.


Posted By: Kimberly Fowler
Date Posted: 12/03/2014 at 1:02pm


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