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Iran Deploys Long-Range Missiles at Nuclear Facility

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Topic: Iran Deploys Long-Range Missiles at Nuclear Facility

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Subject: Iran Deploys Long-Range Missiles at Nuclear Facility
Date Posted: 09/01/2016 at 9:27am

Iran Deploys Long-Range Missiles at Nuclear Facility

Russian long-range surface-to-air S-300 missiles were sold to Iranuchezar Stoilov/Flickr

Russian long-range surface-to-air S-300 missiles were sold to Iran. (Luchezar Stoilov/Flickr)

Iran has deployed es-delivered-to-tehran-news-videos/#U7BuIArLbcfXPv03.97 - Russian-made S-300 long-range missiles in its Fordow nuclear facility, on-Iran-to-receive-stronger-answer - Tehran Times and other Iranian state-run media reported Sunday. State TV showed the missiles and other counter-strike weapons being transported to Fordow.

The Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant (FFEP) is a uranium enrichment facility located 20 miles northeast of the city of Qom. The site is the second Iranian uranium enrichment facility, the other one is in Natanz. In January 2012 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that Iran had started producing uranium enriched up to 20%.

Earlier on Sunday, Iranian supreme leader 0000-missiles-poised-strike-israel-arab-world/ - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , in a speech at the Khatam Al-Anbia Air Defense Base, said that “malicious, treacherous, and systematically opposing our independence” are trying to weaken Iran’s defensive capabilities, and so, in response to this threat, “air defense should be in the frontline against this enemy.”

Khamenei stated: “Human will along with indigenous capability should provide a means to thwart the enemies’ plots and they should not let enemies even entertain any encroachments of our borders and sovereignty.” He condemned the “media hype” that followed Russia’s delivery of the S300 missile systems, which he insisted are merely a defensive weapon. He rebuked the US, whose “propaganda about Fordow underground facilities … revealed the very nature of an enemy who would not recognize the right to defend our people. They would only be satisfied when we are rendered defenseless and an easy prey to their invasion,” the Ayatollah stressed.

“The Air Defense base should be armed with diverse technological innovations and techniques; the enemy should understand that if it strikes, it will definitely be stricken by a yet stronger blow, with active defense turning to active assault as well,” Khamenei concluded.

A spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), announced, also on Sunday, plans to build two more obama-glorifies-unmitigated-success-iranian-nuclear-deal/#rb lWcpSL5w8Lht17.97 - nuclear power plants in Bushehr, a city in southern Iran which already has an operational nuclear power plant, built by the Russians and completed in April 2016. The spokesman said: “We try to start construction of the next nuclear power plant in Bushehr within the next one and a half months.”

Source: - Breaking Israel News

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