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Never Underestimate Me, says the Lord - June Sheltrown Reinke

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Topic: Never Underestimate Me, says the Lord - June Sheltrown Reinke

Posted By: JaneGreenstein
Subject: Never Underestimate Me, says the Lord - June Sheltrown Reinke
Date Posted: 01/10/2017 at 6:58am

Never Underestimate Me, says the LORD
Posted on 10 January 2017 by June Sheltrown Reinke

Never underestimate Me, says the LORD. Never devalue Who I AM,
what I do or what I CAN DO for you!

For unlimited power belongs to ME. Endless love is yours! You
cannot explain it away, or cap it or deny it or annihilate it but you
can receive of My fullness that is available for you at all times.

I have not withheld My power from you. I have not forsaken you. I
have not withdrawn My wisdom and counsel from you. I AM with
you always, to do all things that far exceed your imagination and
understanding, says the LORD.

You have asked for miracles, but I ask you a question. What will you
believe Me for? What will you entrust to ME? What will you
receive? For as you make Me the LORD of everything, as you come
into My presence and empty yourself of your fears, your small
mentality and your narrow perspectives, and believe and fully
embrace WHO I AM, you will position yourself to receive what I have
already fully purchased for you by My finished work on the cross
and shed blood for you. All that you need is appropriated and
reserved for YOU, says the LORD.

You have been waiting on Me. I AM waiting on you. You have
asked to be positioned in a new level, and I AM asking you to
reposition yourself in ME, and come up to a higher realm of
unwavering faith, gain a new level of trust that will not cave in when
you are surrounded with unbelief, and come into the light of My
glory when darkness and defeat desires to invade and distract you
from your attentiveness to My presence.

Unlimited is Who I AM and I will exceed your greatest expectations
and give you new life and vitality and bring you into your promised
land of blessings as you embrace a new vision of WHO I AM and
What I CAN and WILL DO FOR YOU, says the LORD.

UNLIMITED power belongs to Me, and nothing, absolutely
NOTHING is off the table, or impossible for ME to do for you and
those you Love, says the LORD.

~ June Sheltrown Reinke

Jane Greenstein

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