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Casting Off Bondages of Past Religion Releases True Spiritual Authority - Ron McGatlin

God, our Father is speaking a personal word of magnificence - of release into heavenly realms - of true spiritual authority - of supernatural connection into open heavens. This is a word to you and I personally, and not to just someone else.

A blanket of religious slavery has restrained us for so long that we have accepted the limitations imposed by the restraints of religion and natural life. Under the blanket of limitation we have occupied ourselves with endeavors powered by human intellect and flesh. We have submitted to a false ceiling imposed by religious authority that called itself "spiritual authority". The blanket must be cast off! Our limiting systems of religious beliefs must be washed away and our spiritual minds renewed to the pure Word and Spirit of God.

The vastness of the heavens flowing the unblocked and unfiltered light of God awaits us. As we now lift the corner of the blanket and look out our hearts race with the excitement of the heavenly aroma of the fresh air of heaven entering our spiritual nostrils and filling our spiritual lungs with exciting reality of pure love and pure faith that produces limitless life. A desire and strength burst into our heart to throw off the blanket and be lifted upward toward Christ our true head and God our Father.

Released from the limited light of the false coverings we look up into the vastness of the wide place of the brightness of unlimited supernatural possibility. No longer restrained to fit the powerless form of religion, we are released ( YOU and I ) into the realm of God where truly nothing is impossible. Released from past restraints, the limitless faith of Jesus touches heaven and earth and Christ in us truly can do all things. Nothing is beyond possibility as you and I become one with God.

Experiencing His unfiltered love and bright light of truth causes even greater humility and we are broken and emptied of all our life strength and filled with only His heart, His mind, His faith, His love, His glorious eternal life. Though we are dead to our life and dead to our past religious ways we are more alive than ever with His quality of eternal life.

We now become enlightened to true spiritual authority and must accept that we now have true spiritual authority flowing through us. As He moves in us we can speak to the storm and it will be still. We can speak to the mountain and it will be cast into the sea. We can speak to the dead to come out of the tomb and they shall arise. We can touch and bring change into multitudes of lives and transform cities and nations. We can give a cup of cool water, provide food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, visit those in prison and provide for the widows and orphans.

The vast power of God upon this planet to reach the lost and transform the world is currently locked up in boxes of religion. Powerful men and women of God with supernatural potential sit on pews and submit to the religious limitations of "laity". Maybe they teach a Sunday school class in which they teach the limits of restrained life that they themselves have lived under all their lives. Not knowing they have the potential to command the demons that torment them and that are destroying their children. Waiting for someone else to come by and stir the waters of their stagnant pool of limited belief trained into them under the blanket of religion. Trusting in Jesus to only get them to heaven when they die. Not knowing that He has limitless eternal life for them now.

Preachers and teachers with the very best of intent continue to perpetuate the "truths" or doctrines that have been trained into them under the blanket. Standing as "clergy" and feeding the "laity" what ever they or headquarters thinks they should eat. Many leaders who may have looked out at times from under the corner of the blanket and may even be walking in a measure of freedom are yet restrained from the supernatural reality of open heaven living. They turn back to the security of the systems of religion and carry on as "pastor" over "laity", all the while wondering why their lives are so hard and why they are never able to do enough to measure up to the needs of their congregations.

The message of God is sounding out to "clergy" as from Moses to Pharaoh, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" The people of God must be set free to cross the Jordan of death to old ways and freedom from past bondage. It was not good for Pharaoh after holding back God's people and it will not be good to be one holding back the people of God today.

The message of God to His people held in captivity in the past has been as the message of Jeremiah to God's people held captive in Babylon. They were told the captivity would be long and to faithfully serve the king of Babylon and live in peace and prosper in the captivity. The other prophets that told them the captivity would be short and to not cooperate with the king of Babylon were proven to be liars. It is good that we have served the religious systems that took us captive as a people centuries ago. It is the same as rebelling against God to resist what He has done. David never came against Saul though Saul attempted to destroy Him many times. In time God delivered David and made him the Shepherd King example of Christ.

But there also came a time when the captivity of God's people was finished. Then Jeremiah spoke God's judgement upon Babylon and spoke the word of God to the people of God to come out of Babylon. Jeremiah Spoke to the people of God in, Jer 51:45 "My people, go out of the midst of her! And let everyone deliver himself from the fierce anger of the LORD."

Babylon could not be healed just as our passing religious systems cannot be reformed. Revival, renewal, restoration, and reformation are changing God's people and not changing the religious systems of the past. The reality of the presence of God and the awesome reality of His consuming love is purifying those who are coming out from under the blanket of limitation.

The reformation process that began around 500 years ago is reaching a time of rapid progression as the powerful presence of the love of God is manifesting among the people of God. His presence is washing our minds of our old intellectually derived interpretations of Scripture and opening us to the reality of the Word of God by His Spirit. Only a pure humble heart filled with the Spirit can truly hear the Word of God clearly. The intellect alone will never discern the truth of the Word. It is Spiritual and must be revealed in us by the Spirit of God.

It is time for you and I to experience a major reformation. Time to really consider what we believe to be our limitations and open up to the vast arena of the possibilities of God. Time to come aside from our routine of limited life and seek the revelation of His eternal limitless life. Perhaps a time to reconsider our call and search out the heart of God and the fullness of His supernatural life for us.

Most of us may have never really touched or even envisioned the kingdom potential of God in our lives. In this season of religion fading away and God's kingdom coming forth, isn't it time to remove the lid from our minds and let the Spirit open the heavens to us. What is so desirable about our limited routine lives that would cause us to hold back from going for all God has and blowing the lid off? I don't know about you but for me, I must go for it.

Ron McGatlin IRN CRC