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SPECIAL NOTICE: is being made new.

Ron McGatlin - 12/12/2016

In the next few weeks, probably in early January 2017 the new website will be up and running.

It is our hope to be able to preserve this existing site online as an archive site in a read only format. However, as yet it is uncertain if we will be able to do that. Some of the material posted on the old site will be available on the new site. However, not all material will be on the new site. We suggest that if there is any material on this site that you would like to preserve that you should copy it now and store it elsewhere.

Thank you for your participation in through the years. And thank you for continuing to be a part of

Ron McGatlin

Current Books That Ron Recommends - Steve Eastman's Book Reviews - Revival History - George Warnock's Writings

Current Books That Ron Recommends
At we are not in the book sales business. We lean toward free download books where possible.

Admin Group The House Church Book - Wolfgang Simson - This book is filled with practical spiritual wisdom and kingdom understanding from God framed in Wolfgang's extensive first-hand experience in worldwide house church planting. We heartily recommend that everyone interested in kingdom oriented house church read this book. It is not yet available for free download but can be purchased from Amazon.

Admin Group Kingdom Growth Guides -  Ron McGatlin - We sincerely believe this to be the most overall, all-inclusive and extensive kingdom of God resource currently available. Although certainly not exhaustive, it is foundational and written in simple language. Many books could be and perhaps will be written on the many principles of kingdom of God living presented in seed form in the 52 loaded chapters of this book. Excellent for group experience and growth in kingdom of God reality individually and in groups. It is available for free download both in PDF and Word.

4 stars Rediscovering the Kingdom - Myles Monroe - This book will defy almost every concept you have about religion as it shifts the focus away from religion towards the ultimate issue---the Kingdom of God. You'll explore the keys that make the Kingdom function in your life, why governments and world leaders continue to fail us, and why religion can never fulfill your deepest desire.

4 stars Houses That Change The World - Wolfgang Simson - This 300 page book published in 1998 is a significant contribution if not a major foundational piece of the current reformation and the return of the house churches. (Free Download)

4 stars Breaking The Mold - Kriston Couchey - We have passed a threshold in time. The age of the church is ending, and we have entered the age in which the Kingdom of God will be established. This book is about the transition of the ages, and changes we will see. The religious mold of the past that has defined and confined the church has cracked. This book seeks to break religious mindsets and further move the church on into its destiny.

4 stars Snakes in the Temple - David Orton - This book casts a biblical vision of the church's kingdom-revival future and addresses the hindrances to its fulfillment. This book asks some penetrating questions about the current state of the western Church.

3 stars Revised and Updated Pagan Christianity – Frank Viola and George Barna – A great amount of research exposes the non biblical origins of many practices and systems that are valued church traditions. Reading this may be difficult for many. However, it is a needed step to breaking from the past systems that have led to marginalized powerless religious systems. Steve Eastman’s Review

3 stars Dr. Frankenstein & World SystemsBob Mumford - Have you ever been a part of an organization, business or church that seemed to take on a life of its own? In this booklet Bob explains what systems, principalities and powers are and how systems depart from the intention of their creators and develop a ruling life of their own. See Steve Eastmans Book Review. Available online at LifeChangers

4 stars Times of Transition... Being Prepared To Receive His Kingdom - Lawrence Fuhrken - We are in a time of transition. We are changing from the "Church age" to the Kingdom age. There is an unprecedented stirring in the hearts of God's people. I do not remember a time when so many believers were so utterly dissatisfied with the status quo. This book will encourage the hearts of God's people that God's desires change even more than we do.

3 stars Visions Beyond the Veil H.A. Baker  - Under His Wings (H. A. Baker, autobiography)  
Free Download PDF - These two books by H. A. Baker are both treasures Vision Beyond the Veil in particular is a classic and a must-read—especially Ch. 1 & 7! The autobiography is much longer but well worth the time.In these final years or days of America-as-we-have-known-it, these focus one’s attention on eternal realities in a way rarely matched.  Each is definitely motivational in a practical sense and a deathblow to the lie of cessationism.

4 stars NEW! END OF THIS AGE – Ron McGatlin - Free Download - This is an encouraging prophetic eye-opening spiritual account of the intervention of God bringing the current transition and transformation of the church and the world from the church system age to the kingdom of God reality age, from the Pentecostal era to the Tabernacle era of the glory of God within and among His people. (68 pages)

Book Reviews By Steve Eastman

Snakes In The Temple - By David Orton
The Feast of Tabernacles - By George Warnock
Crowned with Oil - By George Warnock
The More Excellent Ministry - By Kelley Varner
From Tent To Temple - By George Warnock
Who Are You? - By George Warnock
Feed My Sheep - By George Warnock
Pagan Christianity - By Frank Viola
All Things Are Possible - By Bob Brasset
No More Spectators - By Mark Nysewander
Megashift - By Jim Rutz
The Bubble Will Burst - By David Newby
Rethinking the Wineskin - By Frank Viola
The Christian Woman ... Set Free - By Gene Edwards
Dr Frankenstein and World Systems - By Bob Mumford
The Nations Called - By Pieter Bos
God's Ultimate Passion/From Eternity to Here - Frank Viola
The Forgotten Ways - By Alan Hirsch
The Revised and Updated Pagan Christianity - By Frank Viola and George Barna
And God Said I Have A Dream - By Laurence Lilley
The Present Reign of Jesus Christ - By Robert Caringola
Beauty Treatments For the Bride - By Christine Beadsworth
Compelled by Love - By Heidi Baker
Reimagining Church - By Frank Viola
The Shack - By William Paul Young
So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore - By Jake Colson
Permission Granted to Do Church Differently - By Graham Cooke and Gary Goodell
He Loves Me! - By Wayne Jacobsen
Bo's Cafe - By John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol
All Dogs Go to Heaven ... Don't They? - by Maurice Smith
Forbidden Gates - Tom and Nita Horn

The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus - Nehemia Gordon
Apollyon Rising 2012 - Thomas Horn
Creation's Cry:  The Heart of Apostolic Passion
A Review of Stan Firth’s Custom and Command

Revival History Articles

The Moravians and Count Zinzendorf(1727)
The Great Revival of 1740-45 - William S. Martien
Revival Fires - since the 18th century (synopsis)
New York 1857-58 - Oliver Price
The Welsh Revival (1904-5) - various
Welsh Revival History
Azusa Street (1906) - Rick Joyner
The Scottish Revival (1950's) - Duncan Campbell
The Argentina Revival (1990's) - Peter Wagner
Renewal Journal
Revival Library Downloads and CD's
Leonard Ravenhill Messages
King James, Puritans, & America - Charles Carrin
William Marrion Branham (1947-65)
The Ministry of Dr. J. Edwin Orr
Awake and Go Revivalist Biographies
Histories of Great Revivals and Their Leaders - The New Digitised Revival Library
SERMON INDEX Listen to thousands of classic sermons.

Historic Revival Articles
Myths & Misconceptions of Revival - Ron McGatlin
The Cry for Revival - Robert Murray McCheyne
The Christian's Warfare - Robert Murray McCheyne
Prayer and Revival - J. Edwin Orr
The Church must first repent - J. Edwin Orr
Preparing the ground for Revival - J. Edwin Orr
A Destructive Ministry Also is Necessary - J. Edwin Orr
Revivals that Stay - E.M. Bounds
The Urgent Need for Revival Today - D M Lloyd-Jones
How God has chosen Women in history - R Riss
Uproar in the Church - Derek Prince
Give Revival to Receive - Reinhard Bonnke

The works of Charles G Finney
Victory over the world through faith
Why so few revivals?
The two extremes of religion
False Professors
Doubtful actions are sinful
Reproof - a Christian duty
True Saints 1 - The true friends of God and man
True Saints 2 - Legal Religion
True Saints 3: Religion of public opinion
Conformity to the World

Introduction to Celtic Christianity - Caedmon Greene
Celtic Spirituality, Let's be discerning! - Rev. Steve Allen



George H. Warnock

Writings authored by George H. Warnock -We believe these writings are anointed of the Lord.

These writings may be copied and pasted, reprinted and distributed - without charge. Of course it is only right that we remind people to be accurate in their quotation, and complete - because we have known of instances where a few of Brother Warnock’s words would be quoted - and then the individual would finish off the "quotation" in his own words. In so doing the reader may get the impression that this is the substance of what Brother Warnock wrote -- which may or may not be true.

None of these writings have been copyrighted, and it is the desire of the author to keep it that way. Nor do we sell these writings and we discourage others from doing so. We honor the command of our Lord, who said, "Freely ye have received, freely give." (Matt. 10:8). But as stewards of what the Lord sends in to finance this project…we do not send these books out indiscriminately. We seek to use wisdom and discretion in the matter; for "it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful." (1 Cor. 4:2).

May the Lord richly bless you in your search for truth.

George H. Warnock George H. Warnock

By way of Introduction

Brief Biography of George H. Warnock
Reflections Along the Way


NEW - 2007!!

The Vision and the Appointment

Assorted Writings

Crowned With Oil
Evening And Morning
The Feast Of Tabernacles
"Feed My Sheep"
From Tent To Temple
The Hyssop That Springeth Out Of The Wall
Seven Lamps Of Fire
Who Are You?

Beauty For Ashes Series

Part I - The Family Of God
Part II - A Way Through The Wilderness
Part III - Journey of the Bride
Part IV - Chain Reaction In Realms Of The Spirit
Part V - The Garden Of God

Excerpts and Brief Writings

A Barley Loaf Against the Medianites
A Crippled Army Against the Canaanites
A Deliverer for Israel
A Helpless Babe Exposed to the Wrath of Herod
A Savior for Egypt
Abraham, a Foreigner in His Own Land
An Ark of Gopher Wood for Noah
As the Rain and As the Snow
Bring Them to Me!
Come Into My Garden
Consider Gideon
Give Attendance to Reading
God Has a Blueprint for Your Life
January 2005 Reflections
Jesus, Crucified in Weakness
Just Content to be a Son
Mind Not High Things
Preparation of the Body of Christ
Tabernacles: The Feast of Glory
The Christian's Hope: Growing Up into Christ Jesus
The Double Branch: Wisdom and Knowledge
The Healing Virtue of Forgiveness
The High Calling
The Uncomplicated life of Jesus
The Weakness and Foolishness of God
When Heaven Touches Earth

George H. Warnock George H. Warnock

PERSONAL correspondence and donations should be sent to:

George Warnock
P.O. Box 652
Cranbrook, BC, Canada V1C 4J2

BOOK orders and donations should be sent to Brother Warnock's distributor at:

Light at Eventide, Dist.
P.O. Box 574
Wewoka, OK 74884


Please note: None of George Warnock's material is copyrighted by


Kingdom/Revival Books By Ron McGatlin 

All five books by Ron McGatlin are available for Free Download in PDF.
Kingdom Growth Guides
Overcoming Life On A Small Planet
The Seventh Millennium
The Basileia Letters Volumes 1&2
I Saw The Smithton Outpouring


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