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TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS Forum : TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS
Subject Topic: News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide Post Reply Post New Topic
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News Room
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Posted: 09/20/2012 at 7:39am | IP Logged Quote News Room

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide

Praise Reports - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Victory for pro-lifers in key freedom of expression case

A District Judge, sitting at Brighton Magistrates' Court announced today that all charges were being dismissed against Christian pro-life campaigner Andy Stephenson. The case against his fellow campaigner, Kathryn Sloane, was dismissed on Thursday of last week (13 Sep) during the same trial. All charges against both campaigners have therefore now been dismissed. District Judge Nicholson's reasoning in the case is expected at 2pm tomorrow (18 Sep). Andy and Kathryn were supported by the Christian Legal Centre and were represented in Court by human rights barrister Paul Diamond and Mr Michael Phillips. Andy and Kathryn, members of the campaign group Abort67, were arrested in June 2011, whilst demonstrating silently in the vicinity of Wistons Clinic, operated by leading abortion provider BPAS, in Brighton. As part of Abort67's public education project, the group, which has held peaceful protests outside the clinic for five years, displays images of aborted babies but does so silently and without harassment.


God that the judgment of the court has led to a dropping of the charges against the two protesters. (Ps.7:17)


Prayer vigil shuts down brothel

Elyse knew she needed to do something. Her world was turned upside down by a DVD she watched on human trafficking. Together with two Operation Mobilisation team mates, she jumped into the car and headed to a brothel 10 minutes away. ‘Our plan that night was just to go out and pray,’ explains Elyse. ‘But we soon realized it was more serious than we knew and we decided to come back every single night.’ Thus began a month of prayer, with a small group posted across the street from the brothel each night, praying for those inside. A month after praying began, the signs were removed, a notice was put on the door and the brothel was shut down. The team couldn’t believe it at first; they continued to pray another night before actually reading the sign on the door that confirmed it.


God for how He speaks to us and teaches us how to pray. (1Pet.4:11)


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British Isles and Ireland - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

National Day of Prayer: Samaritan’s Purse on their way to Wembley

Samaritan’s Purse UK is joining thousands of believers on their way to Wembley Stadium for the National Day of Prayer and Worship (NDOP) on September 29th, when the Christian charity will be leading prayers for some of the poorest and most vulnerable children around the world, reports Peter Wooding, Europe Bureau Chief for Assist News Service. ‘We are really excited to be part of this historic event, where we will be highlighting the plight of some of the neediest children around the globe,’ said Samaritan’s Purse UK Executive Director Simon Barrington. On September 29th, as tens of thousands of Christians gather together at Wembley, there will be a time of prayer for the children in over 105 countries who’ll be receiving gift-filled shoeboxes through this year’s Operation Christmas Child campaign. ‘We will also praise God and celebrate all that’s been done through the 94 million shoeboxes that have been delivered to needy children through Operation Christmas Child over the past 22 years.


for the NDOP and especially for the work of Samaritan’s Purse. (Gal.2:10)


BBC thinks Christians are ‘lunatics’ says presenter

The BBC has a mindset that assumes Christians are ‘lunatics’, one of its own broadcasters has said. Roger Bolton, former Sunday programme host, said a ‘liberal secular elite’ is dominating television. He said: ‘Just because somebody is against gay marriage or against IVF doesn’t necessarily mean they are a lunatic.’ Mr Bolton also thinks the BBC unfairly pokes fun at Christianity but would not dare with Islam. He said: ‘Other faiths do not have to put up with what Christianity has to put up with. Muslims in particular ought to be mature enough in this country to take that humour. Christians do have a right to say it’s about time that the satire which applied to them ought to be applied to others.’ Roger Bolton was speaking at the BBC’s Re: Think festival in Salford for an event called ‘Rethinking the God Slot'. Mr Bolton has said in the past that BBC television executives are ‘secular and sceptical.’


for God to raise up Christian men and women to work at all levels in the BBC, especially in senior management. (Ro.1:16)


Peter Oborne: Tax dodgers should be shamed

Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne says tax dodgers should be named and shamed. Speaking at a debate at Christ Church Spitalfields, Peter Oborne said: ‘People and companies who don’t pay tax should be shamed. I believe as citizens and as political beings on the left or the right that we have a duty to shame companies that don’t pay their taxes, that don’t fulfill their civic duties.’ The debate was organised by Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty as part of their nationwide Tax Justice Bus tour. Mr Oborne said he supported the Tax Justice campaign because there was a ‘very strong moral case’ for paying tax. ‘I absolutely believe that we belong to a community. He continued: ‘We have an interest in the welfare of our fellow citizens. Just from a nakedly capitalist point of view, you want well trained employees that have received a good education, a good transport system and health services.’


for the Tax Justice Bus tour and that it will help raise the profile of the moral obligation to meet our tax responsibilities in full. (Ro.13:6-7)


Sharia courts subvert British law

Sharia law is undermining the ‘concept of judicial equality’ at the expense of the vulnerable, a prominent peer has warned. Baroness Cox says Britain no longer operates ‘under a single legal code’ and that Sharia is ‘effectively a parallel quasi-legal system operating within some Muslim communities’. The warning comes after an undercover investigation revealed that two imams were prepared to marry a twelve-year-old to grown men ‘under the aegis of Sharia law’. Lady Cox, in an article for the Daily Mail, cautions: ‘No society can function effectively with a parallel quasi-legal system, with some people having, in practice, drastically diminished legal rights because of their religion and their gender.’ She adds: ‘In so many ways, Sharia law treats women as second-class citizens, whether it be in inheritance rights or divorce. ‘According to Sharia law, for instance, a woman’s word counts for only half the value of that of a man.’


for a resolution to this issue that restores judicial equality for all. (1Jo.5:3)


Religious people experiencing 'unfair treatment' in Britain

The early findings into a study on perceptions of religious equality in Britain has identified ‘substantial reporting of unfair treatment on the basis of religion’. The team is surveying religious organisations in England and Wales and has so far carried out interviews with individuals in Cardiff, Blackburn, Newham and Norwich. Recent legal cases will also be reviewed by the team. Preliminary findings are being presented at a series of 'knowledge exchange workshops' taking place in Derby, Oxford, Cardiff, Manchester and London between now and November. The University of Manchester, which is taking part in the research project, said in a press release that the project's initial findings had identified ‘substantial reporting of unfair treatment on the basis of religion or belief continuing across key areas of people’s lives’. New examples of unfair treatment are being reported by Christians, it said, with evidence pointing to an increase in issues relating to Sunday working.


that the results of this survey and others showing that Christians are being sidelined will lead to an acceptance of the truth. (2Co.12:10)


Belfast riots and the peace process

The recent outbreak of rioting in North Belfast was an indication that the political peace process had not yet completed the transformation of society in the area, according to Methodist minister the Rev Dr Gary Mason. In an article for last week’s Methodist Recorder (‘Displaying grace and building community’, September 7) Dr Mason had written presciently that peacemakers were ‘haunted’ by the notion that the peace process ‘could simply result in a form of benign apartheid, with segregation now worse than it was when the conflict began in 1968. The reality is that on the ground in the inner city that is pretty much the picture.’ He also said that many ‘peace walls’ had been built separating communities since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.


that the peace process will not cease but continue to move forward to complete its transformation. (Ro.12:2)


Home Secretary condemns 'savage' PC killings

The deaths of two unarmed police officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has ‘devastated’ the force, Home Secretary Theresa May has said. Mrs May condemned the ‘savage acts of pure brutality’ that led to the deaths of PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes. They suffered fatal injuries in a gun and grenade attack on Tuesday morning. Mrs May cut short her holiday to travel back to the UK to visit GMP's headquarters. Speaking on Wednesday evening, Mrs May said: ‘(The attacks) have left grieving families, they have devastated Greater Manchester police force. They were incredibly brave and their deaths remind us what police officers can face every day.’ Eyewitnesses said a hail of bullets was fired and then a grenade was used during the attack. Police have been given more time to question 29-year-old Dale Cregan on suspicion of their murders. He had been the subject of a huge manhunt following two murders earlier this year of a father and son in separate attacks in the area. A 28-year-old man is also being held on conspiracy to commit murder.


especially for the families of the two police officers at this time. Pray for the authorities that they make wise decisions as the seek ways of combating such crimes.


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Europe - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Muslims clash with police in Europe

The rage over a US-made anti-Islamic video spread to Europe over the weekend, when clashes took place between protesters and police in several cities even as mainstream Muslim community leaders joined European governments in condemning violence sparked by the film. French police arrested 150 demonstrators who gathered outside the US embassy in Paris on Saturday, and 250 protesters were detained in Belgium over the weekend after confrontations in the country’s second city, Antwerp. Around 300 people chanted anti-US slogans outside the American Embassy in London on Sunday. Muslim leaders in France and Belgium were quick to condemn the violence despite their outrage over the video, which mocks the Prophet Muhammad. ‘Don’t associate French Muslims with these marginalized events,’ said Mohamed Moussaoui, President of the French Council of the Muslim Religion. ‘Muslims should use legal and just means to defend their religion.’


for all those who speak out the message of peace and reconciliation that their message will be believed and accepted. (Ps.133:1-3)


European Parliament criticises failure to investigate CIA torture and renditions

The European Parliament has adopted, by an overwhelming majority, a new resolution condemning the role of European states in the CIA's secret detention and torture programme. The Parliament criticises member states for failing to fulfil their obligation to investigate serious human rights violations connected with the CIA programme, pointing out that previous investigations have been hampered by lack of transparency, prevalence of political interests, restriction of victims' right to effective participation, and lack of rigorous investigative techniques. The Parliament calls on Romania and Lithuania, in particular, to reopen investigations in the light of new evidence produced by Reprieve. In Poland, where a prosecutorial investigation is still ongoing after several years, the Parliament has deplored the lack of official communication on the scope, conduct and state of play of the investigation.


that this new resolution will result in the member states investigating any human rights violations and not hold back. (Pr.31:9)


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Worldwide - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

USA: Kirk Cameron longs for a return to values of Founding Fathers

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron said America can get out of the ‘mess’ it's in by returning to the ‘original factory settings’, which involves listening to the Founding Fathers who relied on wisdom that comes from faith in God and His Word. Speaking at the 2012 Values Voter Summit in Washington DC last week, the evangelical Christian said he was concerned about the future of the nation as he is a father of six children. He said he is particularly concerned about the November election due to the nation's gigantic debt and issues like crumbling values, unwanted pregnancies, teenage suicides, breaking families, drugs and alcoholism. Cameron added that he finds most people merely playing the blame game, while there's a need for a clear voice to help the nation get out of the mess. ‘Perhaps we have forgotten what made us such a great nation in the first place,’ he said.


for a revival and a return to Biblical Christian values in the USA. (Rev.2:4-5)


Lebanon: The Pope calls for 'peace and reconciliation'

Pope Benedict urges Christians in the Middle East to be peacemakers at an open-air mass in Beirut attended by hundreds of thousands of people. He urged Christians in the Middle East to work for peace to counter ‘the grim trail of death and destruction’ in the world, in a sermon delivered in Lebanon as civil war raged in neighbouring Syria. The open-air mass was held on Beirut's Mediterranean seafront and attended by 350,000 worshippers and leaders of Lebanon's Christian and Muslim communities. Peace between warring factions and among the many religious groups in the Middle East has been a central theme of the Pope's visit to Lebanon, along with his call to Christians not to leave the region despite war and growing pressure from radical Islamists.


for the volatile situation in the Middle East and for the Christians who live and work there. (Ps.85:8)


Syria: Christians fear violent backlash from uprising

In a walled churchyard in the old city of Damascus, a small group of Syrians debate whether the time has come to flee one of Christianity's ancient heartlands. Members of a Christian community which stretches back almost 2,000 years, they worry that Syria's civil war can have no happy outcome and they face an upheaval that fellow believers have already suffered elsewhere in the Middle East. ‘The future is full of fear,’ said one man who gave only his first name, Rami. ‘We hope our fate will not be that of the Christians of Iraq, but nothing is guaranteed. Now we meet in church rather than cafes because we're afraid of being bombed.’ As evening shadows lengthened after a Sunday service, the young men and women found temporary sanctuary in the churchyard from the civil war which has already displaced many of them.


for our Christian brothers and sisters as they face the problems of civil war. (Ps.140:1-2)


Nigeria: Bishops voice concern over terrorist activities

Worried by the activities of Islamic fundamentalist groups, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has called for more vigilance by the federal government to check the rising wave of terrorism. ‘Being more vigilant especially at the borders would help the country checkmate any foreign sponsors of terrorist activities in Nigeria,’ the Catholic Bishops said in a communiqué issued on 14 September at the end of their conference in Umahia in eastern Nigeria. The Nigerian government has been battling the radical Islamic group popularly known as Boko Haram, which has been responsible for various terrorist attacks in the northern parts of the country in which hundreds of persons, especially Christians, have been killed and many churches destroyed. The bishops' call comes on the heels of spirited efforts by the federal government to prevent the spread of anti-US protests by Muslims over a film said to have insulted the Prophet Muhammad.


against the terrorist activities that take place in Nigeria and pray that the radical elements will be controlled. (2Cor.11:28)


Christianity grows in Afghanistan, despite Islamists’ threat

The negative and suspicious view of Afghanis towards Christian activities has caused Christian groups and individuals, including Christians with an Islamic background, to be targeted in this war-torn country. According to a story by the Iranian Christian news agency Mohabat News, Christian evangelism has turned into a sensitive and complicated issue in the last 10 years. Muslims target Christians every day. They use the Islamic Sharia Law to charge Christians with blasphemy. The rate of growth of Christianity in Afghanistan has caused Afghani Muslim clerics to consider it a threat. Also according to reports by news services, Afghani Muslim clerics warned the country's government against the spread of Christianity. Mohabat News said the Islamic council of Afghanistan, comprised of Islamic seminary students and clerics from all around the country, called on Hamid Karzai to limit the number of aid-workers and Christian missionaries coming to Afghanistan, because they can cause Afghans to convert to Christianity.


for Muslim converts that they will be protected against those that wish to preach blasphemy against them. (Ps.40:11)


India: Satanic worship

A prayer request from one of our contacts in North East India: ‘Many youth in the Christian community in north east India have resorted to the worship of Satan to get fulfilment of their needs and aspirations. There have been many cases of desecration of churches by these Satanic worshippers where Bibles are torn and black masses are conducted inside the church buildings. Also there are many incidents of gatherings in cemeteries for the conduct of black masses. It has become a sort of trend among many wayward youth to listen to music glorifying Satan and dabbling with the occult and the Satanic. All these things are happening in the predominantly Christian areas of North East India.’


for the youth of north east India, the future generation, that they would be set free from the wiles of the Devil. (2Tim.2:26)

Tunisia: Christians worship amid death threats

Some 1,500 devoted Tunisian Christians, most of them former Muslims, worship in church buildings or in house churches despite death threats and growing influence of Islamic extremists, a well-informed advocacy and aid group told BosNewsLife Monday, September 17. Open Doors, which supports persecuted Christians worldwide, mentioned a man identified only as Steve who was allegedly threatened by Islamists. ‘They said to me: 'Do you know that it is not forbidden to kill you?' But I didn't really feel afraid,’ Steve was quoted as saying. ‘I could answer them: 'Yes I know you can do that you can kill me'. They responded that I was crazy saying that. I said to them: 'Yes, I am crazy for Jesus'. Pressure was expected to increase on Christians like Steve amid mounting protests across the region against an anti-Islam film, posted in part on the YouTube website.


for the church in Tunisia that it will remain strong in the face of mounting pressures. (2Cor.11:28)


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