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TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS Forum : TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS
Subject Topic: Brexit, England has voted out. - SIMSON NEWS JUNE 2016 - Wolfgang Simson Post Reply Post New Topic
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Posted: 06/25/2016 at 1:42pm | IP Logged Quote News Room

Brexit England has voted out - SIMSON NEWS JUNE 2016 - Wolfgang Simson

England has voted out. Seldom was a nation so divided over a nonissue. Imagine almost half the country awoke to the news that they have been voted against, probably by all their neighbors. What will those feel who have campaigned, debated, distributed leaflets, argued – and now it was all in vain, because “the country” chose otherwise? They feel deflated, depressed, irritated, angered, helpless, and let down by “the other side”. The entire country has now argued up and down any Brexitrelated issue: from migrants to fisheries, from economics to wages. But let us not forget that pretty much everyone who offered an informed Brexitopinion was wrong: opinion pollsters: all wrong. Bookies: dead wrong. Stock market analysts: wrooong. Only a few prophetic voices spoke of the need to be “coming out of Europe” and becoming a nation under God. I believe this is the result of the fact that our societies are “in the grip of folly”, that silly woman in the biblical book of Proverbs that is described as “unruly”, outside of God’s order.

Folly talks a lot but has so little to say. We will come back to this in a minute.

The biggest result of the British EUreferendum is division, a society bitterly divided over issues that, in light of eternity, do not really matter much. Let us not forget that there are global groups who thrive on division, who advance their agenda by leaps and bounds when all are depressed and busy with themselves. Divide et impera; divide and rule. Not a new idea, but still an effective one.

No matter how Britain voted, in both cases they would still be out. Because even if they voted “in”, they would still be out. Here is why: The real choice, the only one that ever matters for Britain to make is to be either a) part of the Commonwealth of Babylon, or b) the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God. In Gods book, Britain is either a province of a, or of b. The Commonwealth of Babylon, the Mammondriven, elitedominated, global demonic spider web is the true home of every national economy that is not rooted in the Kingdom of God. The whore of Babylon that the book of revelation describes offers a deal to every government, company and even church: Sleep with me, come to bed with me, run by my laws and principles, and I will give you a fake of what only God can truly give: identity, security, destiny. This is where selling ourselves to the “market economy” becomes a God replacement, an idol. Any nation, economy, company or church that makes that deal will have chosen a witch for a partner, and its future is like being married to a dragon. Whether alone as a nation state, like Britain now, or in company with other nations, like the remains of the EU, it has a very bleak future – unless it responds to the unique and revolutionary opportunity to join a Commonwealth not based in London under the Queen of England, but based in heaven under the King of kings.

Jesus prophesied once that the Kingdom of God will be taken away from the Jews and given to a people who produce its fruits (Mt 21:43). What does this mean for Britain? This means that a time will come when Britain will have to be told an entirely new message. Not that wellworn but shortsighted “gospel” of mecentered individualistic salvation that produces individualistic Christians who do the individualistic church thing; I go here, you go there. But the proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom: The proclamation that there is an ultimate King, an ultimate country, an ultimate realm of justice and obedience, an ultimate Commonwealth of Heaven, the true New World Order of God. And what matters is: are we in or out? No nation, no church, no person is truly at home with itself, himself. That would be nationalistic and individualistic selfsufficiency. And that is essentially Godlessness, that bold and rebellious statement that I call the ObamaGospel: “We can do it!” Jesus said: No, dear Obama. Without me you can do nothing! Watch it.

I believe that the Brexit and, in fact, the falling apart of Europe that has now begun has been prophesied thousands of years ago to Daniel. When the toes (representing the 10 kingdoms that came after the Roman Empire) of the statue in Daniel 2 fall apart, God will set up his Kingdom! Those 10 toes are the 10 original nations of Europe (the AngloSaxons being one of them!), made   out of the same stuff that the Roman Empire was made of, iron and clay. Although they tried to unite by intermarrying each other, they did not stick together, but fell apart. And when that happens, the falling apart of the “United States of Europe”, a biblical prophecy of huge consequences will have been fulfilled: as the fake unity of The Toes falls apart, the last bastion of Roman Imperialism, all manmade structures will begin to be blown away like chaff on the threshing floor – and after everything that can be shaken has been shaken, the only one that cannot be shaken remains: The Kingdom of God! Read it again for yourself: Daniel 2:324; Hebrew 12:2529. These are the days, don´t miss it!

If you still have not done it, please read or reread The Kingdom Manifesto, available as a free download in our webshop,

I am giving the Americans into folly.

Back to folly, for a moment. Mercy recently heard God speak to her out of the blue, loud and clear: I am giving them into folly! When she paused and asked God if he was referring to the USA, he agreed and said: I am giving the Americans into folly. I had given them two terms to repent, and they didn’t.

In our understanding, these last eight years the United States of America has had a choice between the Gospel of Obama and the Gospel of the Kingdom. The national choice was: Obama. Next step: Folly. We do have a clear sense of what this now means for the US; God still has a way out, a way forward. But it will not have anything to do with a revival of CAWKI (Churchasweknowit). The Church days are over, and the only group that so far stubbornly and even obnoxiously ignores this is – the church. So much to lose. So much words in praise of itself, its leaders, its books, methods and plans. But building dead end roads into four lane highways will not help anyone. The US has been for all too long in the grip of Icandoitreligion. My friend Neil Cole, in his book One Thing (recommended!) calls it DIYspirituality: a manmade gospel promoting manmade structures following manmade laws copying manmade methods producing manmade results: chaff, withering waste, vine cut off from the grapevine, Christians cut off from Christ, alienated from Christ, as Paul preaches this very message to the bewitched Galatians (Gal 5:4) who have, like much of the US, become deluded victims of a false Gospel. And what is the only antidote to this? The true Gospel of The Kingdom, preaching a Godmade gospel promoting Godmade structures following Godmade laws obeying Godmade procedures producing Godmade results: fruit that remains, wheat that produces 30, 60 and 100fold. If you hear this plea in your spirit, please do respond now to God and give all that you have and all that you are to this task. Pause, pray, prepare, bring your house in order, move away from manmade rebellion that calls itself Christian religion, migrate and repatriate to the Kingdom as your true home. Do not cling to your nation, your currency, your economy, your “churchianity,” your ministry, because all of this will be shaken beyond what you thought is possible. And it will start this year!

If you want to read up on this, and read and distribute an example of how the Gospel of the Kingdom can be articulated and communicated in these days of Noah, download your copy of the Kingdom Passport at

In the beginning of June, a group of us came together in Singapore for a few days of strategy, prophecy listening and apostolic action. Singapore, a hightech city where everyone seems to be glued to a smartphone, tied into a closeknit box of highly competitive and exhausting life at church, education or work, is a screaming example of a nation that made a deal with the dragon. Even while the MRT subway system was built, a Chinese geomancer (spiritist) seemingly told the Singapore government to make a deal with the otherwise disturbed dragon spirit ruling “the intestines and veins of Singapore” by offering a token in the shape of an octagon (Chinese

I was invited to speak in one of Singapore’s churches. My subject was about “Refornation:” The current reformation that is not based on CAWKI, but on the Kingdom of God, the original and final nation of God, that obedient nation which models for all the world to see how it is when a people lives before its God and King. This is probably one of my first sermons in English on this subject – don’t miss it. Follow this link to the message and click the “REFORNATION” message to listen at

The time is short and so much is at stake. We continue to work hard to produce materials – what we call Kingdom Seeds – towards this “Refornation.” We sense that the Kingdom message is what the spirit is saying to the ekklesia now, and we need to respond in every way possible to us. And some of these do need finances.

Blessings, Wolfgang and Mercy Simson


Edited by Ron McGatlin on 06/26/2016 at 4:25pm
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