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Subject Topic: Digest August 11, 2016 Post Reply Post New Topic
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Ron McGatlin
Admin Group
Admin Group

Joined: 08/23/2004
Location: United States
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 4141
Posted: 08/11/2016 at 8:17am | IP Logged Quote Ron McGatlin Digest Publication

In This Issue
1. Peace and Urgency
News Headlines


1. Peace and Urgency

By Ron McGatlin

Peace flows from the beauty of holiness.

Purity flows from the well of pure love.

All of the problems of the world, including in your life and mine, are dissolved by love.

Love is the one universal spiritual solvent that dissolves all evil and melts our hearts. Even the hardest heart can become soft and moldable when submerged and saturated in pure holy love. God is love. (1 John 4:8)

God is taking us into the beauty of His holiness and saturating our hearts with His pure love that dissolves all that is not from Him and fills us with the perfect peace of holiness. Peace beyond understanding with joy inexpressible and full of glory is life in the everlasting presence of Father God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. (Phil 4:7) (1 Peter 1:8).

People with worldly understanding see clearly that there is great urgency involved in the world today. However, people of God also know beyond doubt that the light of God is shining more brightly than ever before. There are more people in this world who have moved past religion and all of the ideologies of the world into personally and intimately knowing, loving, and worshiping God with their whole hearts.

All the knowledge and wisdom of mankind without God is as foolishness that leads to erosion of strength and vitality of the potential for Spirit-empowered life in Christ now in this world. “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” 1 Cor 1:25.

The great urgency of this season of history is for the people of this world to truly come to KNOW and LOVE God with their whole hearts. Only intimately knowing and loving God enables us to connect into the ultimate supernatural Spirit LOVE and POWER in Father God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. (Mat 7:23) (1 Cor 2:9).

Will the people of God respond in time to save their failing nations?

The wellbeing and continuation of life for the nations urgently depends on the people falling in LOVE with the one true God of all creation who LOVES every person in the world so much that He spared not His only begotten Son to redeem His entire world including mankind. (John 3:16). There is no other hope for this world or our nations apart from really knowing and loving the one true God.

It seems as if many of the nations of the world have lost all sanity and are rushing toward a great cliff to fall off into a deep valley of vile darkness and depravity.

How can we walk in peace when such extreme urgency exists in the world?

In our natural minds it is probably impossible to walk in peace in the light of what is happening to the people of the world and subsequently our nations. True peace does not come from the world. Peace from the fallen world is temporal and always has a hook in it that attempts to entrap and control our lives. True peace is from God and is based in the reality of the love and power of God in Christ Jesus. True peace is a gift from God that is implemented through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27.

Christ Jesus gives us peace now in this life so that we need not be troubled or afraid.

When Jesus was on earth in His human body He walked with His disciples daily. While Jesus was with them, they were not afraid or troubled because they had come to know His supernatural power and His great love for them. It was not easy for the disciples to understand His words when He spoke to them about going away and coming back to them. At that point, their only experience was Jesus with them in His human body.

Jesus understood their lack of reference for fully understanding at that time. He told them that the Holy Spirit would come to be in them and help them understand what He was saying. (John 16:12-15). It was later made clear that Spirit Jesus came to be with them and dwell in them when Christ returned in the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The indwelling Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ in us.

Paul and other disciples had understanding of the great mystery of the ages that was now revealed and manifested within them by the Holy Spirit. “The mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints. 27 To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Col 1:26-27.

The Holy Spirit did not come to be a substitute for Jesus until He bodily returned to them. He did not return to them in an earthly body, rather He returned to dwell in them, His earthly body. Jesus caused them to become His body for Him to dwell in, to carry out the work of redeeming and restoring the earth to God the Father. (1 Cor 12:27) (Col 1:24).

When Jesus returned in the Spirit to dwell in them, they were no longer afraid and with the boldness and faith of Christ Jesus in them did the same supernatural works of Jesus through Christ in them by the Holy Spirit. (Mark 16:20) (Acts 2).

The disciples in whom Christ Jesus dwelled were not afraid or troubled though greatly persecuted. They walked closer with Jesus everyday than when He walked with them in His earthly body. They walked as Christ with the love, power, and wisdom of Christ flowing through their lives. They enjoyed the same intimate connection with Father God at the throne in heaven in Christ. At the same time they walked in the supernatural life of Christ by the Holy Spirit of Christ in them on earth.

This same life in Christ and Christ in us is for you and me today!

God did not remove the supernatural life and power of Christ in them. It was man in the next generations who turned away and left the walk of Christ in them by the Spirit through the introduction of religious teachings and rituals. Men left the reality of life in Christ and Christ in them and turned to religiously studying about God and His word “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.” (2 Tim 3:5).  Religious form without the fullness of the real life of Spirit Christ Jesus abiding within the people developed into religious systems and denominations. 

Deceiving religious spirits infiltrated the church and devised doctrines of unbelief that caused the people to lose the awareness of Christ and His supernatural life in them by the Spirit. The religious church became orphaned without the fullness of Christ in them by the Holy Spirit connecting them to their Father and to the fullness of the love and power of God that the first century disciples walked in daily. This opened the door for darkness to shroud the hearts and minds of people.

1 Tim 4:1: “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.”

The orphaned people are fearful and greatly troubled believing that they must wait until Christ Jesus returns someday in His earthly body to cleanse and restore the world to the kingdom of God on earth. Their orphaned spirits make them feel that their own human strength is all they have to live this life. Through deception man has allowed the devil to usurp power on earth that was originally given to man in Adam and reclaimed and restored in Christ Jesus. Deceived mankind has chosen to believe the devil’s lies.


In the recent generations a portion of the people who are called by His name have received the restored “lightning flash” of the revelation of Christ in His people restoring the Kingdoms of this world to the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. (Luke 17:24).


In a sense, from man’s perspective, this is a great coming of Christ Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah for which man has longed for centuries. For those sitting in the darkness of one religious unbelief or another, the dawning light of the revelation of Christ in His people is a whole new reality. In their understanding and experience, Jesus was not here and when suddenly their spiritual eyes are opened they see the light of His presence within them and among them, everything changes. (Mat 13).

The awakening does not come by religious debate or even from teachings about Christ. It comes by the word that is alive with the demonstration of the LOVE and POWER of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit. Awakening comes through experiencing the manifest presence of God in Christ Jesus. The presence of God fills every part of our being. For us to live is Christ Jesus living in us. (Phil 1:20-21) (Gal 2:20).

Miracles without LOVE are not of God. Peace without Love is deception. Love without God and His righteousness does not exist. God is love, and there is no fear in love.

Perfect love casts out all fear and leads to peace and joy. God in us in Christ by the Spirit is the presence of the manifest glory of God that overcomes the world and establishes the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18.

Awaken and throw off every weight that restrains you. Ascend into the glory of His presence and walk in the fullness of the life of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit. All things are possible to those who believe. “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE.” 1 Cor 13:13.

Walk in the Spirit and fulfill the life of Christ in this world.

Much love and blessings in the precious name of Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah,

Ron McGatlin 


By Elaine Tavolacci

The Lord showed me a picture of someone in the driver's seat of a car, but they were asleep behind the wheel.  He said, "I have given My people full control of the vehicle but they are not driving." The Holy Spirit is showing me that He wants to move in our lives and ministries, but there are many of you who are asleep behind the wheel to the things that He has assigned and entrusted to you. He is calling you to accelerate but your vehicle is idling in the neutral gear.

The Lord says; "I Am calling My people to awaken from their slumber, and arise to the high calling that I have placed on their lives.  It is time to release the anointing that I have deposited on the inside of you.  Arise from weariness, and awaken to righteousness.  Throw off the grave clothes because I am about to move among you in a mighty way. Come out of your spiritual seclusion and allow Me to take dominion in your life.  Allow Me to work through you in this new season of miracles, signs and wonders.  Awaken to My plans and purposes that I have for you.  Shake off your slumber and come out of your spiritual lethargy.  Prepare yourselves for what I am releasing in your life says the Lord."

The night after I received this word, I had a dream in which a prophet came to me and said "Awaken the Sleeping Soldiers".

"Arise mighty warrior. It is time to take your stand and take back everything that the enemy has stolen from you. Do not be afraid to move forward into all that I have created for you to do.  I have called many of you to be leaders in the days ahead.  I am calling the generals to lead the troops and equip their fellow soldiers.  I am calling those to the front lines who are brave and determined, and does not fear what lies ahead.  As you perceive the seasons shifting and the changes coming into the world, it is now the time for My body to awaken and walk in the calling and authority that I have entrusted to them," says the Lord.

Joel 3:9-10
"Proclaim this among the nations: "Prepare for war! Wake up the mighty men, Let all the men of war draw near, let them come up. Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears; Let the weak say, 'I am strong.'"  

Matthew 26:40-41
"Then He came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, "What! Could you not watch with Me one hour? Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak"

Ephesians 5:14-16
"Therefore He says: "Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light." See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil"   

2 Timothy 2:3
"You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier."  

Awesome Praise Report:

I have completed the immuno-therapy for the lymphoma and I no longer
need treatments. The Hepatitis C also confirmed undetected in the final blood test.
Jesus gets all the glory and the honor.

Please continue to pray for auto immune issues and that I would gain my
weight back so that I could do all that the Lord has created me to do.

Prayer ministries and intercessors are welcome to share.
Thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers.

Those who are subscribed to "A Word in Season" are covered in prayer.

Elaine Tavolacci


3. News Headlines

Fallujah refugees are coming to Christ - 8/11/2016
Fallujah, Iraq, the town under ISIS control that was recently reclaimed by Iraqi troops. Thousands of people from Fallujah had fled to a nearby refugee town dubbed the City of Refuge. Over 140 of those people in the City of Refuge have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. The new Christians want to go home and share Christ in Fallujah.
Full Article »

Super Harvest! - Mbeya, Tanzania - CfaN 75,279,636 Salvation Decision Cards and Counting in one week - 8/10/2016
Our Gospel Campaign here in Mbeya, Tanzania has just come to an end. Nearly 300,000 people attended this week’s Crusade, with many thousands giving their lives to Jesus. The pastors said that they have never seen crowds in Mbeya as we have seen this week. Tonight, the field was overflowing. Wonderful miracles took place again tonight.
Full Article »

1,000 Millennial Leaders Gather in Indonesia to Stand for Truth - 8/10/2016
1,000 young Christian leaders from 160 countries gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing young evangelicals. For the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering leaders are addressing issues such as standing up for Biblical truth amid cultural pressure. Young Believers are pressured to follow the culture and throw out Biblical truth.
Full Article »

Lou Engle Is Bringing AzusaNow to the East Coast: "What Came to the West Must Come to the East!" - 8/10/2016
Revival that ignited along the West Coast will now burn to the East Coast as Lou Engle takes AzusaNow to Rick Joyner's Morning Star Ministries in South Carolina. Called AzusaEast, the movement will feature Joyner and Engle with Dean Briggs and Ryan and Nina Landis. "After decades of prayer by millions of Christians, the Lord is answering our collective cry for revival.
Full Article »

Faith Shines in Rio: Olympic Winners Boudia, Johnson, "Our Identity Is in Christ" - 8/10/2016
Faith helped him overcome a near-death diving injury to go on to fulfill his Olympic dreams. American Olympic divers took silver in synchronized 10-meter platform Monday night. After the win, they took the moment to share how their faith keeps them grounded, regardless of their Olympic success. "We both know our identity is in Christ,"
Full Article »

Obama twisted Civil Rights Act to promote gay agenda: Appeals Court - Sexual Orientation Not Part Of Civil Rights Act - 8/10/2016
The court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act does not address workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Hively appealed, but again, the appellate court ruled that Title VII does not deal with sexual orientation. The court decided to legally interpret that law as it exists and not legislate from the bench.
Full Article »

Back in the Lion's Den: David Daleiden Gets Hit With Yet ANOTHER Lawsuit - 8/10/2016
"This is just the latest desperate attempt by Planned Parenthood to bury information about its role in the illegal trafficking of aborted babies. Planned Parenthood is once again using its immense resources—largely supplied by American taxpayers—to keep the truth hidden from the public."
Full Article »

Victory against IRS Discrimination! - 8/10/2016
"No American should be targeted for their beliefs. We will not stop fighting to ensure that the targeting ends, that justice is served, and that the IRS is held accountable for its illegal and unconstitutional actions." An appeals court decided the organization has yet to prove that it's ended discriminatory practices against conservative groups seeking tax exempt statuses...
Full Article »

Suicide bombing targets Pakistani hospital - 8/10/2016
A hospital in Quetta, Pakistan was attacked by a suicide bomber yesterday. The latest report from Monday evening says the explosion left at least 74 people dead, and 50 wounded. That death toll is expected to rise. A branch group of Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast. Taliban has declared support for Islamic State.
Full Article »

UN Engineer Arrested for Diverting Humanitarian Aid to Hamas - 8/10/2016
A United Nations employee working in Gaza has been arrested for using his position at the UN Development Program (UNDP) to directly help Hamas. Borsch had been employed as an engineer at UNDP since 2003. Borsh admitted that in 2014 a senior Hamas official told Borsh to use his position for the benefit of the terror group. Helped build a naval marina for Hamas’s military.
Full Article »

More Top News Headlines » 

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