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TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS Forum : TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS
Subject Topic: News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide Post Reply Post New Topic
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News Room
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Posted: 11/08/2016 at 12:08pm | IP Logged Quote News Room

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide

Praise Reports - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

New Rio mayor is evangelical

An evangelical Christian pastor has been elected as mayor of Rio de Janeiro, a city that is known for its liberal, left-leaning culture. Marcelo Crivella won the election with 59% of the vote. Crivella has a long history of living out his faith. He was a missionary in Africa, and is currently a gospel singer and a bishop in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. Rio is so well-known for its liberal culture and policies that one political commentator expressed disbelief, saying, ‘How is it possible that in Rio de Janeiro, a city of joy and openness about sexuality, there will be a very conservative mayor who discriminates and opposes Afro-Brazilian religions?’ Despite Rio’s liberal policies, Brazil has the largest population of Roman Catholics in the world, 22% identify as evangelical Christians, and the Rio evangelical churches are growing rapidly.


God for Marcelo Crivella, and pray that his public life will reflect and promote Christian values. (Pr.8:1,2)


What do North Korean Christians pray for?

North Korean Christians don't pray for their freedom, but for western Christians who are more interested in accumulating earthly wealth and possessions than storing up treasures in heaven. They pray for more of Christ and to mirror more of Christ in their life. The head of Seoul-based Voice of the Martyrs Korea reported one defector saying, ‘You pray for us? We pray for you. You have so much, you put your faith in your money and your freedom. In North Korea we have neither money nor freedom, but we have Christ and we've found He's sufficient.’ They see that in many ways we lack happiness, because money and freedom can't bring that. Despite restrictions, the Gospel continues to impact the country. Since 1995, 480 foreign organisations have worked there - seventy of them Christian, including Samaritan's Purse and World Vision.


God for the exposure of Christianity in North Korea. (Mt.6:28)


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British Isles and Ireland - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Jailed terrorists back on UK streets

Two-thirds of convicted terrorists released from jail in the last fifteen years refused to engage with prison de-radicalisation programmes that address extremist behaviour. They have served their sentences and are back on Britain's streets, many still holding the same extremist beliefs that got them jailed in the first place. MI5's director general said that police and intelligence services have foiled twelve terror plots since June 2013. The release of 418 terror prisoners, many from the al-Qaeda generation of offenders, is posing a huge challenge for police and the security services, already stretched to the limit with the threat from IS-related terrorism. Lord David Blunkett said that if it isn't possible to reassess them, we should monitor them outside prison. If they reconnect with organised terrorist groups, intervention must take place very quickly rather than allowing them to commit another act.


for God to break into the counter-extremism outreach programmes with experts equipped to tackle the problem, advise the prison service, and train prison imams. Pray for terrorists to be saved. (Micah 4:2a)


Reviving the ‘art of church’

Gently she writes with crooked handwriting in her notebook next to me. More lines than curves in her script, but it’s not a foreign language or anything. Lying open beside her scribbled prayers and notes is a Bible. The text printed there, though much cleaner, is completely unreadable to me. She likes reading God’s Word in her heart-language, Welsh. Sitting among Greater Europe Mission’s new candidates, I met Catrin and her American husband Corey. They both have a thoughtful mildness that gave way to urgent passion when asked about their plans on the field. As a team they have a burning desire to see the Church reborn in Wales and a vision that transcends nationality, placing people at the focus of this movement. Catrin shared how Wales, living in the shadow of revival 100 years ago, has lost its first love. ‘Church shows what God is like,’ Catrin says, ‘It’s the way God disciples: you learn to show grace to people who aren’t like you, learn from people fifty years older than you, serve people you don’t like, bear with one another. The church is a taste of what God’s Kingdom will be like.’


for a new definition and expression of church through people who live out the reality of God in the midst of society and the world around them in all His fullness. (Mark 4:26,27)


Justin Welby on religious freedom

The Archbishop of Canterbury gave the opening keynote address on Wednesday at the Council of the Wise, a two-day dialogue in Abu Dhabi on integration, religious freedom and flourishing societies. It was organised by the Muslim Council of Elders and Christian leaders from the Anglican Communion. In his opening statement he said, ‘It is fitting that we meet in a country which has taken practical steps to enable religious minorities to meet, teach, worship and express themselves. It shows a confidence in granting freedom, and a self-confidence which is fitting and proper. This freedom cannot be taken for granted in a world currently beset by a crisis of confidence in the rights it pledged itself to uphold in the aftermath of the Second World War.’ See also article 3 in this week’s World section, about limits on people’s freedom.


for Justin Welby, our Christian ambassador abroad. May his scripture-based comments be received, digested and acted upon wherever there is oppression. (2Tim.3:16)


Sainsbury's support campaign on food waste

The Evening Standard’s campaign to tackle food waste and hunger has won the backing of Sainsbury’s and the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. The supermarket chain made an undisclosed donation to the charity ‘The Felix Project.’ It also agreed to create more food donation partnerships between Felix and its stores and depots. Mr Khan became the project’s most famous volunteer after being picked up from City Hall in a Felix van and donning a hi-vis jacket to help deliver fresh surplus fruit and vegetables to residents of St Mungo’s charity in Southwark. He said, ‘With the best will in the world you are going to have surplus food, and this campaign ingeniously turns the problem of food waste into a social solution to help address food poverty.’ Sainsbury’s chief executive said arrangements are in hand for Felix to collect fruit and vegetables from fifteen Sainsbury’s stores as well as an online distribution centre, with the prospect of more partnerships to come.


for God to cause such partnerships and networking to grow and succeed. (Eph.3:20a)


Transgender ideology and the BBC

The BBC’s programme ‘Just a Girl’, aimed at children aged 6 - 12, is available online on the children’s website CBBC. It’s a fictional video diary of Ben who calls himself Amy and wears girls’ clothes explaining to viewers that he was born as a boy and is in the process of halting puberty and becoming a girl. The programme has had the public, campaigners and MPs complaining about how utterly inappropriate this is for children. Family Education Trust said, ‘The more we promote the idea that a boy can be born into a girl’s body and a girl can be born into a boy’s body, and drugs and surgery can put things right, the more children will become utterly confused.’ But the BBC has defended this piece of propaganda, insisting that it ‘reflects true life’ and there is enough context for children to understand the theme.


for us to respect and preserve a child’s birth sex, and for it to be seen as a child protection issue by law. Pray for children suffering gender confusion to receive appropriate help, not a ‘new normal’. (Mt.18:10)


Fantastic opportunity for Christian hosts

Jewish backpackers will be finding a welcome in Christian homes in the UK. A unique travel programme aimed at providing cheap accommodation for young Israeli backpackers is becoming an international hit! Host Israeli Travellers (HIT) offers the hand of love and welcome to youngsters touring the world after their demanding stints in the Israeli Defence Forces. It is seen as an opportunity for Christians to express their indebtedness to Israel for the Bible, and especially to talk about their Saviour. The scheme began in New Zealand and expanded to Australia, Fiji and Hong Kong. Now measures are being put in place for UK hosts to join this scheme, providing a bed, bathroom and cooking facilities, with the young people usually preparing their own meals. The most significant development over the years has been the ever-increasing openness of these young people to spiritual matters.


for many UK Christian homes to be used by HIT. May the hosts’ personal belief that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah lead to positive discussion and salvation. (Romans 11:11b)


Glasgow City Mission and legal heroin

Plans to create a place for drug addicts to inject heroin under supervision have been welcomed by Glasgow City Mission. The scheme will tackle drug-related deaths, the spread of infections among users, and the amount of needles and injecting equipment left in public areas. GCM chief executive Grant Campbell said there was an urgent need for action. It will involve NHS staff, but the location and its cost are still to be established. Pray that this service will not mean cuts in funding for services helping drug addicts kick the habit and will prove cost-effective from a societal perspective. Such safe places have been described as ‘fix rooms’ or ‘shooting galleries’ by some; the controversial plan has been considered in other UK cities but not implemented.


for more cities and Christian agencies to work with schemes aimed at helping those in addiction spirals of alcohol and drugs. Pray for God to touch and change the lives of addicts. (1Cor.10:13)


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Europe - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Turkish Islamic Institute for Religion (DITIB)

The Turkish Islamic Institute for Religion (DITIB) has 900 mosques in Germany that are supported directly by Turkey. The Turkish state pays the imams in Germany and dictates their sermon content, and Islam lessons are officially on Germany’s school curriculum. DITIB can participate in the development of lesson plans and supply teachers. President Erdogan exercises political influence on the Muslim population in Germany through DITIB. Worryingly, a recent DITIB publication glorified Islamic jihad. Also a Protestant minister speaking after this year’s Berlin March for Life said, ‘Never has a Christian event been so fiercely attacked from start to finish.’ Another commentator has said, ‘Massive disruption by left-wing extremists remains unchallenged by public officials. Politicians are ignoring the right of freedom of religion for Christians. Physical attacks on churches, cemeteries and open-air crosses and verbal attacks against the Christian faith by left-wing extremists and anti-Christian groups are on the increase.’ See also


for discovery and exposure of all subversive, anti-state activities in German mosques and for politicians to wake up and consider the dangers of this dependency on DITIB in religious education. (1Jn.3:8)


Amnesty highlights EU abuse of refugees

Amnesty International alleges that ill-treatment and unlawful expulsions of migrants amount to torture. People have suffered beating, electric shocks and sexual humiliation at the hands of Italian police after resisting having their fingerprints taken. Amnesty’s report makes a clear link with pressure from EU leaders and institutions to set up so-called ‘hotspots’ to process migrants. In their determination to reduce the onward movement of people to other member states, EU leaders have driven Italian authorities beyond what is legal.


for authorities and migrants to abide by EU laws. (Ro.13:1a)


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Worldwide - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

International Days Of Prayer (IDOP) this month

On 6 and 19 November, millions of Christians around the world will unite in prayer for the persecuted church. Approximately 100 million Christians globally face persecution daily. They face routine harassment and often suffer in silence and isolation. Over the years, the IDOP has been a platform to highlight their stories, advocate their plight, and encourage prayer; this brings solidarity and encouragement to persecuted Christians by reminding them that they are part of a larger, global family of believers. We can join millions this Sunday and again on the 19th, and ask the God of the nations to strengthen and deliver His suffering saints. Today we can pray for even more people this year to hear about this initiative, and for those in sorrow to experience triumph in the face of the enemy. Pray that in spite of persecution, wherever they are in the world, our brothers and sisters in Christ will be strong in their faith, holding on to God and His promises.


for God to use the prayers of His people to strengthen and deliver suffering saints. (1 Cor.12:26)


Syria: keep praying

The Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, flagship of the Russian fleet, entered the Mediterranean last weekend, with a long stream of media interest. It is a symbol of Russia’s intention to influence events in Syria, with its land-based aircraft already there. Between 8 November and 20 January, there is a danger that power in Washington will be at a standstill. It is the time between the next presidential election and his/her inauguration. Key international decisions will not be made during that period. If the US administration changes, its non-interventionist policy may also change. Hillary Clinton supports a no-fly zone over Syria. Donald Trump has many friendly contacts in Russia. We can pray for Russia to resist the temptation to take advantage of America’s season of change, and not to act more aggressively in the region of Aleppo. If the next American president decides to act more forcefully, they could deploy an aircraft carrier to the region within a few days.


for God to act in the region, inspiring righteous decisions, giving wisdom to leaders and protecting the vulnerable. (Ps.119:126)


Global oppression

23% of the world’s population cannot exercise their most basic rights of expressing views, assembling peacefully or organising meetings independently. Citizens who assert their rights suffer harassment and imprisonment, and are subjected to physical or psychological abuse. In Belarus, President Lukashenko is Europe's last dictator, showing no sign of bowing to Western pressure to relax his grip on the country. Chechnya: former rebel Ramzan Kadyrov heads the Republic and is personally implicated in instances of torture and murdering those opposed to him. In China, human rights activists face imprisonment, detention, torture, commitment to psychiatric facilities, house arrest, and intimidation. Cuba’s government represses individuals and groups who criticise them or call for basic human rights. Other countries which are ruled by force or laws that put unreasonable limits on people’s freedom are Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Laos, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tibet, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Western Sahara, and Zimbabwe. In almost all of these countries Christians are persecuted, and are often treated worse than any other citizens.


for each of these countries by name, calling out to God for freedom, justice, and peace. (Ja.2:13)


US Christians praying for election

Our American brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for the coming election next Tuesday. Since early voting started last month, there has been a prayer surge through National Prayer Conference Calling, partnering with Christ for Revival. There have been weekly Saturday morning joint prayer meetings across the USA, with the heart of John 17:20-23. Intercessors across America have been making three-hour national conference call prayers in advance of Election Day. We can also cover this election in prayer, interceding for the election of President, members of Congress, the Senate and other elected officials. The apostle Paul linked these prayers to the peace of a nation, ‘that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness’. See also


for godly leaders to bless the nation as they hear God’s voice showing the way forward. Pray also for this wave of prayer across the USA to grow in strength and volume. (Ps.20:7)


Zimbabwe: economic crisis looming

Against all financial and economic logic, the Zimbabwean government is about to introduce bond notes into the financial system. Many believe this will wreak havoc with the economy, and that the poor and downtrodden will suffer. Zimbabwe imports 75% of all industrial, manufacturing, agricultural and food requirements. The governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, in his monetary statement published a few days ago, admitted that the state of the country’s financial health is very depressing and disturbing; he stated that it has less than one month’s import cover by way of foreign currency reserves. It will take many, many years before Zimbabwe will be able to re-introduce its own currency. He said, ‘Our national financial situation is dire’. The staple food is maize meal. To import it and other essential goods, hard currency is needed. Bond notes are not hard currency. Some Zimbabwean business-people have decided to take legal action against the introduction of bond notes.


for the predicted ‘untold suffering’ to be averted, and for God to prompt leaders to make righteous decisions in the best interests of the people. (Ps.9:8)


Iraq: Christian minority seeks autonomy

Operation ‘liberate Mosul’ has freed many districts and villages of Nineveh province. People are praying for unity in Iraq in a post-IS era. For the Christian minority residing there, a majority in some areas, the future is uncertain. People are asking whether Christians can survive there, in view of what has happened in neighbouring countries such as Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. That is why some are calling for an autonomous region in the Nineveh plain, traditionally an area where people of different minority faiths have lived in coexistence. The emphasis is on the fate of Iraqi Christians. It is their homeland, and they are not only an indigenous group in the area but one of the oldest - living continuously on their land.


for IS elimination, Mosul liberation and a self-sufficient Christian region in the Nineveh plain. (Ps.22:28)


Central African Republic: Seleka v Christians

One correspondent writes: ‘Seleka rebels have changed the course of CAR’s history, through sheer barbarity. Many people expected UN forces to put an end to the suffering, since there is no longer a national army to provide security, but there have been incidents where UN soldiers opened fire on protesters. Our part of town was deserted last night, everyone having fled. It's like being in a battlefield, with sustained gunfire and rockets exploding all around. In one district, there have been clashes between different factions of the Seleka, with leaders killing each other. It's like a story in the Bible where God caused the enemies of Israel to turn their swords against each other. But we do not despair! A number of teaching and training sessions have been held recently in different places, to strengthen the church. The latest was attended by hundreds of church leaders, Christian workers and government authorities. International speakers provided input. The work of rebuilding the CAR church on new spiritual foundations continues.’


for the Christian programmes being organised for November to mobilise God's people in prayer. (Job 33:26)


Source: Prayer Alert - World Prayer Centre UK
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