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Encountering Life's Issues - Is there a God? Is God real? Forum : Encountering Life's Issues - Is there a God? Is God real?
Subject Topic: Prayer Post Reply Post New Topic
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Justin Hornsby
New Member
New Member

Joined: 05/25/2010
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 1
Posted: 05/25/2010 at 3:32am | IP Logged Quote Justin Hornsby

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this post but I saw Discussion and thought I'll give it a shot. At the risk of sounding offensive or judgemental I'm going to put this out there. I have been raised in a Pentecostal church almost all of my life and have believed in the gifts of the spirit, that is until about 2 years ago. That is when my life as I knew it came crashing down. Prayer could not stop these events from happening niether did paying tithes. Since then I have become of somewhat an athiest and learned to rely only on myself. I believe there is a God I just don't believe he works the same way you guys do. I believe prayer has somewhat of a link to miracles. Most prayers that are asked has a miracle tied in somewhere. A miraculous ending that only God or some supernatural power has granted. Most people fail to realize how powerful the mind really can be, for instance if you think good things then good things are gonna happen to you. You may call this faith but I call it Karma.I have done alot of research on the subject of prayer and my conclusion is if you want it go and get it. My intentions are not to shatter anyones faith but to build  confidence in youself instead of relying on something that you cant see, touch nor hear (even though many claim to talk to God). For some prayer is a release and for others its a wish list. Whatever you use it for make sure before you begin that you cannot obtain your request yourself, only then will you see the truth behind prayers. The word prayer is mentioned in some form 512 times in the King James Version of the Bible.  Not once does it mention a sure fire method to get that prayer answered the way you want it or when you want it. Sure some may say God did answer you and it was NO, but why pray for something if there is a possibility you won't get it. You are defeating the purpose. Have faith in youself first and foremost because that is where the true power is. I welcome all comments and perspectives. As I stated above,this post is not meant to be judgemental or offensive so please do not think of it as that. I humbly write this post for feedback.


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Kathy Bippus
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 01/25/2005
Location: United States
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 4741
Posted: 05/25/2010 at 1:09pm | IP Logged Quote Kathy Bippus

Hi Justin,

I'm going to move your post to Encountering Life's Issues - Is there a God? Is God real?

i don't find your post offensive or judgmental. sounds like you may have known religion and are still yet in a religious belief system of thought.  transferring from a religious belief in God to a religious belief in god. When things come crashing down or in whatever state we are in, it is not praying to Him to make it all stop or get what we want and how we want it or think it should be. It's knowing Him, intimately, and being led of Holy Spirit in and through the whatsoever's of life. Knowing His Love, His pleasure, we can say not my will(purpose) but Your will(purpose) be done. 

we can quote scripture backwards and forwards and inside out, but if He has not made that a Living Word re you or another or's amiss..missing the mark.

i do agree there is a power in the mind, the soul life..which sets itself as God and is very decietful. the decietfulness of can be very blatant or very subtle.

anyway, sounds like you are on a journey. it isn't having a belief system of thought which gives one the `feel' of control over, it's knowing Him and His great Love for you that far surpasses any and every belief system of thought. 

i do pray you will come to know Him and His great Love for you..knowing that it is Father's will(purpose) for your life : )




In His Love

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Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 12/03/2007
Location: United States
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 1000
Posted: 05/25/2010 at 2:31pm | IP Logged Quote JerilynCapaccio

Hello Justin Welcome to Open Heaven.

First let me say, I am very sorry for whatever happened in your life two years ago.

I have witnessed this so many times and I can tell you that the enemy {the devil} uses discouragement to get people to give up on God- when this is the exact time that "we need him," when everything seems to have fallen apart. Someone in my life right now, has given up on God too, because of some very hurtful circumstances and it is very hard to know what to say to someone who feels this way. Again, I am very sorry for whatever it is that happened that has hurt you so bad that you feel like God doesn't care.Three years ago I went through a time of feeling like God didn't care and it involved the loss of something in my life that left me with a whole lot of questions and no answers. It was a very hard thing to walk through and I know now that only by the "Grace of God," am I still here. I came very close to ending my life one night right after this event that shattered my heart happened and right in that moment I had an image of Jesus on the cross and how much it cost him for me to have the life that I have been given and mainly the eternal life that I received when I gave my life to Jesus at 13 years old. I can't tell you that everything was perfect after that moment, but I can tell you that
if you knew what I have been through since then and all that has happened in my life {that only God} could do for me {things that even a counselor could never help someone overcome}. Job in the Bible was a righteous man and he suffered more than probably most people on this earth ever have. Why? Because the devil wanted to try to prove to God that he could make a Righteous & Godly man curse God.. if he took everything off of him. Job was angry and had every right to be and Job's friends were no help because they tried to blame Job for what he was going through.. they told him, "You must have some secret sin that you are hiding and God is punishing you for it." In the end, God told Job to pray for his friends so that they would not be punished by God and after Job prayed for his friends, God gave Job "double" what he lost.. so he received "double" for all the trouble that he went through and what the enemy stole from him.

I can tell you this, I have had numerous experiences in my life that could only be explained to be {acts of God}
One involved protection by an actual Angel of God.

Prayer is not really a way to get what we want, but
rather a way to seek God's will. I think that people get disappointed with God because they pray and they are telling him what "they" want, instead of asking him for "his will" to be done. God loves us and only wants the best for us. He is like our parent, but even better, because our earthly parents sometimes make mistakes, but God is always loving and doesn't do anything to hurt us. If God does say, "No" then he has a really good reason..
it's just like when a parent tells their child "No" it is to protect them, not to hurt them, even if to the child it is hurtful to hear the word "NO." I have gotten alot of "No's" from God and maybe not right away, but later on down the line, I seen the reason why. Some of these "No's" were very painful and it involved me letting go of something that I had a very hard time letting go of.. but in the end it was really for my own good. God really does know best and he "only" gives us "good" gifts. He will not give us something bad that he knows will hurt us.. if we disobey him and go after something that he has told us "NO" to.. then there are
consequences and usually these consequences are not pleasurable to say the least. You said, Why pray if the answer is going to be, "NO"... if the answer is "NO" when you pray than God has something better and that is why he is saying, "NO." I know how hard it is sometimes when we get a "NO" to a prayer, but his ways are higher than ours and he sees the whole picture of every circumstance of our lives... he sees those things that we cannot see about a situation that may be dangerous or hurtful to us if we would get what we want. Hezekiah was a man in the Bible who's every recorded prayer, was answered. Prayer is not a magical formula, but a verbal communication with the sovereign God of creation. God has infinite wisdom and that is why we go to Him and ask for his will for our lives.. when we pray in that way it
is not a prayer of demand, but a humble prayer that is letting God know that we want and desire whatever his will is for us. Sometimes the hardest words to utter are,
"Thy will be done, Lord.." especially if we know that his will may not be that we get something that we want.

I wish that I could give you more personal examples, but I do not want to say too much about my personal life on here. I do know that "my being alive" is a testimony to
the Love and Grace of God.

People receive miracles everyday and these are things that there is "no way" that they could ever get for themselves. There are also people who are healed of
all kinds of infirmities everyday and doctors have no explanation, but to believe that God healed the person.

I am not trying to change what you believe, but this is what I believe and have experienced and have seen in other peoples lives. I believe that God is real and that he does love us and he cares about even the smallest details of our lives. Just today, My mother received a card from people that she rides the bus with everyday to work.. when she opened the card they had all gotten together and decided to give her some money! This was totally unexpected and I feel that this is one of the ways that God shows us that he has limitless resources and ways to help us when we are in need. This has happened many times to me and my family and other people
that I know.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get preachy on you and I do sincerely hope that you find the answers that you are looking for Justin. I know that you say that you don't believe in God, but even so.. He does love you.
Here is a hug for you



"But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head." Ps 3:3
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