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TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS Forum : TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS
Subject Topic: News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide Post Reply Post New Topic
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News Room
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News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide

Praise Reports - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

92-year-old grandma stops attacker with Jesus

Pauline Jacobi faithfully reads her Bible every day and takes Jesus everywhere she goes. Her bold, faith-filled witness helped stop a would-be mugger in his tracks. ‘Pauline Jacobi had just finished putting her groceries in her car at Walmart,’ reported Nick Paranjape, with WMC TV Memphis. Only seconds after Jacobi got in her car a man jumped into the front passenger seat. ‘I have a gun and I’ll shoot if you don’t give me money,’ the man said. Jacobi firmly said ‘no’ to the man three times, and then she started to talk to him about her faith. ‘If you kill me, I’ll go to heaven and you’ll go to hell,’ she said. As he looked away from Jacobi, tears began to form in his eyes. Jacobi ministered to the man for 10 minutes inside her car. After a few moments of introspection, the man told Jacobi, ‘I think I’ll go home tonight and pray.’


God for the power of His Word through the mouths of believers. (Ac.19:20)


National Day of Prayer & Worship

Global Day of Prayer for London trustees have signed an historic document to hire Wembley Stadium for tens of thousands of Christians to gather for the National Day of Prayer & Worship on September 29th. ‘I’m so glad that we are signing this contract and that Wembley is working in collaboration with GDOP London towards this momentous event,’ said Jim Frayling, Wembley Stadium Head of Music and New Events. ‘It’s wonderful to think that we’ll be celebrating as one church at Wembley Stadium all that God will have done this year’, said GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede. NDOP Wembley organisers say the event will be an historic opportunity for the church in the British Isles from every denomination, stream, and tradition to unite at Wembley Stadium to pray for our Nation. Part of the plan includes commissioning 10,000 young people towards evangelism, mission and transformation of their communities.


God for the organisers of this major event and that it will be well attended. (Jn.4:23-24)


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London Games - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Olympics choir at special Paralympics Mass

The choir that performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will sing a special Mass of Thanksgiving for the Paralympics. The Dockhead Choir will be accompanied by an orchestra at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, on 8th September. ‘It will be a slightly different version of Jerusalem on this occasion to that sung at the opening ceremony,’ explained Canon Maclean, Dockhead's parish priest, who will be directing the choir. ‘However, above all the young people - and their parents - are both delighted and honoured to be taking part in this special liturgy.’ He added, ‘being a part of the Mass in thanksgiving for the Paralympic Games is equally as great an honour for us all as being the first voices to be heard at the opening of the 30th Olympiad singing in worship of God is what the choir does best.’


for all Christian messages and activities throughout the Paralympics to touch thousands of hearts, minds and spirits. (Mt.5:16)


Christian Olympians honoured

As the London Olympics came to a close, two Christian athletes were being honoured for acting out their faith in the world of sport. British rower Debbie Flood and decathlete Bryan Clay have been given the Eric Liddell Award. The award, which is named after the man made famous through the film Chariots of Fire, is to celebrate character and influence in the world of sports. The Team GB star was given the award after founding Creativity in Sport - an initiative aiming to give troubled youths a start in life. While the US former champion is recognised for his work starting up the Bryan Clay Foundation to help young people reach their potential. Bryan said ‘it's not easy to stay true to your faith in athletics. ’The awards were given out during the Legacy Breakfast which is an event put on by More than Gold, the group co-ordinating the Church's undertaking during the Games.


for both athletes and their work outside sport; may it be an inspiration to others. (Mat.5:16)


Churches see 'incredible results' in outreach

Jon Burns, UK director of More Than Gold said other nations have picked up ‘real gems’ from their London experience. Countless churches have used the Games as opportunities to serve communities. One church in the East End hosted a holiday club that’s been packed with Muslim children, and parents were saying they want their children to ‘hear this stuff.’ Mr Burns commended cross-denominational groups for working together and gave the examples of five churches in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire who attracted crowds of 6,500 to watch the opening night on big screens. Volunteers operated on a ‘traffic light’ system - working in a LOCOG or ‘red area’, they simply served the community - working in a church area ‘green area’ they talked openly about their faith.


tha the Christian legacy of unity will continue long after the Olympic and Paralympics finish. Pray also for even more success as churches build up towards the Paralympics big screen and holiday club events. (Jn.17:20)


Bishop hails Olympics ‘goodwill legacy’

After the spectacular closing ceremony, the Bishop of Chelmsford praised the Olympic Games for the positive impact they are having on community life. The Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell welcomed the way in which the Olympics and the Paralympics, due to start in a few weeks, had regenerated a deprived area of East London, saying, ‘The vast and impressive buildings of the Olympic Park and the Olympic Village will indeed bring much needed regeneration. But I am beginning to wonder whether the Olympic legacy may bring a further change as well - a legacy of good will. ‘Last week I met a 17 year old who is on duty at Stansted airport every other morning. There is nothing very glamorous about this. But she wanted to be part of something bigger than herself. She is spending her summer welcoming strangers.’ Bishop Cottrell also said that many people had rediscovered a desire to celebrate with their neighbours through the Games.


for the volunteers who have learnt new skills and flair through serving the Olympics that they grow as they discover new ways to use and develop talents and gifts. (1Cor.12:4-6)


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British Isles and Ireland - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

The British Armed Forces at home and away

Our British Service personnel have done a wonderful job in maintaining security at the London Olympic Games. Their presence was a blessing and their cheerful and helpful manner enhanced the success of the Games. Half way round the world 9500 more British Service personnel are involved with the security in Afghanistan under very difficult and exhausting conditions. Please pray for our British Service personnel as they continue to serve our country in whatever role that is demanded of them. Pray for them as they continue to provide security during the forthcoming London Paralympics.


also for those who work willingly and tirelessly under the most difficult and hostile conditions of Afghanistan. (Ps.25:1,2)

Irish charity Barnardos closes for a week due to cutbacks

The children's charity Barnardos has closed all of its offices and services in the Republic of Ireland for a week. It said the decision to close was taken in late 2011 as a cost-saving measure to protect services to children and families. Barnardos said the move is in response to increased financial pressure. The charity said it followed cuts to its statutory income and a decline in voluntary contributions. ‘Our first priority is the children and families we work with’ said Fergus Finlay Barnardos chief executive. ‘This cost cutting measure is the latest in a series of cuts Barnardos has had to make to ensure that we can continue to provide vital services to children and families at a time when they need us most.’


for the work of Barnardos that it will be enabled to meet the needs of children it helps. (Ps.55:22)


Future International events to benefit from UK Games experience

A delegation of more than 40 church leaders from 12 of the nations where major sports events will be taking place over the next few years met this week in London to learn from the valuable lessons learned by More Than Gold over the past three years. It included a dozen from Brazil who are getting ready for the World Cup in two years time and the Olympics two years later. The week-long in-depth briefing included representatives of churches, missions and Christian sports organizations from Brazil, Scotland, Canada, USA, Korea and Russia. The representatives visited churches in action and were briefed on areas ranging from running community festivals, sports outreach, mission teams, social action and prayer to finance, operations and communications. The Brazilians have already been in the UK for some months receiving hands-on experience in running community festivals. Carla Mendes, one of the More Than Gold Brazil team, said ‘We breathe sport in Brazil. It’s in our DNA. So we are already starting to train people how to use sport to engage with their community and are encouraging more than 10,000 churches to work together for 2014.’


for increased international Christian contributions into sporting events to grow from seeds sown by More Than Gold and other Christian agencies. (1Cor.3:6)


‘Trojan’ bid to make longer Sunday trading permanent

The Government is to consider making extended Olympic Sunday trading hours permanent, but critics are concerned about the impact on families. During the six weeks of the Olympics and Paralympics large shops are allowed to choose when they open on a Sunday, rather than being restricted to six hours between 10am and 6pm. On Monday the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the legislation allowing unrestricted opening was for a defined period but a ‘number of people want to look at this issue. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said , ‘I’m always keen that we respect people’s religious beliefs. But I think we should kind of look long and hard at the results.’ Labour Party’s business spokesman Chuka Umunna commented,’We were very clear – a temporary relaxation of Sunday trading restrictions should not be used as a Trojan horse for permanent change.’


that this debate will not lead to extending current Sunday trading laws. (Gen.2:3)


Baroness Amos in Syria to press for humanitarian access

The UN's emergency relief coordinator Valerie Amos is in Syria to discuss ways of getting aid to the estimated two million people caught up in the country's conflict. Diplomats warn that unless the violence eases it will be impossible to get emergency relief to the worst affected areas. Syria's PM Riad Hijab has spoken out for the first time since his defection last week – saying the regime controls no more than 30% of the territory, and he calls on the opposition abroad to unite and on the Syrian army to stand alongside its people. He said, ‘Syria is full of officials and military leaders who are awaiting the right moment to join the revolt.’ Baroness Amos said around 2.5m people across the country are now in need of assistance. See


that God would implement His way forward through Baroness Amos and others working for justice and peace for the people of Syria. (Ps.5:7,8)


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Europe - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Germany: NGO calls for violence against Christians

The Salzburg-based NGO ‘Infoladen’ calls for violence against Christians when expressing pro-life views. In July they called for a counter-demonstration against a pro-life manifestation. ‘Let’s make their 1000-crosses-manifestation a disaster!’ and ‘Sink the 1000 crosses!’ are some of the slogans on their website. In between long paragraphs of prejudices, the NGO ‘Infoladen’ admits that it has already used intimidation and anti-democratic means in their attempts to silence pro-life Christians: ‘They just do not want to understand. Although last summer it was made sufficiently clear to Human Life International, Euro Pro Life and Youth for Life, that they and their anti-women processions are not welcome in Salzburg, and they are planning another manifestation. Last year, the march was disturbed by blockades and successfully shortened through the courageous intervention of emancipatory activists. The closing ceremony of the fundamentalists had to take place virtually in the exclusion of the public.’ They also pronounce a meeting point for the counter manifestation. No names of the leadership of the NGO nor the main organizers are given online.


that the calls by ‘Infoladen’ against pro-life organisations would be silenced. (Job.12:10)


Vatican City: Butler 'wanted to rid Vatican of evil and corruption'

The Pope's private butler, 46 year old Paolo Gabriele, stole a raft of private documents from the Pontiff's office and ‘leaked’ them to the media as part of a campaign to rid the Vatican of ‘evil and corruption.’ A judge ordered Gabriele to stand trial for aggravated theft. A Vatican IT expert was also charged in connection with the leaking of the documents and faces a lesser accusation of aiding and abetting. According to a 35-page document Gabriele had told prosecutors that he had acted because he had seen ‘evil and corruption everywhere in the Church’ and he wanted to stop it spreading, adding. ‘I reached the point of no return. I was sure that a shock, perhaps by using the media, could be a healthy thing to bring the Church back on the right track.’ The Pope's spokesman said the Pope could step in and pardon Mr Gabriele and avoid a trial.


that the Vatican will open itself up to appropriate external scrutiny so that anything hidden will be revealed. (Job 9:4-6)


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Worldwide - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Azjerbaijan :Protestant groups face crackdown

Devoted Christians on Tuesday, August 14, prepared to go to Azerbaijan's Supreme Court after a lower tribunal upheld a decision to close down their Baku Greater Grace Protestant Church. The upheld decision to close added to concerns about a reported crackdown on Protestants in Azerbaijan. A panel of three judges at Baku Appeal Court, headed by Judge Seriyye Seyidova, rejected the Church's appeal on July 31. Advocacy group Forum 18 quoted church members as saying they are already preparing a further appeal to Azerbaijan's Supreme Court and insisted they will take the ‘case to The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg if necessary.’ Court liquidation would forcibly close the Church in the capital Baku and ban its activities, trial observers said. The Baku Greater Grace Protestant Church had the required state registration with the Ministry of Justice since 1993. However a new authority overseeing religious activities reportedly said in December 2011 that the congregation ‘should be liquidated for failing to gain re-registration’


for our Christian brothers and sisters as they face this persecution.


Egypt:Lawyer wants Coptc Christians removed from Egyptian Constitutional Committee

A lawyer from Alexandria has submitted a report to the public prosecutor requesting that Egypt's Coptic Christians be excluded from the committee forming the nation's new constitution. Sherif Gadallah claimed that Orthodox Coptics are not representative of Egypt's Christian population because they're not Nasara, the so-called ‘true’ Christians of Islam's Qur'an, a book in which the word ‘Christian’ never appears. Since Orthodox Copts are not Nasara, or even Christians, Gadallah said they can be counted as polytheists, which will make Coptics non-representative of Egypt's Christian population. Gadallah justified his report by the Qur'an, which claims the prophets of Allah - Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad - are all mere humans sent by God to pass his message on to creation. Since Christians believe Jesus to be the divine Son of God, they are polytheistic infidels and not the Nasara of the Qur'an; therefore, Copts who also profess the divinity of Christ as expressed in the Trinity must be barred from having any say in Egypt's new constitution


against any move to marginalise Coptic Christians which would restrict full representation of all people on the constitutional committee. (Pr.29:14)


Uganda: Pastor forgives Muslim attackers

A Ugandan pastor, who was the victim of an acid attack by Muslims, told International Christian Concern (ICC) that he doesn’t hate his Muslim attackers and wants them to believe in Jesus Christ. ‘My message to my attackers is simple, I hold no grudge against them. They wished me death but I wish them life today and forever in Christ Jesus our Lord,’ said Pastor Umar Mulinde in his statement to ICC. Pastor Mulinde was a Muslim leader before he converted to Christianity and started a church. He successfully brought many Muslims to Christ and openly opposed the call for Sharia law in Uganda. He was attacked last Christmas and is currently receiving medical care in Israel. Pastor Umar’s message to Christians around the world warned of the danger of radical Islam, ‘The vision of Islam is all about world dominance and no country should think itself to be safe from radical Islam.’


for the persecuted Church in Africa and the Middle East to experience God's provision (Ps.17:8-9) and to be able to forgive those who hate them. (Lk.6:27-31)


Somalia: Election next week

As the process for ending Somalia's political transition gathers momentum, some presidential candidates have been accused of interfering with the process of electing new parliamentarians and vote-buying ahead of the presidential election, which is due to take place on August 20. It is common to hear one of the dozens of presidential candidates say ‘I want to run for president.’ In response many Somali politicians and the public ask, ‘Does he have money to buy votes?’ Dr Abdirahman Mohamed, a presidential candidate, says questioning how deep is the pocket of a candidate is like saying only corrupt leaders who have stolen from state coffers are eligible to run. The transition process calls for clan elders to choose members of a new parliament. Those new lawmakers will then elect the new president.


that vote-buying and corruption will not influence the future for Somalia’s government. (Ps.45:3-5)


West Africa: Food shortage

A deepening food crisis in West Africa’s Sahel region sparks fears of famine. Events might easily mirror the devastation seen recently in the Horn of Africa unless urgent action is taken. According to a new report commissioned by World Vision and Save the Children a lack of ability to access, grow, and store food year after year means millions of children in West Africa now live in a state of permanent food shortage. The report calls for a radical rethinking of policies to address hunger in West Africa. Contributing factors to this situation are low rainfall and rising food prices leading to poor harvests and declining food supplies. Crop yields have been nonexistent in some areas and severely reduced in others. In addition recent conflicts, the return of hundreds of migrant workers, and a flow of refugees from Mali into one of the most affected areas of Niger has further strained an already stressed food supply.


for the 18 million affected across Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Chad and Senegal who are facing desperate food shortages are in imminent danger of doing so. (Is.58:7)


Source: Tony Taylor and Prayer Alert Team
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