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TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS Forum : TOP NEWS - Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS
Subject Topic: News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide Post Reply Post New Topic
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News Room
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News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide

Praise Reports - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Jesus film in eight new languages

The Jesus film, which is often used as an evangelistic tool and has drawn many to Christ around the world, has been translated into eight new languages, which means that 6.5 million more people can be reached with the Gospel in their own language. Jesus Film Project spokesman Joe Class said that people from all eight language groups have been given a screening of the film in their respective language. ‘It was utterly amazing to go to this location and have community members from eight different language groups gathered together. All of us thanked God for what He's done - to Him be the glory. Our hope and our prayer is that there will be transformation and that churches will be started as a result of this’, said Class.


God for these Jesus films; may they be a catalyst for many church plants. (Mt.16:18b)


Fifty-four enforced slaves finally home

After four months as slave labour on fishing boats, 54 men are finally home. International Justice Mission (IJM) started a project earlier this year to combat a slave trafficking crisis in Cambodia. Traffickers use deception, threats or violence to trap people into forced labour slavery. Men are trafficked across borders and trapped on fishing or shrimp vessels. In this case, 54 Cambodian men took jobs to work ‘legally’ on Thai ships fishing in Malaysia. Instead they were carried into Indonesian waters. Authorities seized and detained them for illegally poaching fish. They were bewildered, hungry, and stripped of their phones and documentation papers, in a cramped detention centre. One month later, in June, a coordinated multi-organisational effort repatriated the men. IJM is working with authorities to trace the Cambodian recruiter who might still be preying on impoverished men and women seeking work outside the country, and to ensure that all the men are reunited with their families and find safe jobs.


God that cross-border slavery and human rights abuses in the fishing industry are being addressed. (Pr.21:15)


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British Isles and Ireland - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Brexit: a significant spiritual moment

The WPC writes, ‘We are at a historical moment as a nation. We may be entering a long period of political and economic uncertainty. We also believe we are at a very significant moment spiritually. Jesus is Sovereign! Colossians 1 says, 'In Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities and authorities.’ Some in the WPC team backed Remain, others backed Exit, but all are united in saying we have prayed ‘Your will be done’, and we have a deep peace that it has been. We have prayed so often for God's spirit to break out. There have been extraordinary signs of this as God visits towns and cities, stirs up prayer, and uses ordinary people to take the gospel onto the streets, into the schools, workplaces and universities. So this is a time for renewed prayer for the protection and blessing of our United Kingdom and Europe.’


for grace and integrity for every Christian MP, that they will hear God's voice and be people of influence. Pray also for protection from evil intent or greed and integrity to those who manage our finances, and for God to move in our nation. (Col.1:16)


Christian bids to be next PM

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Stephen Crabb, who is a committed Christian, is one of five Conservative MPs who have been nominated for the party leadership. He has teamed up with Business Secretary Sajid Javid in what Mr Crabb dubbed a ‘blue collar ticket’. Mr Crabb has lined up Attorney General Jeremy Wright to act as the manager for his campaign. Hugely popular among colleagues, Mr Crabb comes from an ordinary background that chimes with many voters. Mr Crabb has said God's care for widows and orphans in the Bible is his ‘guiding star for social policy.’ In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, he said, ‘There's something unattractive about politicians who wave a flag called faith, but at a personal level it's important for me.’ He received criticism for his links to the Christian lobby group CARE, and for voting against same-sex marriage in 2013. The new Tory leader will be in place by 9 September.


for God to direct and inspire all those involved in the election of a new Conservative leader. (Gen.18:19a)


Brexit and the fight against corruption

A new government focussed on leaving the EU will have many things on its plate. Those are exactly the conditions in which corruption can take hold in public institutions and the private sector. Once it takes root, eradication is much more difficult . Transparency International have outlined possible Brexit consequences and pitfalls that we can ask God to intervene in, such as directives on anti-money-laundering and transparency over corporate reporting. Without the EU backstop the UK will rely on the quality of its government. Pray that the Government will allocate resources wisely. Exports will rise, raising the risk of bribery and undesirable partners and companies eager for investment in an emerging infrastructure with corrupt assets. Pray for leaders to put ethics over economic gain. During the financial crisis senior corporate managers and directors cut ethical corners. In economic uncertainty, this attitude could return. Pray for stability and honesty in the banking sector. The Government will have challenges ahead on the corruption front. Pray for political will to prevent slipping standards.


for hope to replace uncertainty in men’s hearts and Godly design to replace political unrest. (Job 5:16)


‘We are at a tipping point’

Following the referendum result the Bishop of Exeter said, ‘We are at a real tipping point in the life of our nation, in terms of our place in Europe and in terms of what we want our country to be.’ He added that whether we are elated or depressed we need to unite and move forward against a background of a divided nation. Large numbers of ordinary people feel that their concerns have been ignored. There is a divide between London and Northern England, and between England and Scotland. Our largest political parties are ripping themselves apart in acrimony and recrimination. The cost is being counted, and not just in finance.’ However, he also said that first and foremost we must resist being controlled by fears, continue to make this country a place of tolerance and welcome, and work across national boundaries to build a safer, more united future.


for a spirit of reconciliation and healing on our nation, for God to guide our elected leaders to come together with a vision that will unite us as a nation. (Lk.1:17)


At a tipping point - we can pray

At this time of uncertainty we can pray. ‘Father, we ask You in the name of Jesus to release a spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation over our land. We ask for Your anointing on the Church as never before so that we can declare your blessings upon the United Kingdom. We pray that You will bring about forgiveness in people’s hearts for the words that caused offence, fear or anger and in the name of Jesus, we speak healing and reconciliation into every generational and political divide, either historical or recent. Father, we ask You to pour out a new spirit of respect, love and cooperation across political and generational divisions. We pray for the Church to carry and model Your message of reconciliation and unity with sensitivity; and we call out the spiritual fathers and the mothers God has prepared for such a time as this.’


In the words of Jesus, ‘Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is the Father’s good will to give you the Kingdom.’

Cardinal condemns racist attacks

The National Police Chiefs Council said that hate crime has increased by 57% since the referendum. Cardinal Vincent Nichols said Catholics must stand together with migrants to create and fashion a society that works toward the common good. There are 850,000 Polish people in Britain. Racist graffiti was left on the entrance of the Polish Social and Cultural Association in west London. In Cambridgeshire laminated cards saying ‘No more Polish vermin’ have been posted through letterboxes. In Newcastle people have been confronted by racist banners. The cardinal said, ‘If a victory in a referendum remains a point of division, then we become weaker as a nation and do not play a part on the international scene tackling the world’s problems, which are great and challenging.’ The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has called for people to respect the outcome of the referendum and to act with ‘mutual respect and civility’.


for the Church across the nation to stand together, support parliament, and love our neighbours. (Eph.6:14)


Christians and Brexit

Polling from Lord Ashcroft showed that nearly six in ten of those who identified as Christian voted for Brexit. This is significantly higher than the 52% who voted for Brexit across the nation. It is particularly stark when compared to Muslim and Hindu voters, seven in ten of whom voted to remain. An undercurrent of Christian suspicion of the European Union has grown in the UK and some say it has nothing to do with immigration, sovereignty, the economy or democracy, the typical concerns identified by voters in the campaign. A host of Christian blogs and websites have fuelled a fear of the EU’s spiritual side. Many websites, some bordering on conspiracy theories, warn of a darkness in the EU project. In Lord Ashcroft's poll 54% of respondents identified as Christian. Whatever the reasoning, a majority of Christians were suspicious of the EU, voted to leave and have changed the face of the UK forever.


for God’s Holy Spirit to brood over the United Kingdom and Europe to achieve His purposes through His Church. (1Cor.12:13,14)


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Europe - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Europe post-Brexit

After talks in Berlin this week, the leaders of Italy, Germany and France have ruled out any informal talks with Britain on leaving the EU, raising the prospect of a lengthy political vacuum within the EU. Pray for God to dispel anger and selfish ambition from the spiritual and emotional atmosphere of the 27 nations. Over the past week the media has been suggesting that European political chiefs will take advantage of Brexit by unveiling a long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one ‘giant super-state’. Pray for God to thwart any plans rooted in mammon and for the wellbeing of all areas of society to be well thought-out by politicians. This week the US secretary of state, John Kerry, visited the UK to meet David Cameron and the foreign secretary Philip Hammond. He urged all EU leaders not to ‘lose their heads’ and take revenge on the UK after its decision to leave, saying there is a need for ‘wise choices’ or else the pressure for EU disintegration will intensify.


for God to inspire European leaders with wise choices. (Lk.12:42)


Ukraine: historic national day of prayer

For the first time in Ukraine’s history, all the churches of the country came together for a National Day of Prayer for their nation in Kiev. It was attended by thousands and broadcast ‘live’ by three national TV channels. An especially enthusiastic welcome was given to East Ukraine church leaders and the leader of Ukraine’s Messianic Jewish Community. It was a far cry from the media images of politicians fighting in parliament, Russian tanks, corruption, economic stagnation, and a civil airliner being shot down. Ukraine’s history, culture and language are closer to Russia than any other country. The Russian Orthodox Church comes from what is now Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians prayed for Russia and President Putin! For Russia, Ukraine is in the blood. For Ukraine, Russia is in the blood. Even Mr Putin’s first name, Vladimir, is Ukrainian in origin.


for both countries to forgive, agree to be reconciled and together restore their mutual economies. (Eph.4:2)


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Worldwide - CLICK to return to Top of Bulletin

Lebanon: suicide bombers attack Christian village

Eight suicide bombers attacked a Lebanese Christian village in the latest violent spillover of the Syrian war into Lebanon. Security sources believe IS was responsible for the bombings in Qaa village, on Lebanon’s border with Syria. The first wave of attacks involved four suicide bombers at 4am, killing five civilians. A bomber blew himself up after being confronted by a resident, then the other three detonated their bombs as people arrived at the scene. Four soldiers were among the wounded. A second series of attacks, involving four bombers, took place in the evening as residents were preparing the funerals of those killed earlier. Two blew themselves up outside a church. Residents were urged to stay at home and shoot anyone suspicious. There is now a curfew on Syrian refugees in the area. Medics said five were killed and fifteen injured and that they had entered an episode from hell, On 24 June Hezbollah warned of car bombs being prepared in the border area between Syria and Lebanon.


for God’s protection of Lebanese civilians from Hezbollah and IS. (Ps.5:11b)


India: rise of Hindu extremism

The Daily Express has run a series of stories highlighting the plight of persecuted Christians. In a recent incident Hindu extremists demanded that Christians attend a specially convened village meeting; when the Christians refused to convert at this meeting, men, women and children were beaten and forced to flee to safety. They returned to the village after the authorities’ assurances of safety, but villagers drove them away again. Charities later provided medical aid, clothes, food and a safe haven. Persecution of Christians in India has increased by 34% since 2013. Christians are prevented from getting certain jobs, or buying or developing land; even distributing Christian literature can lead to arrests in cities. A Delhi reporter said on 29 June, ‘Delhi Christians are living in fear. Hindu extremists forbid them to worship, boycott them economically, and threaten to kill them. Police fine them if they worship publicly.’ See also


for God’s protection over vulnerable Christians, and for authorities to respect religious liberty. (Ps.20:1)


USA: Trump a 'baby Christian'?

One of America's leading evangelicals, James Dobson, claims to know the person who ‘fairly recently’ led presidential candidate Donald Trump to accept a relationship with Jesus Christ. This week Dobson called Trump a ‘baby Christian’ and said, ‘We all need to be praying for him.’ Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and one of the most prominent social conservatives in the United States, gave his account at a meeting Trump had in New York on Tuesday with hundreds of evangelicals. Dobson was part of a small group that met privately with Trump later on Tuesday and said that if he has had a religious rebirth he is still learning the ropes: ‘He refers a lot to religion, and not much to faith and belief.’ This claim has been compared to how former US President George W Bush captured vigorous support from evangelical voters by his claim of having been born again.


for God in His mercy to lead both presidential candidates. (Nu.14:8a & Ex.20:7a)


Turkey: airport suicide bombings

On Wednesday, Europe’s third busiest airport, Ataturk, was attacked by three suicide bombers, leaving 41 dead and 239 wounded. They were in the arrivals hall when Turkish security officials stopped them. When they began shooting AK-47 rifles, the officers returned fire. A police officer wrestled one to the ground before he blew himself up in a bombing coordinated with two other suspects. The gunmen appeared to be trying to reach the area where the planes are. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was due to land there when the attack occurred. Rama is overseeing a crackdown on a small but devoted group following IS. A hundred or so Albanians have travelled to the Middle East to join IS. Airports are tantalising targets as they are designed to allow international access, with open planning that has many people in a confined space. An attack creates headlines and fear into people globally. President Erdogan proclaimed the attack ‘will not divide or split our country.’


for God to step in and comfort all victims and give astuteness to international airport security services. (Ps.60:11)


Iran: Christian back in prison after treatment

On 4 December we highlighted the plight of Maryam Naghash Zargaran, a Christian believer from a Muslim background who had been in Evin prison for three years and urgently needed medical treatment which the prosecutor refused to grant. However, following a hunger strike to protest against the lack of medical care, Maryam left prison on 6 June to receive treatment on a bond of 350 million toman. On 19 June the court ordered Maryam to return to prison. She was still not well enough and her family applied for an extension. However, the prosecutor’s office refused to extend her leave and threatened to retain the money submitted as a bond. Last Tuesday she was back in Evin Prison. She’s suffering from many health issues, to the concern of family members and fellow-prisoners. Pray for the continuation of her medical treatment by the prison authorities and a speedy return to health. Pray also for the spiritual and political climate inside Iran.


for God to move the Iranian authorities to help Maryam with unconditional release from prison soon. (Micah 6:8)


Afghan: suicide bombers

Taliban bombers attacked a police convoy of buses outside Kabul, killing more than thirty and wounding fifty. The convoy was carrying graduates from a ceremony on the city's western outskirts. All but two of the dead were police cadets. The cadets were returning to Kabul from a training centre and were about to go on leave. According to the district’s governor, a suicide bomber struck first, followed by a second car bomb explosion detonated between two buses in the convoy. At the time of writing, officials are still trying to confirm the precise number of dead, but witness and sources describe a scene of carnage. In a similar attack last week, fourteen were killed, including some Nepali security guards working for the Canadian embassy.


for appropriate solutions to ongoing threats of violence, for protection and perseverance despite suffering. (Ps.35:10)


USA: thousands homeless after floods

Parts of West Virginia are facing a prolonged clean-up effort after widespread flooding killed 23, left thousands homeless, and prompted Governor Earl Ray Tomblin to declare a federal disaster. The inundation swamped entire areas of the state, washing out roads, flooding and destroying structures and cutting off power to thousands. More than 1,200 homes were severely damaged or destroyed in the state. In a single county, Roane, 500 homes were lost to the deluge. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is accepting applications from residents in the three hardest hit counties and climatologist Kevin Law said that this is the third-deadliest flooding event on record for the state and the worst since a 1985 flood that killed 38.


for the church and NGOs to share God’s love and compassion and support those needing to rebuild homes and lives. (Is.41:13)


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