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Subject Topic: Digest September 16, 2016 Post Reply Post New Topic
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Ron McGatlin
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Admin Group

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Posted: 09/16/2016 at 6:14am | IP Logged Quote Ron McGatlin Digest Publication

In This Issue
2. The Overcomers Are Emerging
News Headlines


1. THE WAY OF LOVE - By Ron McGatlin

The beauty of holiness flows from Jesus penetrating, purifying, and filling our being with His pure holy love. Our hearts are melted and our lives emptied of self. We are undone in His presence of all-consuming love. Everything within our souls that is not of Him is dissolved in the powerful pure white fire of His passionate love.

Joy is so intense that our emotions are exploding with adoration for the majestic King of Glory with us, the one who loves and loves and loves us. All natural life seems to pull away in the moment of our entrance into the place of His presence with us. What else can we do but follow Him wherever He leads. What else can we do but serve Him in any way He desires. His will has completely become our will as we yield to the filling of our being with the love and life of the King of glory, the one desire of our hungering hearts. (Psalm 24:7).

Healing is in His presence.

The accusations and rejection of those we loved who have turned against us no longer hurt us. The corruption and tragedies of the world are far from us. All pain from the wounds of past life are no longer with us. The draw of the temptations of the past are of non-effect upon us. The need to be respected and accepted of man is completely evaporated by the love in His all-consuming presence. The tears from our painful past are washed away in His presence. (Rev 21:4).

Forgiveness for any and all who have ever harmed or hurt us is easy and effortless. The substance of His pure love assures our hearts that there is no lack in His ever fulfilling love in His presence. The precious love of King Jesus is forever with us in the Holy Spirit of His presence now and forever. His pure love is always fresh and new. His presence is never stale and never fades.

Loving God and His people becomes the joy of our lives, and loving our enemies is effortless in the ecstasy of the presence of Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, our Lord, Savior and King.

The devil and the fallen world cannot understand the love of God in us.

The world hates us because they perceive the pure holy love in us as an evil threat to their life of darkness and self-seeking evil desires that is in them from their father the devil. (John 8:44).

Even many religious Christians who are infected to some degree with the ways of the fallen world and filled with religious form and rituals cannot understand the pure holy love of His presence in us. In an effort to make themselves feel better about themselves and to defend their doctrines, they may search relentlessly for some flaw or past sin to use to condemn and discredit our character. Any shred or appearance of a shadow that they can find becomes blown up way out of proportion to use as accusation for deformation for those who abide in the presence of God’s love. If they cannot find any thread of evidence to use for accusation they will invent something out of their own hearts and use that to discredit us and affect other seekers to turn them away from the presence of God. Some of the most effective enemies of the real kingdom of God can be those of our own household. (Mat 10:34-39).

Religious people without the loving presence of Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit can be deceived and oppressed by twisted darkness. The enemy can come to them disguised as angels of light and deceive them. (2 Cor 11:14). They may wear any one of many different labels of the religions of the world including Christianity. Some of the religionists claim to be non-religious such as the atheist, agnostics, secularist, Satanist, and many other man-made and demon inspired “non-religious” philosophies of darkness.

Boiling it all down, there is only one major distinction of separation and that is those who truly follow Jesus and those who do not. It is as simple as sheep and goats.

Dear friends, it is not our place to try to get people to come into our camp or our group. The main issue is not what religious group or camp anyone is in. The thing that really matters is whether we are truly followers of Christ Jesus or not. IT IS THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND HIS LOVE IN US THAT DRAWS US TO WILLINGLY LEAVE ALL ELSE TO FOLLOW JESUS.


Jesus loves all mankind and died on a cross and rose again to save and abide with all who will receive Him and His perfect love. In fact, God loves the entire world including Planet Earth and all that is on it. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son for the redemption and restoration of mankind and the world. (John 3: 16-17).

All the religions of this world without the presence of Christ Jesus are as sounding brass or clanging symbols. Anyone anywhere who loves and follows Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah is a true son of the living God Almighty. Anyone under any label who does not know and love Jesus and does not follow Him are not sons of God and have no part with Him. These are those who may have performed many religious works who are turned away from entering into the reality of the kingdom of God now on earth with the fateful words of Jesus, “I never knew you, depart from me.” (Mat 7:21-23).

Religious form without the presence of God is powerless, “Having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! --- Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth, 2 Timothy 3: 5, 7.”

Christian religious form without power has its base conceptual roots in the old covenant that was replaced or upgraded when the new covenant in Christ Jesus was established. Under the old covenant without the presence of God abiding within the people, they could not intimately relate to Father God. They were given forms and rituals that showed their allegiance to God until the blood of Jesus had fully paid the price of redemption at the cross.

The new covenant fully replaced the old by the life, death, resurrection, ascension, and return at Pentecost of Christ Jesus our Lord, Savior, and King to dwell within His people by the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is the implementer of the new covenant of the presence of Christ Jesus in the people of God on earth. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Rom 14:17).

The gospel (good news) of the kingdom of God returned to earth in Christ Jesus the King. The kingdom of God, kingdom of heaven, is fully evident on earth in the presence of Christ Jesus in and among His people now on earth. As the “people of His presence” increase upon the earth, so it is that, in direct proportion, the earth is returning to the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Religion can never advance the kingdom of God. The kingdom is advanced in the relationship of mankind with Father God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Kingdom advancement in the world is from within the people of God. The overcoming, consuming glorious LOVE of God in the hearts and souls of His people is the source of the kingdom of God / kingdom of Christ Jesus / kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven.

The end of the Babylonian style captivity of the world is in sight.

The vast Babylonian style evil world order that has risen up against God can and will be dissolved in the presence of God with and within His people. As the pure holy Sons of God stand high upon the mountain of the joy of the Lord and praise God in heaven and on earth, the authority of God is released to destroy evil with the Love of God flowing out to a desperate world.

Because this true Body is coming forth, the dissolution of the evil regime is at hand. The powers of darkness are now in the process of being uncovered and fully exposed. In a fearful panic, the enemy is going all out in an attempt to destroy all true followers of Christ Jesus from off the face of the earth. The darkness is insanely raging and screaming forth its madness of vileness and evil to steal and kill Christ and His kingdom from the hearts of man on earth. In their insanity the darkness is exposed and will be utterly dissolved in the fire of the pure holy LOVE and POWER of God coming forth in the people of God in the generation of joy coming forth on earth.

We each have our part now in loving and following Jesus so that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren can inherit the fullness of the completed work of LOVE in our world as the New Jerusalem Bride of Christ pattern of heaven’s life reigns on earth to show forth the glory of God to all creation.

Praise God for the glorious reality of being a part of the generation of the realization of His presence of love and power abiding in and among His people on earth! This is the day that the LORD has made. Rejoice and be glad in the day that is “Miracle Made” for the “Generation of Joy.”

Ron McGatlin 

2. The Overcomers Are Emerging

By Clay Sikes

There is a mighty transition taking place as overcomers emerge from under the rock where they have been hidden for many years. They are coming forth as an aged eagle that hides himself in the cleft of the rock, plucking his feathers, battering his beak, awaiting new growth and youthful renewal. This emergence has a pattern – overcomers facing adversity, maintaining hope while circumstances scream “there is none!”

These men and women share common characteristics - rough edges made smooth by the abrasions of a challenged life, finding Holiness that evaded (them) for years; without spot or wrinkle - awakened to Christ in them the hope of glory, realizing that it isn’t them who live, but Christ in them. Leaving legalism far behind, they are lead and moved by His Spirit only, having a Holy distaste for organized religion and the works of men.

The Body and Head are joining as the Bride is being prepared for the Bridegroom. This submissive Bride has learned “that of their own selves they can do nothing.” Dead to human ambition and the soul’s control, these have learned the yielded life; perfected in their understanding of “perfect love” that eradicates fear of any person, occurrence, or situation. Their implicit trust of the Father negates the oppression of circumstance, even death – “not my will, but they will be done.”

Greatest among the traits of these emerging saints IS their understanding and application of perfect love, a love grounded so deep in trust that they never question “all things working together for their good.” Realizing they see ONLY IN PART, but serve a God who SEES ALL, avoiding human reasoning for direction or understanding. These have recognized that His life is only possible in surrendering theirs. Dead they are – dead to self, to the ways of men, and human understanding – aware of the Holy Spirit’s desire to dwell in them as a power source (for them) in carrying out His purpose.

These overcomers are emerging; connections’ being made as the Kingdom is forcefully advancing. These spiritually violent men and women recognize that evil and darkness invading the earth is only a sign that the light of God grows brighter within them. A new generation, a renewed generation, a new people will bring forth the new wine. The wineskin that once held them is broken, and a new structure/government/Kingdom has come – a people dead to themselves who have returned to the garden. Their fruit is evident - non-judgmental, without bias, tender, putting others ahead of self, living to serve, courageous, faithful, loyal, and steady.

Nobodies to man are somebodies to God. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Awaken O sleeper, it is time to arise. Your times are in God’s hand, and your time has come!


Clay Sikes

3. News Headlines

Report: Longtime Clinton Friends Say She Has Neurological Disease - 9/15/2016
According to a new report, longtime friends of Hillary Clinton say she has Stage 3 Parkinson's Disease. The sources, who spoke to WND on condition of anonymity, explained that her seizures or dizzy spells can be triggered by being out in the sun, such as apparently occurred Sunday when she was videoed collapsing as she was escorted into her limousine.
Full Article »

North Carolina facing ‘complete extortion’ over ‘common sense’ transgender bathroom bill: Lt. Gov. - 9/15/2016
The state of North Carolina is facing “complete extortion” from the government, corporate America, and LGBT pressure groups over H.B. 2. The state law prohibits local governments from forcing private businesses or public buildings to open restrooms, locker rooms, and overnight accommodations of one biological sex to members of the opposite biological sex at the same time...
Full Article »

BIN EXCLUSIVE: Could Discovery of Lost “Urim and Tummim” Gem Provide Form of Divine Communication? - 9/15/2016
Sometimes incredible stories are actually true, and in this case, experts agree that a small onyx stone, claimed to be given to a Knight Templar over 1,000 years ago and handed down through one family from generation to generation, is actually what the present owner claims: a gem from the breastplate of the High Priest in Jerusalem. Appraised value $175-$225 million.
Full Article »

Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away - 9/15/2016
A sharpshooter killed a top ISIS executioner and three other jihadists with a single bullet from nearly a mile away — just seconds before the fiend was set to burn 12 hostages alive with a flamethrower, according to a new report. Read This Story in NEW YOUR POST
Full Article »

Real-life Hero - Would you sacrifice everything you knew and loved to live in the slums? - 9/15/2016
By definition, a slum is a densely populated urban area marked by extreme poverty, filth, and social tension. Scavenging, begging, bonded labor, prostitution and hopelessness are a way of life. This is the true story of a man, a missionary who dreamed of a shack by the sewer and then moved into one. Motivated by Jesus’ love. Watch the Video
Full Article »

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Aims to Equip Teens to Share Hope in Tough Times - 9/15/2016
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has placed a focus on equipping youth to share hope with their friends and peers who are suffering through a personal crisis. The training includes four lessons with videos, readings, exercises and quizzes that cover content such as knowing what to say - or not to say - to someone who is going through a crisis.
Full Article »

Sudan: NGOs Urge UN Human Rights Council to Take ‘Strong Action’ On The Human Rights Situation in Sudan - 9/15/2016
The Sudanese military and allied militia have continued to violate international humanitarian and human rights law by abusing and targeting civilians in South Kordodan, Blue Nile and Darfur, and severely repressing civil and political rights. Call for (UNHRC) to take stronger action to address the widespread and grave human rights violations in Sudan.
Full Article »

Billy Graham Warns Against This Prominent Deception - 9/15/2016
"I don't feel guilty over anything, because I don't believe there's such a thing as right or wrong." I doubt if you actually believe there is no such thing as right and wrong—even if you think you do. Aren't you outraged when someone abuses a child, or hates someone of another race, or deceives his or her spouse, or swindles someone in business, or an athlete cheats?
Full Article »

Relief aid for North Korea - 9/15/2016
North Korea’s steeped in disaster with the inability to relieve the situation. Severe floods have invaded the northeast part of North Korea. Over 133 people have been killed so far, with hundreds more missing. Tens of thousands of homes destroyed, hundreds of thousands of lives affected and concern of subzero temps next month.
Full Article » 

More Top News Headlines »

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