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VOICE OF PROPHECY - Prophetic Words Forum : VOICE OF PROPHECY - Prophetic Words
Subject Topic: The Explosive Year of Love Post Reply Post New Topic
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Jacky Julyan
Full Member
Full Member

Joined: 10/20/2016
Location: United Kingdom
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 13
Posted: 01/04/2017 at 4:17pm | IP Logged Quote Jacky Julyan

A prophetic word given to shofargirl [me]
this evening UK time 10.00 pm in prayer.

For some there is to be a mighty humbling of saints
who have been called by the Spirit of God, born of God
but who have resisted the chastisement of the LORD.

My Ways are not your ways declares the LORD, I will
have My Way and devastate many hearts for I desire
broken and contrite hearts before Me.

This year is a time of great preparation for a great
harvest will ensue in the coming years in these last
days, for I am to pour out My Spirit, My Most Holy
Spirit in such holiness that only those who have gone
through the fires of My testing will come forth as
gold. My winnowing fork and My Fire is My Threshing

This is Love! This is My Great Love! My Ways are not
your ways, My thoughts are not your thoughts! My
perspective is eternity not this world, nor life!

This is Love! This is My Love, This is My Mercy, This
is My Salvation! This is My Holiness declares the
LORD the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

My children, I am looking for those who will walk
humbly before Me. I am looking for a people of
genuine faith which is worth more to Me than rubies or
the finest of gold. I am looking for those who will
walk by faith and not by sight.

This is My Love! This is My Way! For My Ways are
higher than your ways. This is My Love and these are
My Thoughts. I declare to you Who can know the Spirit
of God that you should instruct Him O man of dust of
the earth?

My children, to those whom I love those to whom I have
adopted, to those whom are co-heirs with My Christ and
His Inheritance bought at His ransom of blood. It is
to those whom I am about to chasten. This is My Love.

Yes, there is to be an explosion of My Love this year
but it has nothing to do with the love of this world.

This year is the Valley of Decision. A decision I
declare to worship Me and Love Me with your whole
heart to serve Me with everything you have. I the
LORD declare that this is the year of your great
decision. For I cannot use those who are either
lukewarm or disobedient towards My Love. I cannot use
those who do not with their whole heart Love Me. How
can you love Me if you do not do what I command you to

My true children are obedient because they love Me.
My children are not rebellious for they have chosen Me
over everything.

I say again, I declare that this is the year of My
explosion of Love towards those who are of upright
heart. Those who do not consult any man. Those who
will wait upon Me, who will wait, watch and pray.

Do not be deceived, for many claim to know Me yet they
do not do what I command. For I tell you the truth, I
come with a double-edged sword in My Mouth. I come to
bring division not peace for I am a Holy God. My Fire
is coming to test many works which are as straw in My

The foundations are cracked beyond repair. There are
layers of darkness caused by sin and this even by My
people. No prayer in the flesh can break through this
darkness. It is time of deep, deep repentance. A
time of great repentance. For repentance MUST come
for I cannot look on this sin.

My explosion of Love will bring with it much
brokenness which I declare you are not prepared for.
Many will be angry towards Me, on this My children you
find me True.

Yes, I tell thee many will be angry for you want Me to
do what you want in your own idea of who I am. I am
not who you think I am. Your perception of Me is
warped through idolatry and culture you call
progression. It is idolatry and it is a great sin
before Me. Your perception is from men, your pastors,
teachers who have maligned My Word. I tell you the
truth your land has a form of godliness without any
power. I have NOT released the power of My Holy
Spirit for you have not submitted your lives unto Me.

I ask you My children, are you prepared to turn the
other cheek in the coming days ahead? Are you prepared
to be persecuted for My Sake, even unto death? Are
you prepared to NOW count the cost of following Me?

Oh My children, I already know the answer to this.
There is to be a GREAT falling away. O My children
you are TOO comfortable in your sins. They are piled
high. There are gods in your heart that you cannot
see because of the darkness surrounding you.

Yes, but I am coming with an explosion of My Love to
tear down your altars, your idols, your sin. There
will be no other foundation except the Cornerstone of
Zion, for I declare that ONLY Jesus Christ is the Name
above all Names.

I tell you the truth I am to rip apart and tear down
your idolatrous ministries which is an abomination to
Me, they will collapse under the intense scrutiny of
the fires from the heavens.

Fast, pray, seek My Face above all else, maybe I will
spare your lives, your very souls. Fast, pray, Seek
My Face above your friends, your family, your
ministries, your homes above all you count dear.

My explosion of Love is revealed to those hearts who
Love Me more than anyone else.

The time to reveal My Holiness has come.

The time to reveal the Fear of the LORD has come.

Be prepared, though you will not.

Stand guard, though you slumber.

Oh Foolish virgins! Why are you sleeping?

Oh Foolish virgins! Where is your oil? You have NOT
come to Me! You have relied on man!

Oh Foolish nation! Who has bewitched you from your
place of Grace! You have replaced My Grace with dung!
You have demoted Me! So now you will reap what you
have sown and oh how I wish this was not so!

Oh Foolish nation! You have relied upon prideful man,
foolish men of learning who do not have the things of
heaven in their heart. Only My Father has heaven! I
tell you the truth all man’s efforts are to come
tumbling down, crashing down. Books of learning in
the multitude shall be burned for they are as

Tremble ….. Tremble O nation! Tremble O earth! The
explosion will rock the whole world! For this is My
Love, This is My Mercy upon your souls! Your
buildings will be as rubble yet maybe I will have
mercy upon your souls and save you!

REPENT O America! The day of your reckoning has come!
The fall is coming because you O man of the dust have
elevated yourselves as Babylon of old. You have not
taken heed of My Word which is eternal! Your
buildings reflect the ascension of your hearts to be
God unto the heavens. Your common language will be as
Babylon, your downfall.

Confusion ….. Confusion …. Confusion ….

Turmoil …. Turmoil …. Turmoil ….

Oh the pride of your life, the riches of your greed!
The lust of your eyes, the lust of your flesh who has
been your tempter? Who has eaten from the Big Apple.
You deign to bring Me down the Living God, but you
forget I am the LORD!

Oh deceitful nation! Your love of money is the root
of YOUR evil and I am about to rip the heart out of
your economy which is your idol. This is idolatry and
it is heinous sin, an abomination.

Explosion ….. Explosion …. Your nation O America will
be rocked to the core for your love of money, your
greed, your complacency is to be your downfall.

The land will be as rubble, stone upon stone, upon
stone. Dust and Ashes. Dust and Ashes.

My Mercy is great! My Love is all-encompassing, yet O
America you do not know My Judgement. You do not
know My Holiness. You do not know My Righteousness,
this side of my character you have turned a blind eye
so you can sin even more and take advantage of My

I, the LORD declare that I will wake you up with a Big
Bang! This will be My Love toward you!

Flee from the coming Wrath!

Flee from sexual immorality!

Flee from witchcraft!

Flee from idolatry!

I abhor sin! I cannot look upon it!

Oh America who has turned your heart from My Grace?
Land of the free?! You are in bondage! You have
trampled upon My Word which formed the very
foundations that are now cracked beyond repair. You
have tossed My Word, My correction into the ditch.
You have crucified My Son all over again. There is NO
other sacrifice left! You have blasphemed My Holy
Spirit, you have denied Him access for He is God!

Yes, this is your year for My Explosive Love! For
this is My Mercy to your nation. I will snatch many
out of the fires to come. I will smash your idols to
pieces until they are rendered useless.

Your heart is what I have desired, not your works.
Your love towards Me I have desired NOT your money.

Repent ….. Weep in dust and ashes …..

O America what have you done? I tell you the truth
many will mourn with you, yet they will look on and
take the opportunity to usurp you.

Pride comes before a fall and your sin of Pride I
declare to you now is to overflowing.

I, the LORD declare the fire of cleansing is come! Oh
America you are My Threshing Floor unto My Glory. Who
shall intercede for you as My Wrath breaks forth?

Oh Foolish America who has bewitched you? Why have
you given over your birthright to the enemy, you have
handed it to him on a plate.

Fire ….. Fire …. Fire ….

The trumpet sounds! All will hear it! All will see

There is a Harvest one last time to come of grande
proportions, but not yet.

Weep, fast, pray, cry unto the LORD for I am Love.
God is Love. God is Mercy. God is Holy. God is
Righteous. Be Holy for I the LORD am Holy.

I, the LORD declare the truth, for I am He.

The LORD is my Shepherd
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