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Ron McGatlin
Admin Group
Admin Group

Joined: 08/23/2004
Location: United States
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 4141
Posted: 04/10/2014 at 7:10am | IP Logged Quote Ron McGatlin

Unrelenting Love

By Ron McGatlin

The pure holy love invading our hearts and lives is a love that cannot be stopped – an extreme love that will never die and will carry the power and authority of God to the end of the matter where it is sent. Nothing is too hard for God, and He will not be deterred by the forces of man or nature. He is Love eternal and unlimited. His love released is unrelenting; like a flaming arrow it will not stop until it hits its mark, finds the place for which it was sent. The passion of God is the force that sends the fiery arrow on its unrelenting course to accomplish the perfect will of God.

We know something of the power of human passion as the most intense drive within natural man. A strong passion will drive a man to the ends of the earth seeking its fulfillment and will not be denied. Tolerance does not often travel with passion. Consuming love is a fire that is not containable or stoppable. It will not relent and is not tolerant of evil injustice. God’s merciful love is fully balanced by His passionate love.

The Time of Birth

The passionate love of God manifesting now in the hearts of God’s people by the Holy Spirit is birthing the full grown body of Christ. There is a time of birth without tolerance. At the precise moment, in the thousands of years of God’s dealing with man, when it is time birth comes. Anyone who would stand against the birth of the fruit of God’s passion will meet the passion of God’s flaming sword in the hands of His powerful angels.

Mat 10:34: “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.”

Heb 1:7: And of the angels He says: “Who makes His angels spirits And His ministers a flame of fire.”

It is the love of God that heals and melts together the hearts of His people who willingly receive the life and works of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. It is also the love of God that protects His children and will in His pure love and mercy leave no stone unturned to save and change the offender – yet eventually God will dissolve all that stands against Him and His children with the fire of His passion.

God’s love gathers into unity, and God’s love divides asunder. The sheep are divided from the goats, the tares are separated from the wheat, and the wheat is separated from the chaff. It is God who divides the sheep and goats, and His holy angels who remove the tares. It is men working with the wind (Spirit) who separate the wheat from the chaff. All of these things happen at a time called HARVEST, the end of an age.

There was a time that the sheep and goats grazed together under the watchful care of the shepherd. There was a time when the tares grew undisturbed beside the wheat. And there was a time when the chaff was a protective shell for the wheat kernels.

This time existed for two millennia until NOW as God has been preparing a people. The work of the cross of Christ Jesus and the resurrected life of Christ in the world by the Holy Ghost has been for two thousand years patiently progressively restoring a remnant of men and women toward becoming a full grown body of mature sons. Grown sons of God are led by Christ Himself as the first born among the many brethren of His Body who is now releasing His nature of pure holy love to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The invasion of the pure love by the Holy Ghost bringing the pure holy love of God is birthing and empowering a glorified body in which the Spirit of Christ fully dwells.

Unseen by most of the religious and natural minded people of the world

All of this is hidden from the people of the fallen world systems that will not turn to Christ Jesus as savior and Lord and seek the kingdom of God with their whole hearts. The wickedness and darkness grown from the seeds sown by the anti-Christ spirit has grown into a cover of darkness upon the earth. Hidden beneath the cover of darkness, the invasion of the Holy Ghost is firmly establishing the bright and glorious dominion of love in the hearts of rapidly maturing sons of God. The beautiful New Jerusalem of God is coming down from heaven into the hearts and lives of the sons of the kingdom.

Right now today even as I write this there is an opening in the hearts of multitudes  of people prepared by the Spirit of God to give their lives to God as soon as they hear the truth spoken in love by God’s sent ones. Instantly they are being born again and immediately baptized in the Holy Spirit. This is the true work of great grace. There is indeed a super work of great grace being supernaturally poured out empowering the harvest of the world.

The anti-Christ most always invents a counterfeit to try to prevent those who can be affected by the darkness from seeing and receiving the fresh work of God. Well-meaning religious people see the false counterfeit and are deterred from receiving the true when it comes forth, believing that it is the false. Their religious minds are darkened, and some may receive strong delusions that drive them to fight against God and His work of great grace flowing through pure holy love in the Holy Spirit of Christ.

The Great Divide

At the same time that God is sovereignly, by the invasion of His consuming love, bringing together men and women in perfect oneness with God and with one another, there is a major separation taking place as well. The same pure love that unifies also divides. In the pure love of God there is power and authority. It is not an authority of men or over men; it is supernatural authority of Christ inherent in the love of God by the Holy Spirit. The authority of love is feared and despised by all other authority that is not rooted in the love of God. This and other things cause people to rise up against the current move of God and those who are receiving it.

God will not fully develop and release His full blessings and glory in the presence of those who are yet affected by the darkness. Delusion will cause some religious people to violently oppose the people of the true love of God. The people receiving strong delusions will attack with sometimes veiled words of very cunning accusation that they will spread to all who will listen. God spoke to me a long time ago that all who could be deceived would be deceived. Since then we have seen many notable leaders and prominent men being led astray by the cunning words and strategies of the enemy.

The time of tolerance of the wheat and tares growing together is passing now. The goats will be gathered separately from the sheep by the Judge according to those who have the real love in them.

On the threshing floor the wheat is cleansed and will not be mixed back with the chaff that is blown away by the wind of the Spirit. It is urgent to hear and obey the Spirit in every step that we take. We must have God’s guidance by the Holy Spirit to know when to comfort and seek to secure a troubled person and when to let them go. We are not the decision maker. Our part is to allow and to assist to facilitate the will of God in the situation, whether it is reconnection or separation which ever God is doing. Even if there is a sense of temporary pain involved, we must in every case follow Christ in the Holy Spirit in this age of the kingdom of God being formed within His undercover people.

2 Cor 6:16-18: And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will dwell in them And walk among them. I will be their God, And they shall be My people.” 17 Therefore “Come out from among them
And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you.”
18 “I will be a Father to you, And you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty.”

Not every case is one of wheat and tares. In the new kingdom of God order, some brothers and sisters who were connected in a place must be moved and placed in another place. We may have been part of a religious body where we could fit in a certain way. However, now that the true spiritual body of Christ is being formed by spiritual order and love, we may truly find that we were designed to fit in another part of the body. We may have been attached as a toe on the foot in the religious system body but now are to become and ear or an eye or whatever in the spiritual body.

Natural human thinking and feelings can grossly mislead us in this new season of kingdom love invasion and change. Natural human love, passion, and compassion are not going to lead us to our destination. Most assuredly depending on natural human resources will lead us into being one who can be deceived – one who can fall into the strong delusion of the enemy. When we do as King Saul did and allow ourselves to be led by something other than God, He may step back and allow the strong delusions to take over and take us away from the reality of what He is doing (I Sam 16:14). While at the time we are thinking we are doing and saying the right thing, we are speaking madness and walking in strong delusions (2 Thes 2:11).

God’s pure holy love in His presence by the Holy Spirit WILL NEVER MISLEAD US; OUR NATURAL HUMAN COMPASSION WILL MOST ALWAYS MISS THE MARK AND TAKE US ASTRAY. This is why mature sons of God had to be coming forth before the reality of the kingdom and the ruling city of New Jerusalem could begin to be formed on earth. The love of God will lead us to do things that our natural human compassion would never agree with. One can readily see how that the natural world can from their perspective view the people walking in the kingdom of God to be worthy of death. Selah. Unfortunately, many religious “Christians” who have been affected by the darkness of the fallen world will completely agree with the natural world against the true sons of the kingdom coming forth.  

Only the pure holy love in the presence of God can lead us and strengthen us to move through the significant changes taking place in our world as the great transformation from the past age into the age of the kingdom. The move from the spiritual fulfillment of the symbolic feast of Pentecost to the spiritual fulfillment of the symbolic feast of Tabernacles is a great and very significant change that we are now enduring.

It is time for all who hear the upward call of God to be strong and courageous in the Spirit in assisting all who are willing to abandon the past and lift up their eyes to the mountain of the Lord. It is God’s good pleasure to give us His kingdom. In a time far past, I heard the Lord say to me, “Love my people, and I will give you my kingdom.” Access and function in the real kingdom of God begins and ends with the pure holy love of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit abiding in us as we abide in Him.

Keep on pursuing love. It never fails
and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

Edited by News Room on 04/11/2014 at 9:10am
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Gayle Getz
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 02/03/2005
Location: United States
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 5566
Posted: 04/11/2014 at 3:16am | IP Logged Quote Gayle Getz

Just have to say, "Hallelujah Amen to this, ty you my precious Brother for sharing Father's heart...makes me remember the words Jesus asked Bob Jones on one of his heavenly trips, "Bob, did you learn to love?" Oh yea, everyday brings opportunity to love...we make the decision in every situation...had to chuckle here Ron...the word unrelenting came up in me as I was texting and if it weren't for spell check I wouldn't even be able to decipher my own text-lol...Praising Father for His unrelenting love flowing in/through me, in Jesus' Name \o/ Love you ALL

Shalom-nothing missing, nothing broken-Gayle
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Jo Berres
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 04/06/2013
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 65
Posted: 04/12/2014 at 11:44am | IP Logged Quote Jo Berres

Incredible word, brother Ron!! What more can I say? You were led to say it in a profound way with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that makes ii reality to us who are selling-out, to be totally sold-out to the Master. HalleluJAH!!

Thursday I did not get a good report about my eyes. Will be giving up driving. But yesterday during time spent with the Master, He spoke to my heart these words, which I have read many, many times; "He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it." Matthew 10:39. This became a rhema word to me. I will completely surrender my life to the Father, through the Son, and His life will sustain me in whatever comes. He is my life, He is my all in all. His life is my life, living in me both to will and to do of the Father's good pleasure. What more can we desire? Only to bring glory to the Father and exalt the Name of Jesus(Jahshuwah)!!

Appreciate this interaction with all of you and loving His appearing and looking for it with great joy. What a day that will be, when our Jesus we shall see. When we look upon His face, who saved us by His grace. What a day that will be!!!

Love to all of you, much love of God's GREAT LOVE!!

Jo Berres
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Ron McGatlin
Admin Group
Admin Group

Joined: 08/23/2004
Location: United States
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 4141
Posted: 04/15/2014 at 8:45am | IP Logged Quote Ron McGatlin

Joe, you are greatly bleesed to have the spiritual eyes and ears to receive the ultimate light of wisdom wrapped in peace and filled with love and delivered to you from heaven on the wings of a snow white dove - the ministry and love of the Holy Spirit of God. He is implanting into you wisdom and understanding from the heart of creation the throne of Father God. 

Keep on hearing and keep on writing as God speaks from His heart to yours.

Much love and blessings.  --  Ron

Edited by Ron McGatlin on 04/15/2014 at 8:47am
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