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Subject Topic: Digest December 28, 2012 Post Reply Post New Topic
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Ron McGatlin
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Admin Group

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Posted: 12/28/2012 at 11:03am | IP Logged Quote Ron McGatlin

Worldwide Kingdom Awakening News and Views




Published by Ron & Barbara McGatlin - Basileia Publishing

In This Issue
1. Receiving the Next Bundle of Revelatory Experience
2. Overcoming Love
3. Top News Headlines

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1. Receiving the Next Bundle of Revelatory Experience

By Ron McGatlin

We are now entering a time of a fresh wind of revelation emerging from the depths of the Spirit realm. Heavenly strength from freshly revealed spiritual life is equipping mature Sons with the authority of the Father. True spiritual authority is quietly exploding in the hearts and lives of believers. This release of authority and power marks the beginning of the end of the reign of spirits of darkness that now possess the land and drive much of the people of the world.

God continues to reveal more of Who He has always been and what He has always had for mankind to bring forth into this life experience.

All that God is and shall be is immutably present in heaven (the spiritual realm of God).

The glory of God is expressed in the unfathomable magnitude and magnificence of the work of His hands in the visible heavens. The immeasurable space filled with indescribable heavenly bodies in endless arrangements of design that greatly exceed the imagination of human beings is a statement of the glory of Almighty God.

Yet, perhaps the greatest and closest to His heart is that which is made in His own image and endowed with His own life to show forth His glory on Planet Earth. Mankind made in the image and likeness of God and redeemed in Christ Jesus has the potential to receive increasing revelation and experience of the life and attributes of God in this life on earth.

Progressively, increased portions of God’s endless wealth of love, power, knowledge, wisdom, and creative ability are available to function in us to the level that we are ready to experience them. The increased revelation from God is being uncovered and brought to light in our spirits and hearts for the purpose of our presenting them to the world to show forth the glory of God.

From the Spirit Realm into Natural Reality

Like a giant spiritual seed bubble or giant egg-like transparent flexible container emerging from the darkness of unseen and becoming visible before us. When I saw this in the spirit I did not know why it appeared in this form. A day or so later I realized that what I was seeing was a spiritual amniotic sac, the container in which a natural baby is formed and birthed from. This fresh bundle of revelation is being birthed from the unseen spiritual realm into the natural realm. This fresh bundle of spiritual enlightenment is revealing and releasing a greater clarity of God’s unique spiritual substance - not necessarily a new thing but much more clarity and detail than some of the somewhat vague or generalized understandings of the past. Within this fresh bundle of revelation is the substance of a higher level of authority to arrest evil and release the ways of God.

Operational strategy from heaven is being revealed to take captivity captive and thwart the power of evil that is marauding among the youth of this world.

Power and skill to arrest powerful spirits and transport them bound into the courts of God’s holy justice are being released.Justice for the oppressed people is coming through Christ in His people. Corrective judgments for the oppressors, who will turn to God with a repentant heart, are coming forth in the courts of the Judge of all justice and righteousness. God’s holy angels working with the sons of God will bring cleansing judgment for the earth that will remove the evil that refuses to be changed.

Every wrong will be ultimately dealt with in the love and righteousness of God almighty.The world will change as the people are changed by the forth-coming authority of God on earth in His holy people.

Extraordinary works of Christ Jesus will flow from the reservoir of God’s provision through those who believe. Faith is coming that will effortlessly move mountains and prepare the way for the procession of the Lord of Glory to lead His people through to the ways of heaven on earth.

The power of agreement of holy sons of God moving in freshly clarified faith in the authority that abides in us by Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit will bring down the rampant works of evil in our world.

The authority of the word from God spoken in the authority of God by His Spirit creates a force of Spirit power to stop the works of fallen angels and spirits of darkness that are now driving much of the people of the world. Holy angels (ministering spirits) are sent from God to carry out the word of God spoken in the authority of God by the sons of God.

Unlimited Fresh Faith

Practical faith has been damaged and greatly limited in the hearts of God’s people because of the bad experiences of the past. Much religious activity derived from the fleshly minds and souls of men has spoken great swelling words that did not produce the expected results. This has led to weak powerless faith in many people. Believers have essentially become unbelievers because of religious activity with empty results.

Religionist-developed false teachings cover the lack of biblical results. Some of these false teachings established strongholds of doubt and unbelief in the hearts of their followers and further hindered real faith.

Change is coming about.Great faith will come about as the miraculous powerful works of God are undeniably experienced through the lives of humble holy children of God. Faith builds upon faith.

The Holy Spirit will show a child of God the supernatural work to be done. The child of God will then speak it forth, and it will often immediately manifest. This work will be done in the view of both unbelievers and believers with only weak faith and will greatly increase their faith.

The excitement of real faith in the reality of the true works of God will cause a veritable explosion of faith. Faith strengthened by real experience is great faith that opens the way for greater works of God through humble holy people of God. The greater works of God are works that stop the work of the enemy and set the captives free to move into the reality of life in God bringing forth His real kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

What should we allow to move our focus from intimately relating to God continuously? What is worth giving up the potential of real kingdom-of-God life here and now on earth? What should hinder us from giving our all to become the ones who bring forth the reality of the works of Christ to arrest evil and release the mighty works and life of God?

We will find Him, His kingdom, and all He has designed for us to be in this life when we seek Him and His kingdom with all of our whole hearts.

Ron McGatlin

Overcoming Love

By Kriston Couchey

The Time is Now

My people, the trumpet has sounded and the time is now for My purposes to unfold. I am even now pouring My overcoming love upon, in, and through you without measure. I am visiting My House with such a weight of My presence and power that many who know Me intimately will be overwhelmed by My Glory. Those of My people who thought they knew Me but do not truly know Me will be terrified in My glorious presence, yet in My unfailing love I will draw them to Me and they will know My goodness. I am fully breaking the hearts of My own with an overcoming river of love that sets captives free.

My sons going forth, in this hour, carry this love that melts the hearts of men. I am sending you with My perfect love that destroys the works of the devil and overcomes all things. This love is in you and abides in you because I abide in you. Trust in Me and My love within you and freely give what you have received.

Love and Justice

You are the light of the world, My light in the midst of darkness. You are not sent with condemnation for the world. You are sent as a beacon of hope to save it. I send you speaking truth in love. The one who receives you receives Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me. The light of my love in you will be the dividing line between men. My light in darkness pierces the hearts of men and they must decide between darkness and light, life and death.

This judgment is a good thing, for it is the removal of all that keeps Me from consummating oneness with My beloved. My love IS My judgment. My Love brings justice to the oppressed and downtrodden and destroys all that separates Me from My beloved. My love delivering you and in you will judge and destroy the evil works and lies of Babylon that have captivated My people.

The weapons of the evil one are fear and lies. But I have given you more powerful weapons; love and truth. I have overcome all the power of the evil one and My love in you will execute My justice upon him and his works. My overcoming love will remove all obstacles and everything that causes offense in My kingdom. No more will dead religion falsely portray Me to the world, I am drawing My house unto me and that which is not me will be seen clearly as not of Me. This I do for love.

In His Love,

Kriston Couchey

3. Top News Headlines

Thousands of young people converge on St. Louis, MO - 12/27/2012
Up to 18,000 young people are in St. Louis, Missouri, for life change. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship'sUrbana 12 begins today. It's the largest student missions conference in the world. He says he's excited about "being able to see what God can do through college students, what the future holds for them and how they can affect society." More reports later this week. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

God-led Journey of Miraculously Saved Woman
- 12/24/2012
"The strange thing is that I had this bird's eye view and could see myself lying in this huge pool of blood, and empty shell. It was as if a hand was pushing on my back. I am certain that it was the Hand of God blocking me, not allowing me to float any further, firmly pushing me back." Alexa, like her already dead neighbor, was stabbed repeatedly in the neck. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Is the World going crazy and what do we do about it? - Alice McGee
- 12/21/2012
26 precious lives taken at the Connecticut school - Our homeless friend, Reggie Brown's body has been found. He had been missing for about a month when friends found his body, not far from his camp. It had been dumped head first into a garbage can and rolled into the creek. The police arrested five teenagers for the brutal murder, the youngest is only thirteen. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Iranian Pastor Youcef Re-Arrested on Christmas
- 12/27/2012
Iranian authorities have arrested Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani again, this time on Christmas Day. He was acquitted of an apostasy charge in September. but was told he would have to finish his sentence for evangelizing Muslims. He served all but 45 days of that sentence. But now Iranian authorities claim he needs to return to prison and finish his sentence. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Jordanian Based Relief Agency Needs assistance to Keep Up With Increased Demands
- 12/27/2012
"We share God's love and mercy with these shattered families, listening to their stories and showing them compassion and solidarity and weeping with them as they describe their hardships and the dangers they faced as they fled their demolished homes and ruined cities and villages." families need sturdy, prefab toilet cabins, nutritious dry food, diapers and sanitary kits. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Muslim groups continue to grow violent toward Christians in Indonesia
- 12/27/2012
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights recently raised concerns over the plight of religious minorities in Indonesia. Many are Christians who have been noting the rise of violent attacks and forced displacement. Discrimination, such as being denied identification cards. forced church closures are also increasing. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

2012: Boko Haram's bloodiest year
- 12/27/2012
Boko Haram, a Nigerian militant Islamist group, had their bloodiest year in 2012, over 750 deaths. Boko Haram’s terrorist attacks may be linked with the upcoming 2015 Nigerian elections. When President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian, was elected in 2011, Boko Haram killings followed. Boko Haram made threats him to resign or turn Nigeria into an Islamic nation. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Ninth Circut Court of Appeals Blocks California's Ban on Change Therapy
- 12/27/2012
The law was scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2013, and would have banned any counseling to minors seeking to diminish or eliminate unwanted same-sex sexual attractions, behavior or identity. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the California ban on sexual orientation change therapy from going into effect when it granted an injunction pending the appeal. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

12 Christians Killed in Christmas Bloodshed in Nigeria - Muslim Gunmen attack two churches in Borno, Yobe states on Christmas Eve
- 12/27/2012
Christmas Eve attacks by suspected Islamic extremists in northern Nigeria's Borno state - already reeling from the slaughter of at least 10 Christians earlier this month - took the lives of six people at a Baptist church, as gunmen killed six others in Yobe state the same night. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

Possibility of civil war ending spells...fear?
- 12/24/2012
Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and its aftermath, Christian Iraqi communities that had survived for nearly 2,000 years were destroyed. That pattern isn’t lost on Syrian Christians as they see what is happening in their own country. If the opposition National Coalition takes power, it will be Jadhat al-Nusra, similar to al-Qaeda. This alarms Syrian Christians. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

God-led Journey of Miraculously Saved Woman
- 12/24/2012
"The strange thing is that I had this bird's eye view and could see myself lying in this huge pool of blood, and empty shell. It was as if a hand was pushing on my back. I am certain that it was the Hand of God blocking me, not allowing me to float any further, firmly pushing me back." Alexa, like her already dead neighbor, was stabbed repeatedly in the neck. Read On: mp;a mp;PN=1&TPN=1

For More Top News,

Unlimited permission to copy and post or reprint without altering text or profiteering is hereby granted subject to proper credits and inclusion of this web address: . However, if an item not written by Ron McGatlin is marked Copyright, you should contact the original publisher for permission to reproduce.
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Edited by Ron McGatlin on 12/28/2012 at 11:24am
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