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French plan to de-radicalize Muslims not working - 9/29/2016
A French program to de-radicalize Muslims within the prison system has gone awry after one in the program attacked authorities and several others had to be transferred because they posed immediate threats. The de-radicalization initiative was announc... Full Article »

Suicide, a rising concern for young refugees - 9/29/2016
Syrian refugees already face a huge list of challenges. Where will they get their food? Where will they sleep during the winter? How will they provide for their families if they can’t get jobs? How can the children get an education? Hope is being ext... Full Article »

Boko Haram guns down Christians leaving church - 9/24/2016
Last week, Boko Haram launched several attacks within hours of each other in northeast Nigeria. In one assault, they gunned down eight Christians as they were leaving church. Boko Haram members also ambushed a Nigerian military convoy, and beheaded a... Full Article »

The JESUS Conversation -- The Unthinkable: A Muslim Follower of JESUS? - 9/23/2016
A Muslim follower of JESUS.... I know this sounds like a complete contradiction, but it’s true! People from any culture can genuinely become a follower of JESUS. (nations-cultures). - (Ron's Comment: Christ Jesus and the Kingdom of God are greater th... Full Article »

The Terrorist Ties That Bind? Red Flags Raised about Clinton's Adviser - Top Clinton Aide for 2 decades has Family Ties to Terrorist - 9/23/2016
New details are surfacing about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's top aide and her ties to a radical Muslim journal. Huma Abedin worked for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for more than a decade, as assistant editor under her mother who is ... Full Article »

Pastor Abedini spoke at a rally September 20th in New York - shared Gospel with prison official while he waited at airport for ‘ransom’ money to arrive - 9/23/2016
Iranian American Christian Pastor, Saaed Abedini, in prison in Iran over three years for chuch work spoke at a rally Sept. 20th in New York protesting a visit to the UN by Iran’s President. Abedini and others called for a halt to Tehran’s sponsorship... Full Article »

Women’s shelters must admit ‘transgender’ men: Obama admin rule - 9/23/2016
Women’s shelters must admit men who say they are “transgender” if they receive federal funding, according to a new regulation imposed by the Obama administration. The administration stripped out a provision that would allow shelters to deny a biologi... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 9/23/2016
Syria: aid delivery to Aleppo to resume? - Christian comeback is coming - Britain’s opportunity a new role - Hungary: government to tackle Christian persecution - Sweden: TV advert says ‘accept multiculturalism‘ - Israel: Netanyahu holds security mee... Full Article »

David Platt recounts story of man raised from dead in Southeast Asia - 9/23/2016
In a remote Southeast Asian village, a leader’s death and resurrection from the dead fueled revival among a previously unreached group. Standing over the fallen leader, they began praying “that God would show His mercy to the people in the village, T... Full Article »

Why the Media Doesn't Want You to Know the Real Story behind Trump's Recent Visit to Black Church - 9/23/2016
You won't believe how the mainstream press twisted what happened between former boxing promoter Don King and Donald Trump. Watch what really happened. Trump met with pastors at the church. There were a lot of headline moments— like when the pastors l... Full Article »

Baby Body Parts Company StemExpress Held in Contempt of Congress for Stonewalling - 9/23/2016
The company tried to shield itself from scrutiny by saying the requested information could lead to the murders of its employees. The House Select Panel on Infant Lives has voted to hold StemExpress in contempt of Congress for stonewalling its investi... Full Article »

Billy Graham Chaplains Shine the Light of Christ on a Dark Night for Charlotte - 9/23/2016
The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is requesting prayer for the United States and the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the wake of violent civil unrest. Please also pray for the chaplains as they decide how to best minister to the community. "... Full Article »

Did Hillary Clinton Have Another 'Medical Episode' at a Campaign Event? - 9/23/2016
Hillary surprisingly canceled a $2,700-a-plate fundraiser in North Carolina on Tuesday, just hours after a new video emerged that put her health in question again. The video shows her eyes weren't tracking together - a sign of potential neurological ... Full Article »

Report: Longtime Clinton Friends Say She Has Neurological Disease - 9/15/2016
According to a new report, longtime friends of Hillary Clinton say she has Stage 3 Parkinson's Disease. The sources, who spoke to WND on condition of anonymity, explained that her seizures or dizzy spells can be triggered by being out in the sun, suc... Full Article »

North Carolina facing ‘complete extortion’ over ‘common sense’ transgender bathroom bill: Lt. Gov. - 9/15/2016
The state of North Carolina is facing “complete extortion” from the government, corporate America, and LGBT pressure groups over H.B. 2. The state law prohibits local governments from forcing private businesses or public buildings to open restrooms... Full Article »

BIN EXCLUSIVE: Could Discovery of Lost “Urim and Tummim” Gem Provide Form of Divine Communication? - 9/15/2016
Sometimes incredible stories are actually true, and in this case, experts agree that a small onyx stone, claimed to be given to a Knight Templar over 1,000 years ago and handed down through one family from generation to generation, is actually what t... Full Article »

Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away - 9/15/2016
A sharpshooter killed a top ISIS executioner and three other jihadists with a single bullet from nearly a mile away — just seconds before the fiend was set to burn 12 hostages alive with a flamethrower, according to a new report. Read This Story in ... Full Article »

Real-life Hero - Would you sacrifice everything you knew and loved to live in the slums? - 9/15/2016
By definition, a slum is a densely populated urban area marked by extreme poverty, filth, and social tension. Scavenging, begging, bonded labor, prostitution and hopelessness are a way of life. This is the true story of a man, a missionary who dreame... Full Article »

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Aims to Equip Teens to Share Hope in Tough Times - 9/15/2016
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has placed a focus on equipping youth to share hope with their friends and peers who are suffering through a personal crisis. The training includes four lessons with videos, readings, exercises and quizzes th... Full Article »

Sudan: NGOs Urge UN Human Rights Council to Take ‘Strong Action’ On The Human Rights Situation in Sudan - 9/15/2016
The Sudanese military and allied militia have continued to violate international humanitarian and human rights law by abusing and targeting civilians in South Kordodan, Blue Nile and Darfur, and severely repressing civil and political rights. Call fo... Full Article »

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